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The 7 Laws For The Descendants Of Noah are a set of principles to guide our lives that I am told are very important in development science.

According to the Old Testament of the Bible, a great flood occurred several thousand years ago.  It killed everyone on earth except for a few righteous people.  A man named Noah, his wife, his sons and their wives were spared.

After the flood, seven laws were given to Noah, to be followed by all of humanity.  Since the flood killed everyone except the children of Noah, all people on earth may technically be considered the children or descendants of Noah.  Therefore, the laws below apply to everyone on earth.




1. Do not worship idols.  Many people worship money, good looks, sports, music celebrities, nice homes and cars, their friends, pets, foods, nice clothing and more.  This is all modern idol worship.

The Bible states the same idea in many passages such as the Second Commandment given to Moses: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”.  Another passage from the New Testament with the same message is “Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else will be added”.


2. Do not blaspheme God.  This means do not swear, curse, insult or otherwise use the name of God in an irreverent way.  It can also means do not invoke the name or idea of God for selfish reasons.


3. Do not murder.  Murder means killing someone without having a very good reason.  For example, killing someone in self-defense is not considered murder under the old Biblical laws and even our modern laws.

Murdering can also mean murdering the spirit, dignity, reputation and even the hopes and dreams of others.


4. Do not commit sexual immorality.  In the time of Noah, this included adultery (sex with someone other than one’s wife), fornication (sex without marriage), homosexuality, pedophilia (sex with children) or bestiality (sex with animals).  Today people are taught very differently, and we think they are taught incorrectly.


5. Do not steal.  This means more than taking another’s possessions.  It also means do not cheat people and do not steal the dignity, virginity, honor, good name and more that belong to others.


6. Do not eat flesh from a live animal.  This may be important to separate human beings from wild animals.  It may also mean to cook your food.  This is important to kill germs, and for other reasons listed in the Cooking article.


7. Establish courts and a legal system to ensure obedience to the above laws.  This is the key to an advanced society.  At this time (February 2021), we are witnessing what occurs when the established laws of society are violated by lying governors, judges and others.


To read more about the Laws of Noah, check Wikipedia and other sources on the internet.



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