by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            I share many views with libertarians, as anyone knows who has read this website.  I sympathize with their love of freedom, their love of the US Constitution and Declaration Of Independence, and their understanding of the benefits of liberty, free market economics, self-government, and the specialness of America.

Libertarians have some excellent ideas such as slashing the size and scope of the US federal government, and auditing the Federal Reserve and ideally getting rid of it, as it is thoroughly unconstitutional.

Dr. Ron Paul and other libertarians are also good Christians and fighters for many excellent causes.  However, they often hold a few important positions that I believe are very destructive.  Here is a summary of what is wrong.




            The main problem with modern-day the libertarians is they forget that the libertarian conception requires a “virtuous” Judeo-Christian oriented population.  These are the only people that are fit to govern themselves.

This is made extremely clear in the writings of the founders of America such as Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, among many others.  Washington wrote that a nation like America requires a a virtuous population.

            These geniuses clearly understood that to be self-governing, the people must have strong moral values, such as a strong sense of right and wrong.  This guides their behavior.  Otherwise, people must be told what to do from the “outside” by their governors. 

Anyone who denies this simply is not familiar with American history and the beliefs of the American founders.  They were all devout Christians, unlike what is taught in our schools today.  Every single one of them was well-versed in the Bible and Biblical commentary.  Every single one of them accepted the teachings such as the 10 Commandments of Moses, the Golden Rule, and others.

Every single one of them was a patriot of this type, not the type of libertarian we have today who want to legalize prostitution, recreational drug use, homosexual marriage, and more.  This is the problem with today’s libertarian movement, in a nutshell.




Modern-day libertarians are in favor of license.  The founders of America were in favor of freedom or liberty.  There is a difference, as follows:


Freedom or liberty, as the founders of America knew, and as some people understand it today, mean that one should be free to act, but always within a special context or legal framework.  This framework  is the Judeo-Christian view of the world and of mankind that built Western society. 

It was, and still is expressed in the British common law.  This was the prevailing law in British and American society at the time of the founding of America.  It is firmly based on Biblical principles.

In contrast, license is the ability to do what one pleases without this context.  It is really the law of the jungle updated.


Until a larger number of people in America or elsewhere revert to its Judeo-Christian origins as America had at one time, just giving people license to do exactly as they please won’t work and does not work wherever it is tried.  Here are some examples.


1. Loose morals and drugs.  We are often lied to that loose morals and easy access to drugs is working in places such as Portugal, Netherlands, San Francisco, Hong Kong and a few others.  It is not working well in these places, I contend.  It reduces some types of crime, and the people may seem happier.

However, the people’s health declines from sexually transmitted diseases and drugs that make the people happy but ruin the brain.  Evaluating whether drugs, loose sex and other behaviors are “working” must be done very carefully and deeply, or the studies and reports are deceptive, which is just what the Empire wants.


2. Allowing Iran and many other nations to develop nuclear weapons and basically to do exactly as they please around the world.  This is an insane attitude.  Libertarians often maintain that it is none of our business what Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Red China, or other communist nations do.

They say we should pull all of our troops out of all nations and just defend America.  This is a nice idea, but I don’t believe it will work today.  It is too easy to bring a nuclear weapon in a suitcase on a small fishing boat to the shores of America or any nation, and detonate it.

It is also too easy for these nations to sponsor terrorism and revolution, and to takeover small, poorly defended nations all over the globe.


3. The military.  Libertarians do not realize or do not accept the idea that the American military, while certainly not perfect, in fact keeps the peace around the world better than anyone else, and far better than groups such as United Nations or most national armies.

Indeed, it is the most spiritual force on planet earth that is keeping many nations from succumbing to communism, dictatorship and Islamic extremism.  The idea that American military strength should be cut back, I feel, is a huge mistake and a serious error of judgment.

It is a very dangerous world, and while no military force is perfect, the US military is the best, by far – the most humane, the most gentle, the most selfless and self-sacrificing and the most potent and effective as well, when given the chance, which is not often today.


4. Stopping the war on drugs.  Many opponents of America and what she stands for would love to destroy America with drugs.  This is very well known among intelligence officials.  The libertarian position is to abandon current federal laws against marijuana and perhaps other drugs, and just let families, churches and communities handle the problem of drug use.

This is not working, as many states have passed medical marijuana laws, even though marijuana destroys the mind and body.  Also, marijuana is illegal federally, but the current administration just ignores the law, something that should upset libertarians and everyone else, no matter what you think of the current law.

Legislators are influenced by false propaganda from pro-marijuana groups, or they are bought off, raped, or even murdered if they oppose the drug cartel agenda.

The libertarian and the current administration’s position opens America to drugs in a big way, and makes the severe problems associated with recreational drug use much worse.  What is needed is the opposite – enforce the borders and stop the drug infiltration of America.  Sadly, our government won’t do that for whatever reasons.

In similar fashion, the federal government looks the other way regarding the “medical marijuana laws” (placed in quotes because 98% of the people who smoke pot are not sick, so it is not medical marijuana at all for most people).  Marijuana is one of the worst drugs, in my clinical experience.  I don’t care what some so-called “experts” say.

The “medical marijuana laws” all violate federal law and are just a backhanded way to legalize marijuana.  This has been shown in all states that have adopted these laws.  There is a powerful lobby that supports these laws, and they don’t care about the population, but want to destroy the people of America with drugs.  To learn more, read Medical Marijuana on this website, and other articles on the internet.


            Sadly, the forces that wish to destroy America may side with some libertarian positions, and these I cannot accept.  Do you want to side with them?



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