by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Definition. Apple cider vinegar or ACV is a fermented product made from apples.  To make it, first the juice is squeezed from apples.  Then bacteria are added that ferment the sugar into alcohol. Then special bacteria are added that change the alcohol into acetic acid.

Some health authorities recommend eating a little apple cider vinegar, also called ACV, to aid digestion, to regulate blood sugar, for weight loss and for other reasons.

One way it works is that acetic acid helps acidify the stomach.  This helps with protein digestion if one’s hydrochloric acid level is low.

Acetic acid also interferes with and blocks starch digestion.  In people who overeat on carbohydrates, this keeps blood sugar more stable and can cause a little weight loss.  ACV also contains other nutrients produced by the fermenting bacteria and yeasts.


We do not recommend using apple cider vinegar for two main reasons:

1. It is very yin in macrobiotic terminology.  This is a subtle type of toxicity that always slows or stops development.  Everyone’s body is already too yin today.  Adding more yin energy to them makes them less healthy, even if the product has other benefits.  

The reasons why apple cider vinegar is very yin are:

- It is made from apples.  This is a very yin food because it is a fruit.

- It is fermented.  All ferments are more yin because fermenting organisms are yin organisms.

- It is a raw food. Raw food all tends to be more yin than cooked food.

For details, read Introduction To Development, Yin And Yang Foods, Yin And Yang Healing, and Yin Disease.

2. It contains aldehydes, which are highly toxic chemicals that are a major class of liver toxins today.  For details, read Aldehydes.

Many fermented foods contain aldehydes.  The development diet allows a little sauerkraut, miso, yogurt and kefir.  However, we recommend avoiding all other fermented products due to aldehyde toxicity and yin toxicity of these foods.  For more details, read Fermented Foods.

These reasons override any nutritional or other benefits that ACV offers unless a person is at an advanced stage of development. This is quite rare today.


The Weston A. Price Foundation, a large natural healing association, currently recommends a lot of fermented foods.  This is not the teaching of Dr. Weston Price, DDS and we find it harmful.

Dr. Price observed that some tribes fermented certain foods because they did not have refrigeration. However, he never recommended eating large quantities of them.

This organization also recommends eating a diet high in animal fat. This was also not the teaching of Dr. Price and can be quite harmful, leading to cancer.

For more details, read The Weston Price Diet.


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