Here are three methods:


In a search engine, type a keyword or article title. Then type / and then hit Enter.

NOTE: New articles will require up to a month to show up on this type of search. To find new articles, use Search Method #2 below.


Go to Read Articles. At the top near the left side of your browser window, click on Edit. A drop-down menu will appear.  On this menu, click on Find.

A box will appear somewhere on your browser window.  Type in a key word or key phrase, and then press Enter

NOTE: This search method will find new articles.  However, it is only helpful to find words that are in the title of the article. To find words that are inside articles, use Search Method #1 above


Newer or newly updated articles are usually mentioned in the New Earth Newsletter. You should find a link there to the article. Click here to find the most recent year of the New Earth Newsletter. If you go to the bottom of the page, there are links to past years of the New Earth Newsletter.

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