by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            In most everyone, by the time a person reaches the age of about 50, the thymus gland has shrunken to at most half its former size.  This is called involution or atrophy of the thymus gland.  It is a common feature of aging on planet earth.  There is little that seems to be able to be done to stop it. 

Atrophy of the thymus gland is important because the thymus gland is part of the immune system.  It contains lymph tissue, similar to that found in the tonsils, adenoids, lymph nodes and other lympthatic tissue.  When it atrophies, the quality of a personŐs immune system declines.  As this occurs, a person is more prone to all conditions that require an intact immune response.   This includes all infections, and all malignancies.  This is one reason that cancer increases after age 50 or so.  The incidence of infections that are difficult to treat also increases, in part for this reason.




A feature of nutritional balancing programs is that it seems to be able to restore and regenerate the thymus gland.  This is actually quite amazing.  It seems to be dependent upon:

1. Restoring some of the alkaline reserve minerals in the body.

2. Making the body much more yang in macrobiotic terms.

3. Removing toxins from the body, including toxic metals, toxic chemicals and some biological toxins or infections.


            The process of thymus restoration begins as soon as one begins a nutritional balancing program.  However, it only becomes visible or palpable after several years on a complete program.  This is an important reason to remain on a complete program for this length of time.




Restoration of the thymus gland during a nutritional balancing program is part of what is called mental or spiritual development.  This process includes a number of changes in the body, including atrophy of the glial cells, an increase in the white cells of the body, and eventually restoration and regeneration of the PeyerŐs patches.  This is a very important process that extends life and improves health greatly.  It is discussed in a set of articles such as Introduction To Mental Development, and others on this website.


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