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Zirconium (Zr) is a very strong, malleable, ductile, lustrous silver-grey metal.  Its chemical and physical properties are similar to those of titanium, except zirconium is more toxic.  It is extremely resistant to heat and corrosion, which is one reason it is used in dental implants.  Zirconium powder is black and is regarded as a dangerous fire hazard.

It is a fairly common mineral, twice as common as copper or zinc.  It is found mixed with other minerals in sand and some other rocks. 

Its importance for us at this website is that we recently discovered it is being dumped on the fields and elsewhere on planet earth.  It is affecting the behavior of women, mostly, in very negative ways.




1. It is dropped from airplanes as part of the chemtrails.  If it lands in fields where cows and other animals graze, it finds its way into our food.  It may also be dropped on lakes and streams, and finds it way into our drinking water.

2. It can be added to anti-perspirants and skin creams.  The product labels may not reveal its presence.

3. It is used in industry and in dental implants.  We donÕt know how much leaches from dental implants into the body, however.  Due to the possibility of zirconium poisoning from dental implants, we currently recommend against their use.

4. According to some women who have been through the zirconium elimination process described below, it was often forced on them at a young age with a small dropper.  Though this sounds bizarre, some women have a memory of a person beaming into their bedroom at night and forcing her to drink a few drops from a dropper bottle.  Then the person disappears.  One dose is enough to alter a womanÕs personality.

They also say it may be applied as a cream on the skin during a rape.

In these instances, it appears to be a malicious attack on girls and women by the Rogues.




Acute poisoning:  This causes nausea, diarrhea, liver damage, jaundice, low blood pressure and convulsions.

Chronic poisoning: Zirconium lodges in the frontal lobe of the brain on the right side.  We do not know why this occurs or exactly what brain structure is affected at this time (March 2019).

Zirconium poisoning affects women more than men and seems to make them more sexy and coy in their behavior.  It also seems to lower the womenÕs awareness of this behavior.  We are currently investigating other toxic effects.




During a development program, some women eliminate zirconium.  It usually takes at least five years on the program to remove most of the zirconium.

The women go through an unusual process that they call Òthe revelation or insightÓ.  It has the following stages:

1. A great sadness.  This is a kind of crashing feeling that lasts for a few days.  This is followed by a clearing of the mind, explained next.

2. An expanded awareness.  Specifically, one realizes that oneÕs behavior in the sexual arena is improper and often somewhat disgusting.  This can involve how one dresses, as well as mannerisms, speech and gestures, as well as sexual thoughts of teasing men, mostly.

3. Then one becomes much happier.  This is the way the woman remains in all cases, so far.




When the zirconium elimination process is over or sufficiently advanced, a womanÕs hair test will often reveal a very steep, slow oxidizer hill pattern.  This pattern is unusual and so far, only occurs with zirconium elimination.  It may remain for several successive hair tests.  It indicates a deep joy and accomplishment.

Analytical Research Labs does not read zirconium levels.  Also, zirconium does not show up in the hair to a great extent when it is eliminated, so reading this mineral would not be too helpful.  We can only observe the steep slow oxidizer hill pattern, but that seem to be enough to indicate a zirconium elimination has occurred.




Joseph Scogna, Jr., in his book, The Promethian, calls it the lonely mineral.  He says it makes a person feel literally lost or disconnected in some way.

When women go through zirconium elimination, they say that part of their joy is a feeling that they are now connected to God or to the Holy Spirit in a much more powerful way.



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