by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Definition. The ketogenic or keto diet consists of a high fat diet with very low carbohydrates, and no sugars whatsoever.  It may also include chemicalized foods and alcohol. As one begins to burn fats and oils almost exclusively for fuel, the body produces chemicals called ketone bodies, or ketones. Hence the name, the ketogenic diet.

How it works. The keto diet causes the body to burn fats and oils for fuel, rather than sugars or starches. This causes serious changes changes in body chemistry.

Why it is popular.  Most people today overeat on starches and sugars.  For this reason, if one switches to a keto diet, some people feel better for a while.  They lose weight, get more energy, and some cases of seizures, yeast, diabetes and other symptoms get better, at least for a while.


The ketogenic diet has serious problems.  Among the worst are:

1. It is a nutritionally deficient diet. For example, it cannot include enough cooked vegetables.  Cooked vegetables in large quantities provide hundreds of phytonutrients that we seem to need today to offset widespread environmental pollution.

It also cannot include blue corn in sufficient quantity to provide selenium and other nutrients this food contains.

2. A very unbalanced diet. This diet contains too much fat and oil. This is an important problem for several reasons:

A. Those with a slow oxidation rate do not do well on a high-fat diet.  This is explained in the article entitled The Oxidation Types.

B. Nutrient deficiencies, as discussed above.

C. The diet is full of acid-forming foods that are not balanced with cooked vegetables that are alkaline-forming.

D. Too much fat in the diet is associated with cancer formation. The reason is that estrogens from animal fats, in particular, tend to accumulate in fatty tissue.

3. Following the ketogenic diet will make some people feel better because it reduces yeast formation and other problems. However, for all the reasons above it slows development. Development is not well known on earth. However, it is the most powerful and wonderful method of healing and human potential we are aware of, and the main goal of the development programs we offer. For details, read Introduction To Development.

Therefore, though you may feel better for a while, avoid the ketogenic diet.


This is a supplement that is gaining popularity because it will provide some energy.  However, it is very yin and taking it for a while will cause the body to become more yin.  This will slow or stop development. Therefore, we do not recommend this product.

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