by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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The big lie technique consists of speaking an untruth that is so outrageous that people believe it because they think to themselves that no one would lie about such an important subject or on such a scale.

The big lie technique usually includes repeating the lie often and having it come from many different people or sources.  Once again, people are fooled because they think that if the lie is repeated so often and by so many sources, then it must be true.

The big lie technique is one of the oldest and most successful methods used by dictators and despots throughout history, including today.




Political lies.  Adolf Hitler was famous for telling big lies.  One of the biggest was that many of his nation’s problems were the fault of the Hebrew people.  This is still a big lie on earth perpetrated by many unscrupulous leaders.

Hitler told many other big lies, and understood very well how to use the big lie technique.

Communist and socialist dictators all use the big lie technique.  If they told the truth, no one would want their form of government!

Environmental big lies. Common ones heard today are

- claiming we are “killing” the earth by driving cars.

- claiming that climate change will destroy civilization unless we get rid of cows, airplanes, fossil fuels and other things.

Social big lies. 

- calling anyone you don’t like a racist.

- calling modern Western societies racist when the truth is they are least racist societies in history.

- telling others that you “care so much” if it is not true.

Sexual big lies. 

- A man tells women whom he wants to date or have sex with that “I love you so much.”  He may also lie saying “You are so beautiful”.  At times, a man may be telling the truth, but often these words are just a ploy.

However, many women cannot believe anyone would lie about such an important subject, so they believe the man.  Many women learn about this lie the hard way.

Women lie too, often to themselves, which can be just as bad as lying to others.  For example, women often say they forgive men for bad behavior when, in fact, they have not forgiven and still harbor intense anger and resentment.

Economic lies.  These include:

- blaming their nation’s problems upon rich people

- blaming problems upon capitalism.

These huge lies are taught in some public schools and in the mass media.  The goal is to destroy liberty and the free societies.  The lies are repeated so often in the media that many have come to believe them.

Another big lie is that those who oppose the lies are ‘denyers’ and should be censored and perhaps jailed or killed.




Today, big lies abound in the health field.  Some are explained in other articles on this website.  A few of the most important ones are:


1. That government control of health care is better than private control.  This is one of the worst lies.

Many politicians know that government control of health care, as well as welfare and education, are very inefficient and thoroughly corrupt.  However, they repeat the lie that it is best to increase their own power over the people and make people poorer and more dependent upon government. 

2. That vaccines are safe.  The facts are quite clear that vaccines are dangerous if one reads carefully.  However, doctors lose their medical licenses if they tell the truth, so most go along with the lie.  To read more about this lie, please read Vaccination – A Medical Abomination on this website.

3. That medical drugs are the best way to heal the body.  For more on this subject, please read Your Doctor’s Priorities, Visiting Doctors and Drug Problems.

4. That marijuana and cannabis oil are healthful products.  For more on this, please read Marijuana – A Bad Drug and CBD Oil.

5. That fluoridation of the drinking water is a good idea.  For more on this topic, please read Water Fluoridation on this site.

6. The silver amalgam dental fillings are safe.  For more on this subject, please read Mercury and Dentistry on this site.

7. That coffee enemas are harmful.  For more on this subject, please read Coffee Enemas on this site.

8. That worrying about toxic metals and chemicals in our food, air and water is silly.  For more on this, please read Toxic Metals and Toxic Chemicals on this site.

9. That one can get all of one’s vitamins and minerals from food alone, without a need for supplements.  For more on this, please read Why Take Food Supplements on this site.

10. That vegetarian diets are healthful.  For more on this, please read Vegetarian Diets on this site.

11. That quality chiropractic care is dangerous.  For more on this topic, please read Chiropractic on this site.

12. That salads and fruit are excellent foods.

These lies confuse the public because most people just cannot believe that our health authorities would lie to us about matters of such importance. 




The basis for the big lie technique is interesting.  It takes advantage of a very common belief among most people that telling small lies is okay, but that no one would tell big lies.

Essentially, many people tell little lies about why they cannot go out with friends, or why they are late for appointments, or other rather low-level matters.  People even sometimes joke about commonly told lies, such as the student who tells his teacher that “the dog ate my homework”. 

At the same time, very few people tell enormous lies.  This is really a psychopathology that is much less common.  People who tell big lies are called pathological liars, and are usually shunned.

Rogue political and health leaders take advantage of the above facts.  They tell big and often outrageous lies because they know people will not challenge them much because most people believe that no one would tell such huge lies.




Please know that unscrupulous leaders do tell big lies.  Sadly, they often know exactly what they are doing.  They tell big lies because they know people will not challenge them as much as if they tell little lies, like most people do.

Do not believe a leader or the mass media just because you think to yourself, “This person or organization could not possibly be lying about such an important matter because no one would do such a thing”.  This is the key to overcoming the tendency to believe big lies.



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