by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


Many people ask me what percentage of our clients are really helped by a nutritional balancing program.  They can then compare this to the percentage that are helped by medical drugs, for example, or by acupuncture or herbs.

The problem is that the question is not simple to answer.  The reason is that a nutritional balancing program is quite different from a symptom-oriented approach to healing such as conventional medical care and most holistic and naturopathic care, as well.  Here are some comments on this subject.


General health improvement.   Nutritional balancing programs are never a diagnosis, prescription or treatment for any disease or condition, real or imaginary, physical or mental.

Instead, they are a way to improve one’s overall health, and this occurs in all cases, if one follows the diet, lifestyle and supplement program.  Improving one’s diet and lifestyle, and taking basic supplements that almost everyone needs today, helps everyone’s health, especially today when the diet and lifestyle of many people are often harmful.


The “benefits” of improving energy production.  When a person follows a nutritional balancing program, the body’s adaptive energy or vitality increases.  This often results in fewer symptoms and better health.  That is really all that a nutritional balancing program is it is all that it does.  So to some degree, everyone is helped by the program.


Symptom removal. However, when one asks the question about a percentage that are helped, usually one is referring to symptom removal.

Here the answer may be different.  As the body gains adaptive energy and health is restored, symptoms go away on their own, but in their own order, and not in every case.  Therefore, not everyone experiences symptom removal, or at least not quickly.  I would say roughly that about 80% experience more energy, less fatigue, fewer aches and pains, and other benefits within 6 months or so.  It is an individual matter, however, that depends a lot upon how well a person follows the program, and other factors such as stresses, a person’s age, and even their genetic strength.


The “benefits” of retracing.  A very difficult area to assess is the “benefit” of retracing old infections.   In some cases, when a person embarks upon a nutritional balancing program, the person feels more tired, wants to rest more, and may even develop symptoms such as a sore throat, aches and pains, depression or something else.

In almost all cases, these are symptoms of retracing.  This is a critical concept that is not well understood because it does not occur with the use of medical or most holistic remedies.  However, it can be a key to restoring one’s health.  The fact that such reactions occur complicates the understanding of whether someone is benefitting from a nutritional balancing program.  In fact, retracing is a wonderful benefit, but it usually does not feel good, and this is confusing.  To read more about this topic, please read Retracing And Healing Reactions on this site.


The “benefits” of reversing sub-clinical or latent health conditions.  This is another confusing factor in evaluating the success of a nutritional balancing program.

This is how it works.  In some cases, the first six months or so on this program does not yield too many results because the body is healing a sub-clinical or latent condition that no one even knew existed.  It might be a hidden aneurysm, a hidden cancer, hidden diabetes, or another condition.

When this occurs, it will seem as though one is not progressing, and it could appear that one is getting a little worse, such as having more fatigue, for example.  In reality, the body is healing at a deep level, similar to rebuilding the foundation of a building.  Foundations are usually hidden, and so it might seem that no work is going on, when in fact very important healing work is going on in the body.

Healing latent conditions, which are very common, is not easy to see or appreciate.  At times, evidence of them appears on hair mineral analysis retest, or even on blood tests or x-rays.  However, often there are few obvious sign or symptoms, and often medical tests do not show this type of healing.  Recall that we are speaking of health conditions that, by definition, are not easily detectable, for which reason they are called sub-clinical or latent.  Yet this is an enormous benefit of a nutritional balancing program that is not present when one uses the symptom-based approach to healing used in modern conventional medicine or in most holistic and natural health care.




Because it is not a symptom-based approach to healing, but rather an energetic approach (rebuilding the energy system), nutritional balancing offers many other subtle benefits.

For example, clients often report that regardless of their original symptoms, after following a program for a few months they feel stronger, emotionally more stable, and mentally clearer.  Some just say they know they are in better overall health.  Others report fewer colds and flu in the winter, for example.  Still others report that they look much younger, and they have a new lightness in their step.

These benefits occur in most cases.  They are due to the complete restoration of the body, including the removal of several dozen toxic metals, and the elimination of hundreds of toxic chemicals that accumulate in our bodies on a daily basis.  These reports may also be due to massive restoration of the alkaline reserve minerals due to the 70% cooked vegetable diet, and the supplements.

In more exact terms, we look at the body as a complex, self-regulating system and not as a collection of organs or ‘body systems’.  As the system heals, all sorts of positive changes occur in the system.


The “benefits” of development.  Another unusual benefit of a nutritional balancing program is a special process I call mental or spiritual development.  This is a very precise set of changes in the body and brain that increases brain capacity, strengthens the immune response, and has other positive effects such as producing a longer life and a healthier and usually wiser person.  For this to occur, a person must remain on a complete nutritional balancing program for several years.  For more on this topic, please read Introduction To Mental Development on this site.




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