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            DEFINITION.  The three hearts are three small energy centers located between the fourth energy center (heart area) and the fifth energy center (throat area).  For details about the centers, read The Energy Centers.  In acupuncture, the three hearts are called the triple heater or the triple warmer.

            The three hearts are not physical hearts.  When active, however, they function as pumps, so they are called the hearts.  They pump etheric energy into the so-called upper bodies (see below).

The sternum, also called the breast bone, covers up the three hearts fairly completely.  For this reason, they are more hidden than most of the other energy centers. 

The thymus gland is found in the same area as the three hearts.  The thyroid gland is also nearby, but it is above the three hearts.




The three hearts connect the lower part of the body or trunk, with the upper part, the head.  At an energetic level, the three hearts connects one’s lower existence or more physical existence with one’s more mental and spiritual existence.

At another level, the three hearts help connect the physical body with the higher energy bodies or higher energy fields such as the etheric field, the blue body and the whole body.  For details, read The Seven Bodies Or Energy Fields.  

In order for a person to develop the upper energy fields, the three hearts must be open and spinning correctly.  They must also be bright and shining, and not dull and grayish.  This depends a lot on a person’s nutritional state, but also one’s emotional state (see below about the closed hearts).

The three hearts pump Ether, which is subtle energy, from the physical body via the thymus gland to the two ovals.  This is one of the upper energy fields.  This is necessary for upper energy field development.  For details about development, read Introduction To Development.


            The thymus gland.  Restoring the thymus is needed to properly set up the connection with the two oval bodies to allow higher development to occur.  Early in development, the thymus gland, which normally atrophies around age 30-40, becomes active again.  This assists the immune response, but also allows the three hearts to function, which in turn allows more development to occur.




When closed, the three hearts look like tiny double funnels.  They are in a vertical line along the midline of the body.  The lower one tilts down in front, the middle one is more or less horizontal and the upper one tilts upward in front.

The narrow ends of each funnel touch each other in the middle of the chest near the spinal cord.  The open ends extend out the front of the body and also out the back. 

When closed, they measure less than half an inch in width from an open end to a narrow end.  This is a total length of about one inch or two centimeters along their entire length – open end to open end.

Opening the hearts.  When the three hearts “open”, the funnels grow in size up to several feet in length.  They also become wider at the open ends.

Also, their color changes from a dark grayish color to a brighter yellowish color.  This color is similar to that of the fifth energy center or throat center.

Also, the funnels start to glow and shimmer, and they move up and down and back and forth a little bit.  The same happens to all of the energy centers when they become active.

When the three hearts open, a person becomes much more interested in helping other people, and often wants to be out in the world more so one can interact more easily with others.

Men and women.  Being out in the world is much easier for men because it is safer.  Women have more difficulty with this because of safety concerns.  This stops or slows the opening of the three hearts in many, if not most women.




There is no single indicator on a hair mineral analysis for problems with the three hearts.  However, a sodium/potassium ratio less than 2.5 is often due to a problem with the three hearts.

Interestingly, this ratio, when less than 2.5, is also associated with immune system imbalances.  Recall that the thymus gland, very important for the immune response, is in the same area as the three hearts.

The hair must not be washed at all at the laboratory to obtain accurate sodium and potassium readings.




The existence of the three hearts is very well known in the science of acupuncture.  Together, they are called the triple heater or triple warmer.  Acupuncturists check them with the pulses and help them open using acupuncture needles.

Most other healing arts, however, do not recognize or acknowledge the existence of the three hearts.




            A complete development program will assist the opening of the triple hearts.  This is a great benefit of this program, compared to most all other healing programs.




            A powerful and simple way to help open the three hearts is with foot reflexology.  The three hearts area is the ball of the feet, especially the upper part (nearer the toes).  This can be rubbed with your hand or a reflexology tool.

One can also use an electric percussion massager on this area of the feet.  Use a massager only for about 30 seconds.  That is all that is required.  Move it around the ball of both feet with a little pressure.  The therapy can be repeated up to three or four times daily, if you wish.




            Massage is another method to detoxify and open the three hearts.  We believe that the Rogues intentionally poison this area of most people’s body.  This is done to slow down development. 

Massage of the area with an electric percussion massager for just 30 seconds to one minute can help to improve circulation and dislodge some of the poison.  Unfortunately, this therapy may be temporary.  So it may need to be repeated daily or once every few days for maximum effect.

At the present time, we believe the rogues install a system that makes a poison in the area.  This is a research area at this time.




            This is a fairly common condition that occurs in both men and women in which the hearts, or at least one of them, are shut down.  This is a yang response to stress.  However, it damages one’s connection with the higher energy fields and blocks development, so it is not good.

The shutdown often occurs in early childhood if a baby or young child faces intense stress at home or in some other way.


Symptoms include difficulty breathing and perhaps asthma, tightness in the upper chest, fatigue, and often digestive problems.  The chest or back often weakens and may collapse, especially if the problem occurs in early childhood.  The person also often develops a foul odor.


The cause of the shutdown is often an argument, conflicts, deep fear or deep grief.  In an adult, it can be due to losing one’s temper.  This is especially the case when a woman loses her temper with a man such as her husband or father.  One “turns cold” toward others.


Correction.  The entire development program, along with trauma release and the methods discussed above, will help correct this condition.



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