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            The main points of this article are:

1. Our bodies run on etheric energy, just like a cell phone runs on a battery.

2. We are born with a certain “charge”, like having a 100% charged phone battery.  When this runs down, we age and when the battery charge is too low, life ends.

3. It is possible to increase the charge of a baby’s batteries at birth.  It is also possible to conserve battery charge, and it is possible to recharge your batteries. 

4. The Pulling Down Exercise is a key because it brings in a lot more etheric energy into the body.




            A battery is a device that stores an electrical charge and can release it slowly under certain conditions.  Batteries can sometimes be recharged, and they have various other qualities such as their voltage, storage capacity, and the speed at which they release energy and can recharge. 


Capacitors.  Contrast this with a capacitor, which is another electronic component.  In one sense, it is a kind of battery.  Its construction is somewhat similar with layers or plates of conductive and non-conductive materials.  However, a capacitor releases its charge much faster, and cannot hold a charge for years, as can some batteries.  These are the main differences between them. 


Battery construction.  Most batteries consist of compartments that contain an anode, a cathode, and an electrolyte solution.  The electrolyte solution bathes or covers the anode and cathode, and the charge is stored on the plates of the anode and cathode.  When wires are connected to these plates, electricity flows until the battery is completely discharged.


Types of batteries.  Textbooks list at least 25 types of batteries, even though most people are familiar with only a few of them.  These include:

1. Lead-acid batteries found in all automobiles.

2. Lithium batteries found in computers and cell phones.

3. Alkaline batteries (containing zinc, copper and perhaps other metals) are used in flashlights and many devices.

4. Nickel-cadmium or NiCad batteries, are used in some hearing aids and other rechargeable devices.


Recharging.  Most batteries can be recharged.  Some, however, are much easier and faster to recharge such as car batteries.  Others don’t recharge well, such as common alkaline batteries.






            Other articles, such as Etheric Energy and The Ether Theory, explain that human beings, animals and plants are ether-powered or powered by etheric energy.  We are not powered by the food eat or the water we drink.  These are needed.  However, human, animal and plant bodies also need another type of energy called etheric energy.

We definitely need minerals in cooked vegetables, protein, fats and carbohydrates.  However, these are not enough to sustain a human body if the etheric energy is not sufficient. 

Etheric energy is specifically used in the body for biosynthesis.  This means it is needed for DNA replication, RNA synthesis, and protein synthesis from RNA.

Etheric energy is divided into three categories:

1. Intrinsic etheric – the etheric energy we are born with.

2. Environmental etheric – etheric energy found in food, water, air and elsewhere.

3. New etheric – this is etheric energy that can be brought into the body using the Pushing Down Exercise.

            I will use these words in the rest of this article.




           This is another critical concept.  Everyone is born with a certain amount of etheric energy inside the cells of the body.  As one ages, the amount decreases, and when it gets too low, the body cannot regenerate itself and life ends.




            Each cell has structures that function as tiny batteries.  They are the Golgi bodies found in the nucleus of the cells.

Today, they all contain nickel and cadmium.  If a child were sufficiently developed at birth, they might of a different type.  The article entitled Introduction To Genetics discusses some of the activities of the cell nucleus.




Construction of the baby’s batteries is an important task during pregnancy.  Excellent mineral and protein nutrition is required to produce these batteries in sufficient quantity and quality.

            Also, once the batteries form ,the initial charge for them comes from the mother.  If the mother is not healthy, the baby will be born “less charged up”.  Often, this is noticeable in a newborn baby.  The baby may be born premature, or may have difficulty suckling or responding to stimulation.  Speech can be delayed, or other problems may arise at birth or soon after.

Doctors are mostly unaware of the battery situation.  As a result, they recommend very deficient and harmful diets to young mothers-to-be.  This is a terrible waste of human potential and is quite easy to remedy with a development program.

Unfortunately, many people think that a diet high in cooked vegetables is strange because it is not the societal “norm”.  It needs to be the normal diet of everyone!




Even if a baby is born with a deficient electrical “charge”, much can be done to improve the charge.  A development program is designed to do this.  It is one reason for the effectiveness of these programs.

Examples of ways to conserve and recharge the batteries that are part of every development program include:


1. Avoid toxins of all kinds.  This includes all toxic metals, including those found in vaccines, for example.  Most vaccines are preserved with aluminum and mercury.

Most medical drugs are also quite toxic, especially certain groups of drugs such as antibiotics and statin drugs.  Natural alternatives usually work as well or better than these drugs.  Also, do your best to avoid other toxic chemicals in food, water, air and through contact.

            Other toxins are emotional and mental.  The articles on this website can guide your thinking to avoid wrong and quite toxic ideas that are taught in schools and even more in colleges.  They include almost all liberal, progressive, left wing and socialistic ideas, including concern about climate change, and identity politics. 

2. Three years of breastfeeding.  Some will say this is too much.  It is true that some babies do not want mothers milk for this long.  But in most cases, this is because the quality of the milk is so poor.  If the mother is on a development program, the quality rapidly improves and the babies continue to want the milk for several years.

3. Get plenty of rest and sleep, and go to bed early each night.  This reduces the draw on your batteries.  It is also one of the most important aspects of all development programs.

4. Eat the diet described in Food For Daily Use. It is the best we know of to conserve and restore the batteries in the body.

Vegetarian diets tend to be harmful for the batteries, even if they are of good quality.  They are missing vital nutrients and are too yin, a quality of food that harms the batteries.

5. Take the correct nutritional supplements only.  Supplements are needed today because the food is missing some nutrients, stress increases the need for some nutrients, and because we can use a few nutrients to balance body chemistry. 

Doing this greatly assists digestion and helps the body to be able to absorb more environmental etheric energy.

6. Some light exercise and deep breathing are excellent, each day.  These can also bring in some environmental etheric energy.  However, too much exercise wears out the body and is not helpful.

7. Emotional control, and correct thinking reduce stress and help conserve etheric energy.  Thinking good thoughts can also bring in some extra environmental etheric energy.  Healthy thinking also creates some etheric energy.

8. The healing procedures of development also help.  These help restore digestion, balance the body, and reduce stress.

To really recharge your batteries, do the Pulling Down Exercise – and do it a lot.  Two hours a day is excellent.  This brings into the body new etheric energy in large amounts and is one of the most powerful way to recharge the cellular batteries.  It also seems to help produce more batteries, and better quality batteries.  Doing the Neck Pull with it is very helpful, as well.






            If one develops oneself sufficiently, and if one is nourished well enough, the nickel-cadmium batteries are eventually replaced with a less-toxic type of battery, and one that is better suited to the needs of development.

            When one develops, one brings in etheric energy through the top of the head in small quantities, but it is enough to sustain the body.   Nickel-cadmium batteries are not as well-suited to this task.  As a result, different batteries slowly replace them including lithium and boron types of batteries.


The agony rash.  The battery replacement process can manifest in a healing reaction called the agony.  It is so called because it causes a temporary itchy, burning rash on the face.

One might ask, why is such a reaction is necessary, since we know the body can eliminate nickel and cadmium compounds without causing a skin rash.

The answer is that the body is unable to eliminate the chemical compounds that compose the batteries through the liver, bowel or kidneys.  However, they are eliminated well through the skin of the face.  This is the most active skin of the body because it is usually exposed to the elements.  As a result, a rash occurs for a few months while the elimination proceeds.

For more details, read The Stages Of Development and The Agony on this site.




A number of changes occur in the batteries.  The voltage and amperage decrease somewhat.

The body’s ability to replace the batteries diminishes, and the newer batteries are not of as good quality. 

Also, the amount of current that can be drawn off decreases.  This may be called the battery reserve.  The result is that a person has more difficulty coping with stress of all kinds.




            A rough way to assess one’s battery power is by a combination of the oxidation rate and sodium/potassium ratio on a hair mineral test.  From the best to the worst, here are the criteria:



Fast oxidation and Na/K 2.5 or greater

Fast oxidation and Na/K less than 2.5

Slow oxidation and Na/K 2.5 or greater

Slow oxidation and Na/K less than 2.5

Four lows and Na/K 2.5 or greater

Four lows and Na/K less than 2.5

Low four lows (all numbers less than half their ideal level.





            Love, and falling in love is generally good for the batteries.  It relaxes a person and reduces stress.

Sexual fluid loss, especially for men, tends to deplete the batteries somewhat.  There appears to be some electrical charge in the sexual fluid, especially of a man.  This is a major reason we strongly recommend Down Sex instead of ordinary sex.




            The Merkabah, which forms early in the process of development, brings in much more etheric energy.  This is very beneficial for the batteries.




Attitudes.  Positive, uplifting attitudes are generally very helpful for the batteries.  Thoughts of victimhood are damaging to the batteries.  Homosexual thoughts seem to be damaging to the batteries and may account for a low sodium/potassium ratio on some of their hair mineral charts.

            Activities.  Writing is good for the batteries.  So is thinking, which seems able to actually bring in some etheric energy.  Some physical activity is also good, but exercising until you are exhausted is not helpful.

              “Popping” the joints, causing a slight crackling sound, seems helpful for the batteries.  It seems to allow energy to flow better through the body, which can help recharge the batteries. 



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