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This website is open to the view of some Bible scholars that both the old and new testaments of the Bible have been changed or can be reinterpreted. We believe there was an intentional effort by the Rogues to confuse and mislead the people of earth.

Several article on this website discuss this subject. The Two Branches Of Christianity discusses the evidence for the Jerusalem Church that was led by James, the brother of Jesus. The teachings are somewhat different from the Pauline Church, which is the standard Christian teachings.

An Ancient Hebrew Alphabet discusses an ancient Hebrew dialect that can help clarify some parts of the old testament of the Bible.

Ezekiel 1 discusses an interpretation of the vision of Ezekiel described in Ezekiel 1.

The History Of Western Civilization briefly discusses the role of the Hebrew and Christian religions in the founding of Western civilization.


Those who dislike the Bible and criticize it are right in some ways, she says, because there are a few inaccuracies of translation and others. However, they “throw the baby out with the bath water”. That is an old saying. It means one is sloppy and when emptying bath water one accidentally throws away that which is extremely valuable.


We are told that the basics of religion are the following:

1. Principles of behavior, such as the 10 Commandments given to Moses and the Golden Rule. For details, read The Ten Commandments and The Golden Rule.

2. Avoiding arrogance. This is a difficult task but very important. Arrogance means that one thinks one knows the truth, but really one is not sure. For details, read Arrogance.

3. Real love, which has to be for ALL beings and all planets and all everything. It means to be kind, gentle, helpful, respectful and gracious or grateful toward ALL. It is not that easy. It has nothing to do with romance, sex, families or friends.

4. The truth, which is always scientific in nature and thus different from doctrine, including church doctrine.



The souls of everyone on earth, including all the human beings, animals and plants, seem to emanate or arise from an extremely large female, being in space.

NOTE: The Bible refers to God as Father, and this might seem confusing. The word Father is used because God is a masculine principle. The creator of our part of the universe happens to be a female being, but the principle or idea of the creator is masculine.

We do not capitalize the word creator because the extremely large being prefers that we do it that way. She says giving birth to souls and bodies is a job of hers, an honor to be sure, but just a job.

There are other areas of the universe that have other enormous beings who give rise to souls and bodies. Some are male and some are female. Eventually, we are told, earth human beings will be able to see her and this will help us understand all this.


The extremely large being wants us to worship someone else called The One or Radiant One. This is an even larger being than she. This name, she says, needs to be capitalized. This is her creator. This being is both male and female combined.

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