by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            The answer is, of course some of them are!  Others are not true, and are promoted just to confuse you.  However, all wise people know that some events and situations are carefully planned, but made to look accidental for various reasons.

Have you ever conspired with others to oppose your business competition, or even just to achieve a goal you have?  Most of us must give a yes answer to this question.  If you have engaged in conspiracies, (which just means to work together with others to achieve a goal), why would you think others do not do it every day?


Do you really think the pharmaceutical drug industry wants you taking vitamins instead of drugs?


Do you really think the oil industry wants you to run your car on water?


Do you really think the cancer establishment wants you to use simple, inexpensive natural methods for cancer?


Do you really think the heart surgery industry wants you to remove toxic metals instead of having bypass operations?


Do you really think the teacher’s unions want your children to have school choice, voucher programs and more modern and effective educational methods?


Do you really think the unions want innovations that threaten union jobs?


Do you really think that licensed doctors, naturopaths and others want unlicensed practitioners competing with them?


… And the list goes on.


            So the next time someone accuses you of believing in conspiracy theories, let them know that conspiracies are real, of course.  Only idiots do not believe in conspiracies.




              The answer is no.  It just means you are becoming wise.  You are beginning to understand that most happenings in our world are not accidents, whether they be wars, pollution, sickness, and many other things that seem to be happenstance.

Some events, by the way, are accidental.  These include great inventions, for example, that occur quite by chance.  However, many situations and events are planned, often in order to keep you poor and sick, and this is simply the truth.  It is not paranoia.




            Some of them are paranoid.  However, an important goal of the cartels and monopolies that conspire to keep us sick and poor is to discredit those who understand that conspiracies are real.  They love nothing more than making those who see the truth look like paranoid crazy people.

So their tactics are either:

1. Silence or kill anyone who suspects the truth.

2. Secretly support and publicize some crazy, paranoid believers in conspiracies to discredit anyone who believes in conspiracies.

3. Make up their own conspiracy theories and send out some their own stooges and goons, often looking crazy, to promote their own agendas.




There are so many of these floating around, I will only mention a few that come to mind. For example, one hears that the vitamin industry is largely “unregulated” and responsible for many deaths, or that natural healing methods do not work as well as drugs.  These are total lies.

One also hears commonly that Christianity is responsible for more wars than anything else in history, which is the opposite of the truth.

College professors and news reporters love to imply or say that corporations and capitalism are the cause of our problems.  This is just another lie.  In fact, capitalism generates more good and prosperity than any other system of economics, when it is allowed to operate. 

One also hears that burning oil and coal causes climate change, but that is another lie.

Adolf Hitler was famous for saying that the world’s problems are caused by Jewish people, and many still believe that lie.

Others today tell us that if we do not go along with the secular, progressive agenda such as legalizing marijuana, abortion on demand, and so on, that we are bad, intolerant people.  This is another total lie that is promoted heavily in the media today.

It is important to know that the phony conspiracies are designed to distract you from the real ones, so beware. 



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