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            Sickle cell disease is a genetic condition of the red blood cells found mostly in people of African descent.  The condition affects about 4.4 million people on earth, and is associated with a shortened lifespan and periodic ŇattacksÓ or ŇcrisesÓ. 

Symptoms usually begin around 5-6 months of age and include anemia, pain, swelling of the hands and feet, bacterial infections and even strokes.

The following is a case in which a nutritional balancing program completely stopped the sickle-cell attacks and greatly improved the overall health of the child.




Daniel was diagnosed with sickle-cell disease at age 4 months.  His main symptoms were fear of everything, constant nightmares, poor coordination, slow development of speech, sweet cravings, energy ŇcrashesÓ, fatigue, and mood swings. 

In addition, about every three months Daniel had a sickle cell attack.  When these occurred, his hands would swell up badly, and he would become severely anemic.

DanielŐs parents took him to several medical doctors, but their treatments did nothing to help him.


Nutritional balancing.  At age 2 and a half, DanielŐs father found out about nutritional balancing.  He was very skeptical because it is an unusual program with a strict diet of mostly cooked vegetables and some animal protein.  Also, the diet eliminates sweets and fruit, which Daniel loves.  However, he decided to give it a try because a friend of his had benefitted from the program.

First mineral analysis.  DanielŐs first mineral analysis indicated:

- a very fast oxidation rate.

- a calcium/magnesium ratio of 12.  This is associated with a diet too high in carbohydrates.

- a sodium/potassium ratio of 0.49.  This is extremely low, and associated with chronic infections and fatigue.

- High toxic metals!  This included elevated iron, manganese, aluminum, and nickel readings.  We call these the ŇamigosÓ because they are often found together.  They are associated with inflammation and pain. 

Daniel also had elevated lead, cadmium, arsenic. He also had hidden mercury toxicity, which is associated with sickle-cell disease.  Most likely, Daniel acquired all of these toxic metals from his mother during her pregnancy with him.  Daniel also had low hair levels of copper and zinc.


The program.  Daniel was put on a fast oxidizer diet, which includes some fat and cooked vegetables with every meal.  He was also given four nutritional supplements based on his hair mineral test, and was told to shine a red heat lamp on his abdomen and back for about 15 minutes a day.

In addition, at about the same time, DanielŐs father found another product, Discoverite, that may help sickle-cell children.  It is an African yam extract that contains thiocyanate.  Daniel also eats African yam, a special plant that is high in cyanates.


            Results.  Within a few weeks of starting the diet and nutritional supplements, Daniel experienced greater strength and coordination.  This was very surprising for his father and mother.  Also, within a month of starting the program, his nightmares went away and have never returned.

              Within four months, DanielŐs speech improved greatly.  At the same time, DanielŐs fears improved dramatically, and have not returned.  His personality if much happier and his energy is high and steady, unlike before.

Most important, Daniel has had no sickle-cell attacks.  These stopped about four months into the nutritional balancing program.  Today Daniel is five and is a normal, very happy boy.


Retest of minerals.  Today, DanielŐs toxic metal levels are much lower, and most of the metal toxicity is gone completely.  The zinc and copper levels are improved.  DanielŐs oxidation rate is much more balanced and his sodium/potassium ratio is almost normal at about 2.


Discussion.  How could a genetic condition be helped by a nutrition program?  The answer is that the tendency for sickling of the red blood cells is still present.  However, the nutritional balancing program removed a lot of stress from DanielŐs body, and thus removed the source of the triggers for his attacks.

Balancing DanielŐs body chemistry has also resulted in a greater ability to handle all kinds of stress, including that of having sickle-cell disease.

We see similar improvements in other genetic conditions, such as DownŐs syndrome.

The improvements in DanielŐs energy level, speech, fears and nightmares are also the result of greatly improved nutrition, toxic metal elimination, and enhanced overall health.

For details about this case, contact Dante Berry at or (832) 258-6302.



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