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I. Introduction

II. Benefits Of GB-3

III. Reactions And Cautions



Improving digestion is a basic concept in development science. Most people have weak digestion due to their diet, stress, toxins in the environment, autonomic nervous system imbalances and often poor eating habits.

For these reasons, we recommend for all adults and older children a digestive aid called GB-3 made by Endomet Labs. This product is a combination of ox bile, pancreatin, and Russian black radish.

Formerly, it also contained dehydrocholic acid. However, the American government has restricted this ingredient for some reason.

This is an old formula that has been sold for at least 60 years. Few companies sell it, perhaps because it is somewhat more costly than other types of digestive aids. However, we find it superior to the others.

GB-3 – or another brand of the same ingredients - is an excellent product. This article explains its benefits and why its use is very important for the development program.


For adults, we recommend one to three tablets per meal. Children need less and we don't usually recommend this product for children under age 6.

One can continue the use of this product for years. We have not seen problems using it for 40 years or more.

Detoxification reactions. We recommend that adults start taking GB-3 with only one tablet per meal. The reason is that occasionally, one will react to GB-3. This is because it quickly begins to clear debris, infections, tumors and other problems in the intestinal tract.

If the above occurs too quickly, one may get some diarrhea, intestinal pain or other symptoms of detoxification. These could include headache, tremors, or feeling spacey or the head on fire.

If this occurs, most often it is NOT an allergic reaction or intolerance. It is simply a detoxification symptom. In this case, begin with less GB-3, even just one-fourth or one-half a tablet daily. If you take just a small amount, most people tolerate it. Then, as the intestine heals, most everyone can slowly increase the dosage.


GB-3 contains pancreatin from pig. We don't usually recommend any pig products because they often contain parasite eggs, even when well-cooked. This product is the only exception to this rule.

We have not had any reports of problems from the pancreatin and the product works very well. Therefore, we continue to use it at this time (2022).

We suggest that our clients view it as a medicine and use it. If you prefer not to use it, Allergy Research company sells a lamb pancreas product. For an equivalent product, one also needs to take an ox bile product. These are also available o the internet.



GB-3 is an excellent digestive aid for many reasons. One of the most important is that it takes care of many digestive problems.

Removing parasites, debris and other pathogens in the intestines. Most people today have some degree of intestinal dysbiosis. A related condition is called SIBO or small intestine bacterial overgrowth.

This means the presence of infections, yeasts, parasites and other flora or micro-organisms in the intestines that are not ideal. GB-3 will help kill many of these.

This is a great advantage of this product. It replaces a wide range of products that other doctors must use to clear candida albicans, parasites, bacterial infections and other abnormal bowel organisms. While not perfect, GB-3 usually works beautifully. Thus is saves money, time and effort. It helps alkalinize the small intestine and helps restore the proper bowel flora.


With the proliferation of toxic chemicals and toxic metals in the environment, we find that most everyone has a toxic liver. Slow oxidizers, in particular, develop sluggish liver activity due to weak adrenal and thyroid glandular activity.

GB-3 is an excellent liver support formula that helps the body eliminate many toxic metals and chemicals from the liver.

Most people also have impaired pancreas activity, sometimes called EPI or endocrine pancreatic insufficiency. GB-3 helps support and improve the activity of the pancreas.


Another important concept in development science is to correct the balance of the autonomic nervous system. In practice, this means to make the body more parasympathetic.

Most people have exhausted their sympathetic or fight-or-flight nervous systems.  Most have fallen into a parasympathetic state of slow oxidation.  However, many are what we call sympathetic dominant.  This means they retain the mental patterns such as fear and worry that pushed them into an exhaustion state.  Therefore, they will benefit from any method that helps to relax the sympathetic nervous system.

GB-3 is what we call a parasympathetic supplement compared to other digestive aids such as Betaine HCl-pepsin.  Pancreatin, ox bile and Russian black radish all inhibit the sympathetic nervous system, helping it rest and rebuild.

Other parasympathetic products include calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, kidney, and pancreas glandulars, and L-taurine. For details, read Sympathetic Dominance and Autonomic Nervous System Health.


Based on national health statistics, about half of all Americans will be diagnosed with cancer at some time in their lives.  According to medical studies, on average one has had cancer about ten years before it is diagnosed.  If the cancer can be stopped at an early, pre-clinical stage, it is far easier to heal.

Pancreatic enzymes such as pancreatin and also those found in ox bile can help destroy cancer cells. This was discovered by Dr. John Beard, author of The Trophoblastic Theory of Cancer. For details, read The Trophoblastic Theory of Cancer.

Taking GB-3 regularly is a relatively inexpensive way to help prevent or even remove some cancer from the body. We do not say that GB-3 is a “cancer cure” by any means. However, it may be a helpful preventive agent. It is a simple step that never hurts and fits our paradigm of preventive health care through nutrition.


Most slow oxidizers have excess copper in their tissues.  The development program uses many methods to correct this situation. One of these is to enhance the activity of the liver, a location where the body stores copper. GB-3 is helpful for this purpose in numerous ways such as:

- Enhancing bile flow.

- Russian black radish is a copper antagonist herb.

Dr. Eck gave GB-3 to fast oxidizers because they need it for fat digestion, whereas he gave betaine hydrochloride and pepsin to slow oxidizers for protein digestion because they need to eat somewhat more protein. However, we find that GB-3 helps all oxidation types. For details, read Copper And Copper Imbalances.


An important physics concept in development science is balancing the complementary opposite forces called warmer and cooler or yang and yin in Chinese medicine.

The concept of balancing physics forces is quite advanced and a powerful aspect of the development program. For more details, read Yin And Yang Healing.

GB-3 is much warmer than hydrochloric acid and pepsin, vegetable enzymes, herbal digestive aids, or most others. The reason is that GB-3 contains more animal quality substances than the others.

This is a great advantage because in our experience, all bodies today are too yin. Balancing this yin quality with the correct type of foods and supplements greatly enhances the restoration of health of the intestines compared to using betaine HCl-pepsin, vegetable enzymes or other digestive aids.



Upon starting GB-3, some people report diarrhea, intestinal cramps or stomach upset.  This occurs because pancreatin and ox bile digest candida organisms, parasites, bacteria and debris in the intestines.

The solution is to reduce the dosage at first, as low as 1/4 tablet per day, and then slowly increase the dosage. The stomach discomfort usually decreases within a few weeks to months if one follows the development diet. Then most people can take more GB-3.

GB-3 is a little laxative for some people. This is rarely a problem and one can take less if this product is too laxative.


We get excellent results with GB-3. We always check for toxicity from any ingredients in the recommended supplements. GB-3 contains some magnesium stearate. I called the company that manufactures this product.

They informed me that their magnesium stearate does not contain hydrogenated oils, as many web sites claim it always does. The magnesium stearate is also low toxicity and does not appear to be a problem. We have never experienced a problem from this ingredient and have recommended it for over 40 years.

For more details, read Digestion and The Liver.

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