by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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A popular diet system is called the body ecology diet system.  This article will summarize this system briefly, and includes comments about it, based on the principles of development science.




This is taken from the body ecology website.  80% of one’s food should be alkaline forming, while 20% should be acid-forming.  Alkaline-forming foods that are recommended include raw and cooked land and ocean vegetables, protein powders, fermented foods, low-sugar fruits, and grain-like seeds such as quinoa, amaranth and millet.  Recommended acid-forming foods include animal proteins, nuts and seeds and buckwheat.  The diet also allows some fermented dairy products and oils if desired and a small amount of fats and unrefined oils.

In addition, the body ecology diet suggest supplements including probiotics, spirulina, protein powders, green tea and some others.  No gluten and little casein are permitted.




            Good aspects of this diet are that it prohibits sugary fruits and it prohibits all wheat, unrefined soy and all refined sugars and starches.  It also emphasizes quality food and is not a vegetarian diet.

            The most important problems with this diet from a nutritional balancing perspective are:


1. Too yin. This is a serious problem today.  It is discussed at length in the articles Yin And Yang Healing and Yin Disease.  Yin foods include all fruits, nuts, seeds, fermented foods and powders such as protein powders, spirulina, green powders and others.  All raw food is also more yin.


2. Too much raw food.  Raw food is yin, as explained above.  Also, we find that the body cannot absorb enough minerals from raw vegetables.  For more on this topic, read Raw Food on this website.


3. Foods difficult to digest.  These include nuts and seeds, and protein powders. 


4. Use of a lot of powdered drinks such as protein powders, spirulina and others. We find these are quite hard on digestion and actually stop the full recovery or restoration of the intestinal tract.


5. Liberal use of fermented foods.  While a little fermented food such as sauerkraut is okay, fermented foods are quite yin, and most contain aldehydes that are toxic.  So although they may contain beneficial bacteria, eating a lot causes definite problems for many people.



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