by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            Most people are somewhat conditioned or brainwashed by their families, friends and the media.  However, it is important to know if a person has been systematically conditioned or brainwashed. 

Such people are common, today, and often hold positions of power and influence.  Identifying them can be tricky, however, as their general appearance is completely normal.  Here are some methods that, taken together, work well to identify them.




1. Hair analysis patterns.

2. Mannerisms.

3. Sexy or slimy quality.

4. A hardness about them.





* Look slightly cross-eyed.

* The lips may quiver slightly, especially when speaking but anytime.

* Feet, when visible in sandals, may display some deformity.

* Movement may be a little jerky and/or slightly un-coordinated.

* Posture may not be ideal.

* Men or women may have larger-than-ideal hips.

* Sometimes you can observe a fearful quality of the personality.

* May experience upper back or neck pain.


Other traits or tendencies

* In America, they are often Democrats.  In Europe, Australia or elsewhere, they are often socialists.

* They tend to be authoritarians in their beliefs, with little faith in freedom and capitalism.

* They can be abusive to live with.

* They are usually angry underneath, although it may not be obvious.

* They may have excessive interest in sex, and may be less interested in marriage and monogamy.

* Usually do not like Christians and Christianity.

* Less interested in doing coffee enemas, in particular, and donŐt want to take kelp.  (These can break their programming, so they are told to avoid them.)

* Often knowledgeable and skilled with weapons and kicking.

* Usually not interested in animals such as dogs.

* Women are rarely virgins.



* Responses to questions may be slightly delayed.  The brain works slowly in these people.

* Responses may be peppered with anger or disgust.

* Some fairly negative attitudes can surface.

* Lying is common, often done with a completely straight face and deadpan expression on the face.

* If asked a series of questions quickly, they may stumble, a little, because they are trying to keep their lies consistent.  This is not always the case, however.

* If you check their life stories, (upbringing, location of birth, etc.) they often do not check out.

* May surprise you that they know a little Russian.

* DonŐt want to take certain supplements – kelp, in particular, and perhaps GB-3, TMG and Limcomin.  (They are told to avoid them, as they break programming.)


Qualities of the feet (this requires seeing and touching the feet)

* Feet are often somewhat rigid and deformed.

* The feet may be quite sensitive to touch, especially grasping the big toe on either side, at the edges of the toenail, and squeezing.

* May not like foot reflexology treatments.


Hair mineral analysis markings

* Vampire patterns (mainly fast oxidation).

* Na/K ratio less than 1:1.

* Calcium shell, especially if it is a double shell or greater.

* Double low ratio pattern, especially on the second four numbers.  See Second Four Patterns for more details about this.

* Potassium level of 1 or less, if lower potassium is measured.

* No hill patterns on first four or second four.

* Vanadium very low, if the lab measures this.

* Possibly nickel >0.02 mg%, and perhaps lead > 0.1 mg%, mercury > 0.04 mg%, cadmium > 0.02 mg%, arsenic > 0.05 mg% and/or aluminum > 1 mg%, although some other people have these readings, as well.

* Perhaps a spiritual defensive pattern (Ca/Mg > 20-25),  although many others have this.

* Perhaps a bowl pattern.

* Perhaps a criminal pattern.


Other traits that a few people can see:

* Missing controller souls.

* Hiding, confusing, confused, or lying souls.

* Aura marks and signs.

* Thin cords – a very good indicator.

* Thin cord viruses.

* Very closed central channel – very good indicator.

* Seventh center partly closed in a traumatic way.

* Entity possession.

* Reversed aura and energy center patterns, especially in the brain.

* May respond like birds to calls and attack.

* No merkaba and little development.


Tests that can be done in a rehab center to do further assessment.

* Squeeze the eyeballs

* Touch the genitals

* Tilt the head back gently

* Twist the neck in a chiropractic way to one side, especially.

* Push on breasts and nipples, specifically.

* Look for implants in legs and everywhere.

* Try hypnosis (they are often easily hypnotized).

* Speak Russian suddenly.

* Ask a quick series of difficult questions.

* Look for evidence of infections or abuse.



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