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            At this time in history, we are nearing the end of the sixth day in terms of Bible prophesy. This short article discusses what this may mean.




            In the Hebrew Bible, the book of Genesis states that God created a new beginning for our world in six days.  On the seventh day He rested.

            According to some Bible scholars, each “day” is 1000 years.  At this time in history (2018 AD), according to the Hebrew calendar, we are in the year 5779.  This means we are nearing the year 6000, or the end of the sixth day.  Some Bible scholars assert that the present Hebrew calendar is slightly incorrect, and we are much closer to the year 6000.

            Our planet is much older than 6000 years.  According to scientists, the earth is closer to 200 billion years old.  However, the Hebrew Bible discusses the history of “a new beginning” that occurred about 6000 years ago.  The first word of the Bible, Bereshit, is often translated as In the beginning.  However, we believe the correct translation is In a beginning.  For the reasons why, read An Ancient Hebrew Language.




            Near the end of the sixth day, which is our present time, there is much chaos on earth.  Few would deny that this is the situation today. 

This period of time began about the turn of the twentieth century or around the year 1900.  It was marked by two World Wars that began in 1915 and 1939.  It also included the communist takeover of Russia in 1917, the communist takeover of mainland China in 1949, and the takeover of Germany by the Nazis in the 1930s.  These are important dates to know.  More than a dozen monarchies were toppled in Europe during this time.

The result of the changes was massive loss of life and massive change in the world.  The communists actually murdered many more people than the Nazis.

The twentieth century also saw the rise of America as the world’s leading economic power, replacing Great Britain as the leading world power.  America also changed from a nation with a small central government to one with a much larger national or central government.  America also changed from a nation with a lot of freedom for its people to one with much less freedom.  Important dates include:

1906 – Establishment of the Bureau of Chemistry, which became the Food And Drug Administration.  The agency has unconstitutional power, and is now one of the most powerful government agencies in America.

1910 – The ruin of American health care.  The publication of The Flexner Report On Medical Education led directly to medical licensing.  This rigged report asserted that most healing and medical schools in America were “substandard” and that the only answer was to license doctors.  At this time, most American states did not have medical licensing laws – and America was among the healthiest nations on earth.

The report was given to state legislators, and they were lobbied heavily to pass medical licensing laws.  This was part of a concerted effort by the drug companies and others to change health care in America from a free market system to a cartel system (a system run by a small group).

Unfortunately, they succeeded very well.  Within 20 years, all American states passed medical licensing laws.  The result was that over half the healing schools in America shut down because their graduates could not get a license.  All schools that educated black people and women were shut down, and the health of Americans went from first in the world to about 27th among the nations.

1913 – Founding of the Federal Reserve banking system.  This was completely unconstitutional and really a coup d’etat by a small group of bankers who took over the nation’s money.

1913 – Beginning of the tax on income and founding of the Bureau of Internal Revenue.  In this year, the 16th Amendment to the US Constitution established the income tax.  In fact, the Amendment was never ratified, and it tremendously increased the power of the government over the people of the United States.

1916 – Founding of the National Park Service in America.  While many people love the national parks of America, it was a totally unconstitutional and illegal land grab by the US government.  They now “own” most of Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and vast areas of other Western states.

1920-1940 – The ruin of agriculture.  “The Green Revolution” was the introduction of superphosphate fertilizers,  toxic chemical pesticides, and hybrid crops into agriculture.  This increased crop yields, but has resulted in food that is up to 100 times lower in mineral and vitamin content.

1934 – Founding of the Social Security Retirement System, another unconstitutional law that increased the power of the government.


            In addition, the twentieth century was a time of amazing scientific advancement, led by scientists such as Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla.  For details about Tesla’s life, read Tesla.

            The twentieth century was also one of great progress in the field of nutrition.  This includes the work of Dr. Paul Eck, who discovered the basics of development science, although he did not realize it.  For details about Dr. Eck, read Dr. Paul C. Eck.


            Now, 100 years later, we are nearer the end of the sixth day and in a transition period wherein there is less war on the planet.  Following this transition, there occurs a rest period of about 1000 years.  This is in accordance with the Biblical idea that God rested on the seventh day.



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