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Definition.  Assisted healing means that, in certain situations, other beings (usually souls) assist us with our healing.

It is an unusual idea, but not really that strange.  Many books contain stories of angels, animals and others that assist human beings with their healing.  So please read this article with an open mind.


Requirements.  Assisted healing can occur with anyone, of any age, at any time.  They may occur with a person who is not on a nutritional balancing program.  In most cases, it requires a sincere desire to heal, and asking daily in prayer for a healing.  Sometimes an assisted healing occurs in a very religious person for this reason alone.

This article discusses three types of assisted healings:

I. Interventions: When a soul or other being arrives, performs a healing, and then leaves.

II. Soul Restorations: When a soul that belongs with a person that has left due to trauma, in most cases, returns and stays with the person.

III. Other Soul Action: When souls living in certain products or associated with certain therapies perform healings.

            Let us discuss each of these in more detail.




1. Four Lows On A Retest.  This is always an intervention that causes positive changes in health.  It often has to do with healing issue related to one’s parents.

Identifying the intervention. 

1. There must be a four lows pattern.  This is a hair calcium level of less than 40 mg%, magnesium less than 6 mg%, sodium less than 25%, and potassium less than 10 mg%).  The hair must not be washed at the laboratory for accurate readings.

2. The four lows pattern must occur on a retest only, and not on the initial hair test.  A four lows pattern on an initial hair mineral test has a very different meaning.

3. The person must be following a complete nutritional balancing program.  Otherwise, four lows on a retest is often simply a worsening of health.

This intervention is by a group of beings called the Gurs.  For much more on this important pattern, please read Four Lows on this site.


2. Na/K Ratio Crash.  This intervention is fairly common.

Identifying the intervention. On a retest hair mineral test, the sodium/potassium ratio decreases dramatically, often from an elevated ratio to an extremely low ratio.  For example, the Na/K ratio might drop from 6 to 0.18.

This is a powerful retracing of a trauma, in most cases, and usually involves an intervention.  It is a very good pattern.


3. Shell To No Shell. This is an uncommon pattern seen rarely in those who faithfully follow a nutritional balancing program.  It is an excellent change and usually involves an intervention.

Identifying the intervention.  There is a sharp decrease in the calcium level on a retest.  Usually calcium decreases more than about 4 times.  For example, the calcium level may decrease on a retest from 600 mg% to 100 mg%.


4. Big Shell.  This intervention is fairly rare.

Identifying the intervention.  There is a sharp increase in calcium, usually a doubling or even more.  Calcium usually rises from at least 200 mg%, up to 400 mg% to 500 mg% after the intervention.

This often indicates an elimination of toxic or metastatic calcium (calcification) from the body.

5. Sharp rise in the sodium level.  This can indicate an intervention in which the person gets back one or two aliot.  These are small creatures that are supposed to be around the body and that help regulate sodium metabolism.  For details, read The Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.


The next three patterns all involve rocking back and forth between higher and lower ratios and/or levels.  All are fairly uncommon, but are excellent patterns to observe:


6. Na/K Rocking.  This is a somewhat less common intervention pattern.

Identifying the intervention.  This pattern requires at least three hair mineral tests to observe it.  On each test, the Na/K ratio alternates between high (greater than 2.5) and low (less than 2.5). 


7. Ca/Mg Rocking.  This is another fairly unusual hair mineral pattern.

Identifying the intervention.  This pattern requires at least three hair mineral tests to observe it.  On each retest, the calcium/magnesium ratio alternates between high (greater than 6.7) and low (less than 6.7).


8. Oxidation Rate Rocking. This is a fairly rare pattern, usually only seen if a person follows a nutritional balancing program very carefully.

Identifying the intervention. The oxidation rate shifts back and forth between mild fast and mild slow oxidation on at least three successive tests.  In addition, a three lows pattern is often present.

This pattern is a sign of rapid healing and involve help from other beings to speed up one’s healing.  For more on this pattern, read Rocking Pattern.


9. Four Highs On A Retest or The High Tunnel. Four highs pattern is fairly common.  However, moving into a four highs pattern on a retest only is more unusual.  It may indicate an intervention to help release an old trauma.

Identifying the intervention.  On a retest, a person who did not have a four highs pattern (all four macrominerals above their ideal values), moves into a three highs or a four highs pattern with very high macromineral levels.


10. The somatids.  The somatids are creatures who assist all human beings and all animals, as well.  For more on this interesting phenomenon, please read The Somatid Theory And Pleomorphism on this site.


11. Development souls and the trances.  When people do the Toe Trance or other Trance States used in nutritional balancing, special souls assist called development souls.  The main soul may step aside and a development soul temporarily takes over and assists healing.

Development souls also assist anyone who is in the process of development, as the word is used on this website.  This usually begins to occur after a person has been on a nutritional balancing program for a year to three years.




Many souls are lost to a person whenever there is a trauma.  Most people have lost some souls in this way.  When these souls are restored to a person, some healing occurs.  Native American healers call this process soul recovery.  For details, read Soul Recovery.  Below are examples of the effects of soul restoration.


1. Return of one or two controller souls.  This is a very helpful and important intervention.  It is wonderful for anyone who has experienced a trauma. 

The four controller souls live just outside the body, and help keep it healthy and balanced.  If one experiences a trauma such as rape or a serious accident, one or two of them often leave the body.  During a nutritional balancing program, one or two of them often returns to a person because health has improved.  A person usually feels much better afterwards.

 Identifying the intervention. On a retest mineral analysis, the hair magnesium level rises at least 100%, and often much more.

The reason for the rise is that when a controller soul returns to the body, it causes the replacement of some lower quality magnesium compounds in the body with better quality magnesium compounds.  The rise in magnesium is the elimination of the lower quality magnesium.  For details, read Controller Souls.


Other patterns possibly associated with soul restoration or soul recovery.  Soul recovery is actually an ongoing process if a person is following a nutritional balancing program.  That is, one continues to recover souls that were separated from the body for many years.  This can give rise to positive patterns on a hair mineral analysis, such as:

1. Coming alive.

2. A hill.

3. Settling down.

4. Coming out of a shell

5. Emerging from four lows.

6. Others




            Taking certain products or using certain therapies involve special souls who assist, and who are responsible for at least some of the powerful effects of the product or therapy. 

Food.  Souls are in all natural foods.  These souls sometimes have special healing and nourishing effects.  Here are examples of these products and therapies:



1. Black salve.

2. Open water, including Ice Age Glacial Spring Water from Canada.

3. Miso.

4. Butter.

5. Lamb.

6. Some milk thistle tinctures.

7. Some vitamin E.

8. Wo oil.

9. Grandpa’s Pine Tar Sop

10. Black African Soap

11. Coffee

12. Other food products

Therapies in which souls intervene and contribute to the healing effects:

1. Coffee enemas.

2. Red heat lamp therapy and red lamp sauna therapy.

3. The pushing down exercise.

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