by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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The word empire, as used in this article, refers to a group of people and their activities on earth that oppose our health, our prosperity and our happiness.  The empire is real.  It is not paranoia or “conspiracy theory”, although it may sounds like just a theory.




Some say these forces and people are here to teach us lessons by creating hardship such as disease, poverty, slavery, discouragement and despair.

Others say the cause is certain cosmic alignments at this time in history that allow certain forces to arise that seek the destruction or at least that seek control over others.  The way they do this is to weaken people, lie to people, deceive and harm people in various ways.

Others, such as R. Buckminster Fuller, blame the rise of the empire on a scarcity mentality.  This is the simple fact or belief that there is not enough on this planet to feed everyone, house everyone, and allow everyone to live comfortably.  Therefore, the only way a person can live comfortably and healthfully is to steal from others, keep others oppressed, enslave others and perhaps kill others to protect one’s own family and children. 

He says he proved that starting around 1942, the world became an abundant place.  Before that time, it was somewhat correct.  He says there is now enough knowledge and materials, the two components needed to make us safe and secure, so that every human being can live healthfully, safely and adequately on planet earth.

He backs it up with thousands of pages of documentation of the resources, energy, manpower, food supplies, knowledge and other factors needed to make every person a success on planet earth.




One can divide the empire into aspects that affect the following areas of society:


Food sector

Political sector

Medical or health care sector

Housing sector

Financial sector

Religious or moral sector

Academic or educational sector

Social or relationship sector

Entertainment sector

Transportation sector

Sports sector



Let us take a quick look at just a few of these areas.




I place this first because food is so critical for society.  The food sector is full of problems, many of which are discussed on this website.  Here are just a few:

Nutritional quality.  The quality of the food in all the industrialized nations is much lower than what it was 100 years ago.  This is well-documented and written about in books such as Empty Harvest by Bernard Jensen and Mark Anderson (1995).  Another, earlier book that documents this problem is Food For Naught, The Decline In Nutrition by Ross Hume Hall (1976).

This is the result of superphosphate fertilizers, pesticides, hybrids and genetic modification of the food.  Together, these are sometimes called The Green Revolution.  You can read more about the problems of modern agriculture in Organic Agriculture on this site.

Pesticides.  The pesticides damage the crops, ruin the soil, poison the farmers and their families, decimate wildlife that happens to live in the area, and harms the health of those who eat the food.  They also find their way into the rivers, lakes, wells and other water supplies, damaging these as well.

Food chemicals.  Also, thousands of somewhat toxic chemicals are permitted in the food in most nations.  While some of these are helpful as preservatives, most are just cosmetic and in fact, harm our health.  Often they are needed to add flavor, color, and texture to fake foods so we will even eat them. 

The example of margarine.  A good example is margarine, which is fake butter.  It is promoted as “cholesterol-free” and therefore healthful, but the reality is it is an artificially saturated fat that contains harmful fats and traces of nickel and cadmium used to produce it.  It is anything but a butter substitute.  Instead, it is nothing more than fake butter that has no real nutrition.

Food irradiation.  The governments also allow some food to be irradiated, which also damages it. 

Genetic modification.  More recently, genetic modification is allowed in some nations, and labeling is not required so consumers do not know when they are eating it.  Scientists have found numerous problems with genetic modification of food, but these are generally ignored.  It is not the same as simple plant breeding.




This is one of the most obvious places the empire has a grip.  Most nations are forced to conform to low standards of government involving corruption, patronage, fiscal irresponsibility, lying to the people, and in many nations dictatorial control of the population with state-sponsored terror and murder.

There is no question if one researches the subject that the main cause of starvation, disease and disasters in many nations can be directly traced to faulty government policies.

Many governments around the world oppose real progress in their nations because they fear that well-fed, well-informed, well-armed, healthy people will rise up and overthrow their leaders.  The leaders often live as parasites.  So they deliberately put in place laws and policies that discourage private ownership of property, private enterprise, entrepreneurship, informed decision-making, and general sanity. 

Instead, most of the world’s people must put up with insane laws, high taxes, random government violence, patronage, cronyism, unfairness, corruption and general abuse.  Only the amount varies from nation to nation. 

The nation with the least corruption usually fares better, of course.  This is why America rose in prominence and is now declining a little, and why Europe rose and is now in decline as well.  Nations literally rise and fall based upon their government’s policies in many cases.  This is one of the major ways the empire controls people.




Here some will violently disagree with me.  However, it is my firm belief, based on plenty of research and over 35 years as a health practitioner, that there is a determined effort to keep the people in Western nations unhealthy, all in the name of “health care”.  Evidence of this is all around us.  However, it is well-suppressed by a blanket of media lies and medical and drug-company propaganda.

There also exists a well-regulated licensing system for doctors, clinics, hospitals and laboratories that keeps out the competition very well.  there is widespread corruption at the level of the federal and other governments.  There is also corruption, extortion, murder, banishment and other very well-orchestrated methods of keeping the status quo and squashing the opposition.

This is not just my opinion.  It has been well-researched by many authors and researchers who have studied the history of the American Medical Association, the Canadian Medical Association, The Pharmaceutical Manufacturer’s Association, The American Hospital Association, The American Dental Association, and other groups that are at the core of the health  sector of the empire.  They have studied the bribery, the lies, the deception of the American people regarding vaccination, the safety of drugs, fluoridation of the water, opposition to vitamins and natural therapies, in general, and other health-related topics. 

Doctors who “step out of line” lose their medical licenses, which should not even exist, in my opinion.  Somehow America got by without them for about 120 years, from 1776 to 1900 or so.  During this time America was among the most healthy nations on earth.  Today she ranks 20th or worse in infant mortality, life expectancy, and other vital statistics.  However, you would never know this by watching the news on television or reading mainstream magazines that brag about America’s wonderful health care system.  I could go on, but this topic is covered in much more depth in articles such as Health Care For The New Millenium, America’s Socialized Medical Care System, and several others.




This is also one of the areas in which the empire forces work hard against the common citizens.  Instead of encouraging thrift and saving, as most nations claim they do, most inflate their money, ruining the value of the money and decimating the savings of the people in a systematic, but insidious and poorly understood manner.

Meanwhile, the rulers know how to manipulate things for their own enrichment and benefit, cheating the people at every turn.  This may sound harsh, but it is absolutely true.  Banks practice what is called fractional reserve banking, for example.  This is nothing more than cheating with a fancy name.  Governments print fiat money, which is nothing more than worthless paper money.  The Federal Reserve (which is not federal and has no reserve), practices quantitative easing or QE, which is just a fancy term for inflating the currency and ruining it.  They also make loans to the bankers at low interest rates and they just take the money and invest it, instead of passing it on to the people as we are told is the intent.  Then they bail out the banks when trouble arises, which is a fancy term for cheating the people once again.  The entire system is corrupt and bankrupt, and full of manipulation.




This sector is also rife with corruption, unionism that opposes real progress, monopoly by the government that opposes real progress and truth, and more.  The educational system called public education is one of the saddest sectors of society today. 

I know many will think I am crazy for saying this, but more and more parents and students are agreeing with this perspective.  The test scores are going down, the classes are often a joke, right through college, the students are often bored, the schools are not safe for learning or even working in, the material taught in school is now censored by making it politically correct so as not to offend anyone, and often the truth is bent and even ignored to push a social agenda of diversity, liberal values, anti-Christian and anti-Jewish values.  This is the sad state of most public education in America and in Europe, in particular. 

It is no wonder that school shootings occur.  They do not occur at bars, health clubs, or even at brothels.  They occur at schools, and intelligent people must ask if there is a reason why deranged minds blame the schools and their teachers for their problems, and not society’s many other locations and institutions.



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