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Table Of Contents


I. Introduction



            Not a recognized diagnosis

            Excellent response with nutritional balancing

            A personal story.


II. Symptoms And Causes

Symptoms of CFS

Causes of CFS:

            Toxic metals

            Toxic chemicals

Nutrient deficiencies    

Glandular imbalances


Medical and recreational drugs

Lifestyle factors

Mental and emotional factors



III. Correction





Definition.  Chronic fatigue syndrome is a very common health condition throughout the world.  Its main feature is chronic and unrelenting fatigue that is not resolved by sleep, rest, taking a vacation, or other means. 

In addition, some people experience joint and other pain, digestive disturbances, sleep disturbances, and problems with memory and concentration.  These can all be secondary to the fatigue.


Names. The same condition may be called:

1. Chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS.

2. Myalgic encephalopathy or ME.

3. Post-viral fatigue syndrome or PVFS.

4. Chronic fatigue immune dysfuntion syndrome or CFIDS.

5. Adrenal exhaustion or adrenal burnout.


Not a recognized diagnosis.  Although common, it is not a recognized diagnosis in many medical books.  This can be frustrating because one visits the doctor, but the doctor does not understand or recognize CFS. 


Excellent response with nutritional balancing.  CFS or ME responds extremely well to nutritional balancing science.  There is no need for any hormones, anti-depressants or any other drugs.  This article briefly introduces the causes, symptoms and correction procedures for this condition.


Personal story.  I am very familiar with this condition, and its effects on every aspect of life.  Nutritional balancing was, in part, developed as the ways I found to overcome CFS or ME.




As the name implies, the main symptom is an unrelenting fatigue or exhaustion, even if one gets a few good nights of rest or takes a vacation with no obvious stress.

There is often some overlap with other conditions such as fibromyalgia or other pain syndromes, adrenal burnout, hypoglycemia or cravings for sweets, hypothyroidism, chronic or recurrent infections, depression or anxiety, and perhaps others. 

What distinguishes chronic fatigue syndrome from some of these others is the long-term nature of the fatigue syndrome, usually in spite of a person trying various drug and natural therapies.




            In our experience, the cause is usually multiple.  This means that one factor is not responsible for the condition.  Instead, it is the result of several factors operating together, including any or all of the following:


Toxic metals. These are always a factor, in my experience.  They interfere with thousands of enzyme reactions in the body, some of which have to do with energy production.

Removing two dozen toxic metals is always a priority with a nutritional balancing.  One need not know which ones are present.  I assume everyone has some of them all.  All of them will slowly be removed on a nutritional balancing program.  Nutritional balancing uses about 19 separate methods all together to remove toxic metals.  These are described in a separate article entitled Toxic Metals.

This is safer and more complete than using chelators of any kind, even natural chelation agents such as high-dose vitamin C, cilantro, chlorella or zeolite, for example.


Toxic chemicals.  These play an important role in some cases.  Many people have been exposed to dozens of toxic chemicals that can impair the body’s energy production systems.

With a nutritional balancing program, one need not know which chemicals are present.  Hundreds of them will come out of the body in their own order when one stays on the program.


Nutritional depletion.  This is always present as a cause of chronic fatigue as well.  The causes have to do with stress, impaired digestion, or improper diets of raw foods, for example, or refined foods.  Most food today is not as nutritious as in the past.  If a person does not eat well, or is stressed for any reason, digestion suffers and nutrient deficiencies easily develop.  Vegetarianism, fasting, or other extreme diets make the problem worse in many instances.  I have done all these things and was lucky to recover completely from chronic fatigue syndrome that resulted.


Chronic infections. In some cases, chronic infections play an important role.  These may be of primary importance, but more often they are opportunistic infections that thrive because the body is too weak to fight them off.

Common viral infections include Epstein-Barr virus, hepatitis B or C, cytomegalovirus and even HIV in some cases.  Fungal infections include candida albicans in most cases, and perhaps other fungal organisms.

Bacterial infections in the teeth, gums and elsewhere are also often common.  Lyme disease can also either give rise to chronic fatigue syndrome or just be an opportunist organism that makes things worse, but is not the underlying cause of the problem.  The latter is far more common.


Adrenal exhaustion and other glandular imbalances.  These may also be present, although not necessarily.  They are usually easy to assess using the hair mineral analysis, and respond well to nutritional balancing programs.


Use of medical or recreational drugs.  This is a growing factor today.  Many people report their problems started after they took antibiotics, for example.  Some people tell me their CFS began after a surgery in which anesthetics and other drugs were used. 

Recreational drug use is another factor in some cases.  Drugs are all poisons.  Do not listen to anyone who tells you otherwise!  The body’s capacity to remove them is limited, and some are often stored in the liver, kidneys, brain and elsewhere.  There they continue to cause problems.  Nutritional balancing is excellent to remove drugs, although it can take a year or more.


Lifestyle imbalances.  These are actually common causes or aggravating factors in many cases of chronic fatigue syndrome.  Among the common problems are lack of sleep, going to bed too late, financial or other worries, relationship stress and improper attitudes such as playing the victim, extreme fears or depression.  Any of these can place so much stress on the body that they upset proper glandular and digestive functions, leading to the rest of the causes listed above.

In most cases, these factors are handled easily once a person really understands the problem and is willing to address it. 


Mental and emotional factors. These often play a role as well.  Intense fear or anger, or even guilt can predispose a person to develop chronic fatigue, in some cases.  At times, other psychological conditions such as general negativity, resentments or something else may contribute to the condition.


Stress.  Excessive stress add to the factors above and uses up more energy that is needed for healing.


These are among the most important causes that I observe.  In rare cases, chronic fatigue may be the result of poisoning with a pesticide or a medical or recreational drug, or even a result of surgery, an accident or other type of stressor.




Over the past 35 years, I have helped thousands of people recover their full energy level with a nutritional balancing program.  This method is extremely well-suited to correcting most of the causes above of chronic fatigue syndrome.  Many people are so sick and tired of being tired they are ready to give up.  However, you can recover your energy and vitality, in my experience, and without using hormones or other drugs.

Nutritional balancing is a lifestyle and diet-based system.  This is extremely important for correcting the dietary and lifestyle components of chronic fatigue syndrome.  I find this aspect lacking in many holistic approaches.  Other methods often have an emphasis on high-tech testing and many remedies, and not enough attention paid to the exact diet, drinking water consumed, and the lifestyle.  So I would urge anyone with chronic fatigue syndrome to pay more attention to these factors.


Safety. Nutritional balancing is extremely gentle and safe.  This cannot be said of other methods of treatment that are used today.  For example, I would warn the reader to avoid the use of low-dose cortisone such as Cortef and others.

I would also warn against the use of any natural, bio-identical or synthetic hormones such as DHEA, pregnenelone, adrenal cortical extracts, testosterone, progesterone and others.  These will give a person some energy, but they upset the delicate hormone regulatory feedback system of the body and they make full correction much more difficult.  They are also expensive to test for and monitor.

With a nutritional balancing program, they are not needed unless a gland has been removed surgically or destroyed with radiation therapy.  For more on this topic, please read Hormone Replacement Therapy on this website.


Not do-it-yourself.  Nutritional balancing is not a do-it-yourself method.  I wish it were.  You can get started on your own with the “Free Program”.  However, a more powerful program requires the use of a properly performed and correctly interpreted hair mineral analysis and periodic retesting.


Reasonable cost.  Some programs are very costly.  Nutritional balancing is not that costly, although I realize this is a personal matter.  The testing and an updated program every 4 to 6 months is usually about $200.00 USD.  The other main cost is nutritional supplement that are about $200.00 USD per month.


Development and chronic fatigue syndrome.  The secret to the nutritional balancing approach is that it is not primarily a healing approach.  The goal is development, a rather unique set of changes that take place in the body when one stays on a program for at least 2 or 3 years.

The changes strengthen the body and make it less compatible with all the possible causes for CFS or ME listed above, and perhaps others.  For this reason, the programs often work well even when other approaches have failed.


Autonomic nervous system correction. This is an important part of every nutritional balancing program.  It is another aspect of health and healing that is often overlooked or glossed over too easily by physicians working with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Most people with chronic fatigue condition have a pattern on a hair mineral test called sympathetic dominance.  In some cases, it may take a year or more for the pattern to reveal itself.  However, it is often present and it stops many people from getting well. 

One is overusing the sympathetic or fight-or-flight nervous system, and this inhibits the digestion, elimination and the immune response.  It must be corrected or progress will be very slow or non-existent.  For more on this, read Sympathetic Dominance on this website.


Other procedures.  Adding the daily use of a near infrared light sauna and daily coffee enemas is needed in many cases of chronic fatigue syndrome.  Each of these therapies is carefully chosen and has over a dozen therapeutic effects, many of which are excellent for those with chronic fatigue.  For more on these therapies, read Sauna Therapy and Coffee Enemas on this site.


Mental/emotional aspects.  Nutritional balancing has as its goal far more than just symptom removal.  In my own case of chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as most others, there are subtle factors that are causative and need to be addressed. 

Often, for example, changes in attitudes are needed and absolutely essential if one is to recover completely, which is always our goal and a very achievable goal.  In my own case, persistent daily use of the pushing down exercise was extremely helpful and probably absolutely necessary for my full recovery.  For more on this subject, read Meditation on this site.


To understand chronic fatigue syndrome much better, please read How To Increase Your Energy and Adrenal Burnout Syndrome on this site.




            Chronic fatigue syndrome is a multi-faceted and common disorder with both physical and mental or emotional causes at times.  Nutritional balancing science is extremely helpful for this condition, and in most cases, it can slowly cause full recovery by addressing and correcting its half-dozen or so causes.



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