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by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Procedure to Accustom The Vagina To The Object

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Why A Larger Object

The Procedure



The vaginal object procedure is truly amazing in the many ways that it benefits women. It consists of holding a very small object such as an olive pit or a small packing peanut in the vagina all day long.

To all women: Please read this article carefully and everyone please start doing the procedure at once. Girls can begin at a young age and there is no age limit on the procedure.  The longer one does it, the more benefits occur.


Development. A primary goal of the healing programs offered on this website is development. It is the deepest healing possible for a human being. If you are not familiar with it, read Introduction To Development.

A challenge for women is that they tend to develop more slowly than men.  One reason is that men have the penis between their legs that reminds them to move energy downward at all times.  This promotes faster development.

Women have a somewhat opposite situation. Not only do they lack the organ dangling between their legs. Women’s attention tends to be drawn to their breasts, which are sensitive, rub on the bra and other clothing all day, and are located high on the body.

Most women also like men’s attention on their face, hair and breasts, all of which are on the upper part of their body.

These tend to move a women’s energy upward. This is the opposite of the correct direction of flow of subtle energy through the body.

Solutions. One solution to this problem is to keep one’s hair short. Some women dislike this idea, but in our experience it works very well to speed up development.

Another method that works is to insert a small object into the vagina.

How it works. The object slightly tickles the area all day long. This helps keep one’s attention moving in a downward direction.

Most women will develop at about twice the speed using this method, especially when combined with short hair such as a ‘boy’ haircut.

These are ancient methods of speeding up development for women. I am told they work so well that they are required at some convents that are dedicated to development.


1. Much cleaner and reduces all infection because the vagina stays closed.

2. Energetically much better because stray energies from men and others cannot as easily enter.

3. A much better general sense of control and self confidence for a woman.

4. For childbirth – better control during labor.

5. For sexual contact – much better control for the woman, more pleasure for her and her husband, and other benefits for both.

6. In case of rape, can shorten a rape.

7. For the vaginal coffee implant and peroxide implant procedures, makes them easier and cleaner.

8. Helps open the central channel of the body, which assists health and development and is extremely important for women.

9. Makes the body more yang in macrobiotic terminology, which is extremely beneficial.

This article discusses two types of vaginal objects – a small one and a larger one. The small one is much more important.


Material. The object can be a Styrofoam packing peanut.  An alternative is to use a small plastic bead sold at bead stores. Another option is an olive pit or even a fig pit for a young girl. You must file down any sharp edges if you use a pit.

Using a bead has the advantage that it comes with a small hole drilled through it.  You can put a piece of thread or string through the hole so that when you put the bead inside, the thread will hang out of the vagina and this makes it easy to remove the bead for cleaning.

Plastic toxicity. A few women are concerned about toxicity from plastic. We do not think this is a problem.  However, if you are concerned, one idea is to leave the plastic bead outside in the sun for a few days and it will outgas.

Some beads are painted and paint can chip off.  We don’t believe this is a problem. If it is a concern, use a bead that is not painted.

Non-plastic items. Another option is to use an object made of a different material. This could be a small wooden ball or bead. These can be purchased.

Some women use an olive pit or a date pit. However, you must first file down the sharp ends of the pit.

One can also use a small glass bead or glass marble.  This is okay, but it weighs considerably more than a plastic bead and thus may not stay inside as well.

Size. A good size for many women is a round object about ¾ inch diameter or 2 centimeters in diameter.  In some women who have given birth, the vagina is stretched and in this case one may prefer a somewhat larger object.


At first, most women cannot just put an object in the vagina and leave it there.  It will cause irritation within an hour or two. Here is the procedure to deal with this problem.

This procedure is fast in some women, while others will require more time for it.  Basically, one begins by putting the object in the vagina for about 10-15 minutes.

Where to put the object. The best place to put the object is far into the vagina – beyond the cervix.  There is a pouch behind the cervix that will help keep the object in place.  If you just put the object in near the entrance of the vagina, it will tend to fall out.

What to do when you insert the object. You can lie down with it, but it is better to walk around with it inside. You will learn to walk around with it quite easily.

When 10-15 minutes feels okay, then keep it there a little longer. When you start to feel irritation, take the object out.

The next day, do the same procedure.  If possible, leave the object in a little longer. Repeat the procedure each day.

Within a week to a month, the tissues of the vagina become a little toughened and you will be able to hold the object inside all day long.


Women report that keeping a small object inside the vagina all day and all night will also help any woman feel happier, more confident, more relaxed and more in control of her body.

They say the procedure is well worth the time and effort required to strengthen the vaginal wall.


Irritation. Just placing a small object such as a packing peanut in the vagina will not work for everyone.  The inside of the vagina is quite sensitive.  At first, one may feel quite irritated from having an object in the vagina.  If it remains longer, it could cause bleeding and infection.

Therefore, follow the procedure above to slightly toughen the tissues of the vagina so that the small object can remain in the vagina all day and all night, as well.

If one is accustomed to using tampons during menstruation, then the vagina may already be toughened and one will not require the conditioning procedure to get used to the vaginal object. For menstruation, we recommend using pads rather than tampons because tampons contain a number of somewhat toxic chemicals.

Cleanliness. Take the object out every night before bed and wash it with soap and water.  Never keep it in for more than 24 hours at a time or it could cause an infection.

Using a string attached to the object is not quite as clean, but we have not had reports of problems from using a string.

Some women like to use a string at first.  As they become more comfortable with the procedure, they find they don’t need the string.

Keeping the object inside. The object will tend to fall out of the vagina.  A lightweight object is best.  Also, to keep the object inside, one must push it back behind the cervix and then it will stay inside.

At first, we suggest inserting the object while lying down. Then you won’t have to worry about keeping the object inside.

Another answer for the problem of keeping the object inside is to use an object that is shaped so that it fits behind the cervix and is wedged in tightly.

You won’t be able to do this, at first, without some irritation. However, when the vagina is toughened enough to hold the small object, then you can put a larger object in that is about the size of your index finger. See the section below for details.

Losing” an object in the vagina.  If the object slips behind the cervix you may not be able to find it immediately.  It is not “lost”.  It is just further back in the vagina.  If one just puts one’s hand in the front of the vagina, one will not feel the object.

How to remove a “lost” object.  Move the hand deeper into the vagina.  Just push your hand in deeper.  You will not hurt yourself if you do this gently.  If you move your hand beyond the cervix, you will find the object in the back of the vagina. The vagina is very spongy so some women don’t realize it can be quite long or deep.

Some women like to begin exploring the area by wearing a vinyl glove for cleanliness. This is excellent. With practice, you will quickly learn where and why objects can seem to get lost in the vagina behind the cervix.

The other solution to this concern is to attach a piece of string to the object. To remove the object, just pull on the string.

Care of the object. Take the object out once daily and rinse it off with a little soap and water to keep it clean.  There is no reason to sleep with the vaginal object.

Can the object accidentally go up into the uterus? NO, and we have never had a report of this occurring in eight years of recommending this procedure. Here is why.

First, gravity would oppose this. Also, the uterus is closed except during menstruation, at which time it is open just enough to let menstrual blood flow out, and this is not much.

If you are concerned about this, then do not use the vaginal object during menstruation. Most of our clients, however, use the object during menstruation because they want to develop as fast as possible.

Other. A few women have situations such as a prolapsed uterus or extreme vaginal dryness that might affect the procedure. Vaginal dryness can interfere with the vaginal object procedure. The development program eventually heals most vaginal dryness. You can use a lubricant, if needed. A prolapsed uterus should not affect the procedure.


The idea of using a larger vaginal object may seem very unusual. However, it has definite therapeutic value for some women, especially those who have experienced trauma in this area of the body.

The procedure may sound sexy, but women say that is not why they do it. They say it is very helpful.

Why a larger object?  A larger object will irritate or tickle a woman more than the smaller object. It has a different feeling to it and some women prefer it. It also feels much more like what men feel, and this is helpful, at times.


Materials. The object can be made of plastic or wood.  Common objects are a wooden dowel or part of a wooden broom handle with all edges rounded off.

One can use a piece of plastic tubing or a solid piece of plastic such as a dildo or plastic penis.

Plastic tubing is nice because it is easy to flatten it in the middle to fit better (see Shaping The Object below).

Problems with plastic tubing are that it may have sharp ends and it is difficult to clean on the inside of the tubing.  To solve these problems, glue plastic plugs at each end of the tube to seal it and round the edges before using it.  You can do this using a glue gun sold in hobby shops.

Size. This varies somewhat from person to person depending on the size of the vagina.

Length. To figure out the required length, you can gently insert a blunt object such as the blunt end of a pencil into the vagina and measure its length.

It will usually be about 5 to 8 inches or about 12 to 20 centimeters.  It may take a little experimenting to find the right length of the object.  The object should stick out of the vagina about 1 inch or 2.5 centimeters.

Width. The best width is about 1 inch or about 2.5 centimeters. Wider objects will work, but may irritate the vagina more.  Narrower objects won’t tickle as much but can be used.

Shaping the object to fit around the cervix. One can simply use a tubular-shaped piece of wood or plastic.  However, the cervix interferes a little with the object because it extends downward into the top of the vagina about halfway to the back of the vagina.

Some women therefore shape the object so that it has a slightly hollow area in the mid-section of the object.  This way the object will fit more snugly. It also helps keep the object from falling out of the vagina.

To shape the object, one can cut away part of the wood or plastic.  If you use a plastic tube, one can heat it in hot water in a pot on the stove.  When it is hot, it becomes soft and can be flattened in the middle.  Be sure to wear rubber gloves when handling a hot object.

Some day we hope someone will manufacture vaginal objects of the correct size, length and width.

Inserting the object. Wash the object with soap and water. Then insert it.  It needs to go all the way to the back of the vagina. Then put on underpants to hold it in place.

Washing and removing the object.  Remove the object once daily to wash it. There is no need to sleep with it inserted.


This is basically the same as the procedure for the smaller object. It may take a little longer because of the size of the object. Some women will find it easier than others, but we think anyone can do it.


These are the same as for the small vaginal object.  The only other caution is that one will need to experiment with the length of the object.

If it is too short, it won’t work as well. If it is too long and sticks out too far, it will show through your clothing and it may be uncomfortable and catch on objects.

Other than this, we have not had report of problems with the larger object. We welcome feedback about this newer procedure.

An article related to this one is Women And Development.

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