by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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The Bible offers prophesies about the future.  This article contains comments about some of these predictions. 




We do not think so.  The main reason is that the Bible has been translated and re-translated many times.  Finding the correct meaning of the words in the Bible is not an easy task.  So it may seem that we take some liberty in this article in interpreting certain ideas in the Bible.




We believe it is important because it teaches the idea of cycles.  It also teaches that events in history repeat themselves in cycles that are related to the number 7.

You will notice in this article that the number 7 comes up several times.  This is not an accident.  Indeed, this website has an entire section of articles called The 7 System.  It is quite an important concept that is not taught much, but can help one understand many subjects from music to history.

Now let us address a few of the more prominent Bible prophesies.




An important idea in the Bible is that the earth was created in six days, and on the seventh day, God rested.  Some Bible scholars believe that each day in the Bible represents 1000 years.  If this is true, then we are nearing the end of the sixth day, according to the Hebrew calendar.

At the time of this article update, we are in the year 5780, according to the Hebrew calendar.  This is close enough to the end of the sixth day that we are beginning to experience the effects of the end of the sixth day.  For details about what occurs at this time, read The End Of The Sixth Day.




            We believe the “mark of the beast” spoken of in the Book of Revelation most likely includes:

- The epidemic of sexually-transmitted diseases that most people have.  This includes those who are Christians, Hebrews and every other group in society.  Even some children have them because they are born with them by passing through their mothers’ diseased vaginas.

- All tattoos and piercings, though not standard earrings.

- Transdressing and dying the hair green, orange or some other unnatural color.

- Unwholesome sexy outfits that many women wear today.  These include tight tops, tight pants, short shorts, high heels, strapless dresses, exposed bra straps, skimpy bathing suits and other sexy dress styles.




This is a period of years during which time the earth will be in a state of chaos.  This may be occurring right now.  Indeed, things are chaotic, particularly in the minds of people around the world.  While it is true that there is not widespread war, famine and other horrors in many nations, there is plenty of difficulty for millions around the world.

We believe the tribulation time is also a time of mental upset that is occurring right now.  One piece of evidence is the lying nature of most of the mainstream mass media.  This confuses many people and prevents them from making wise decisions about whom to choose as leaders, what to eat and drink, and more.  A number of articles on this website seek to counter this deliberate confusion by the mass media.




This is an event in which the wholesome people on earth will be saved by being removed from the earth for a time until the planet is cleansed.  Then they will be returned to the planet and a new age of peace and love will begin.

While it may seem strange, we believe that right now the good people of earth are being spared the rapes, the robberies, the diseases and other horrors that are afflicting many people on earth.

In this sense, the rapture is going on right now.  We don’t need to be lifted off the planet.  We can just be ‘passed over’, as occurred with the Hebrew people several thousand years ago during the plagues in the land of Egypt.  At this time in history, plagues were sent upon the Egyptian slave masters to encourage them to free the Hebrews.  The Hebrews were spared from the plagues, although the plagues were all around them.



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