by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© July 2019, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


Definition.  All patterns are hair mineral test patterns in which:

1. All of the mineral values on a retest mineral analysis increase, stay about the same or decrease at the same time.

2. All of a group of mineral readings on a retest mineral analysis either increase, stay about the same, or decrease together.

The groups.  The group of minerals that move together may be:

- The first tetra or the macrominerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium)

- The second tetra or second four minerals (iron, copper, manganese and zinc)

- Another group such as the third or fourth tetra or all the toxic metals.

The all patterns is very important concept in ancient acupuncture which we had not identified on hair mineral tests until recently (July 2019).




The all patterns are considered excellent and positive indicators of healing at a very deep level.  They often have to do with the brain structure, such as the all anchor pattern.  Perhaps for this reason, they are often positive emotional patterns as well as physical healing patterns.




The three down sex patterns.  Down sex done regularly, at least three times per week, causes all or most all the hair mineral values to either 1) increase, 2) decrease or 3) remain very steady giving an all-anchor pattern.

Down sex is a rather unique procedure that we do not fully understand.  However, we know it is a very powerful and deep healing procedure.


Coming alive (4X).  This is an increase in all four of the first four minerals.  It is also considered an excellent healing and mental pattern.

It is also possible to have a coming alive 4x pattern on the second four or on a later tetra of the minerals.


Settling down (4x).  This is a decrease in all four of the first four minerals or macrominerals.  It is another excellent retest pattern.

One can also have a settling down 4x pattern on the second tetra or second four minerals, or on a later tetra of minerals.


Everything coming out pattern.  This is an increase in all or almost all of the toxic metal readings on a retest hair analysis.  This is also considered an excellent healing pattern.


All armoring pattern.  This pattern is present when, on a retest hair analysis, all or most all of the trace minerals and toxic metals decrease into the poor eliminator range.

While this is not always considered beneficial, often it is a sign of deep healing.  The armoring occurs because one is protecting oneself (putting on one’s armor) in order to retrace and clean an old illness or trauma.




The all patterns, without exception, are also joy patterns.


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