by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            Down’s syndrome, also called Down syndrome, is a common birth defect and delayed development syndrome.  Children born with syndrome have a particular facial expression, short stature, some cognitive impairment or delays, and often impaired motor functions.  They are more prone to certain illnesses including ear infections and thyroid imbalance.  The incidence is much higher when the mother is beyond about 35 years of age.




            Zinc. The hair mineral zinc levels are often very low in these children.  I am not sure why this occurs.  However, zinc is absolutely essential for growth and development of a child.  It is involved in hundreds of enzymes needed for many body functions. 

Calcium and magnesium.  Imbalances in these minerals are also often present.  Some of the children have a four lows pattern, even at age 2.  Calcium and magnesium are important for nervous system development, in particular. 

Toxic metals.  All of these children have high levels of toxic metals, especially copper and mercury.  However, toxic metal levels can vary among individuals.




            More and more physicians are realizing that Down’s syndrome children can respond to nutritional correction to varying degrees.  While one can just replace vitamins and minerals, and improve the diet, I have found that much better results are possible using a properly designed nutritional balancing program.  The difference is that the hair mineral analysis, when performed and interpreted correctly, offers more insight concerning the child’s oxidation type, oxidation rate, imbalanced mineral ratios, toxic metals, and offers more specific understanding of how to correct them.

The earlier a child begins a program, the more chance for an excellent outcome.  Ideally, one should very soon after birth and if possible, before age 1.


What improvements can one expect with Down’s syndrome children?  The most important and impressive change is much better cognitive abilities.  In addition, some children’s facial features become more normal.  Some children will also begin to grow taller and stronger as well.  Infections can also be reduced.  These are wonderful benefits for parents of these children, as it means their children will live far more normal lives.



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