by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© August 2012, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc. 


            This is an advanced article, but a very important one about how most men and women tend to interact energetically.  By understanding this article, you may improve your relationships with those of the opposite sex, and particularly with marriage partners or any intimate partnerships.

To understand this article, one needs to know there are seven physical energy centers of a human being.  There are also seven energy centers that are on the etheric body.  The latter is an energy field around all human beings.

            In general, the energy centers on a man spin in the reverse direction and in the opposite in-and-out direction than those of a woman.  This gives rise to some sexual and other common traits of men and women.  Understanding this and using the information to advantage is the subject of this article.  Let us begin by discussing the lower seven or physical energy centers.




            While not discussed often in Western scientific literature, every physical body has a series of energetic centers on and off of the physical body.  This is not “occult” or devilish, but simply science that Western man has not learned as much about because they are not visible to the naked eye.

            They appear as funnel-shaped vortices of energy along the midline of the body, with the first being lowest on the body in the area of the anal opening.  The seventh begins at the pineal gland and extends upwards. Their exact locations and much more information about them is in a separate article entitled The Energy Centers Or Chakras on this website.


The energy centers differ on men and women.  When healthy, the energy centers spin in opposite directions on men versus women.  Also, they spin either inward or outward, and this, too, is opposite on men versus women.  Also, they alternate bright and dim, and this occurs a little faster in men than in women.  This may be because men tend to have a faster oxidation rate than women, in many cases.

            The differences in the energy centers gives rise to certain differences in perception and behavior or men and women.  The point of this article is to understand these differences, and understanding the energy centers can help in this endeavor.


Men’s energy centers that spin outwards.  In healthy, mature men, which are not too common, the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th centers spin outward.  This tends to help men naturally to connect to the earth, the heavens and to others in certain ways.

(Grounding = 1, will =3, expression = 5, God’s love = 7). Good, mature men connect rather easily to the earth (1st energy center) and to the heavens or God (7th energy center).  These may be seen as the two ends of a vertical pole.  Good men always have the quality of a sturdy, steady pole that stands tall, stands up for what is right, protects women and children, and can be “climbed upon” by a woman, or by anyone, for that matter.

This quality of men actually comes from their energetic configuration of the 1st and 7th energy centers, in particular.  The first sends energy downward to the earth, and the 7th sends energy straight upward, more or less.  These act like anchors to keep the man balanced, centered and grounded.

            Man’s other two outward-spinning chakras or centers are the 3rd and 5th.  These have to do with power and control (the 3rd) and true expression (the 5th).  These are also qualities of mature men who are not afraid, and not hesitant to speak out when needed.  To summarize, mature men are steady, somewhat inflexible (which is good), sturdy, steadfast, uncompromising on principle, willing to express themselves, and possess some personal power, which is not exactly the same as having big muscles or a lot of money.  It is more about who they are and what they believe in.  This energetic configuration gives rise to the phrase that “good men are like poles”.   They are sturdy, rooted in the ground, or grounded, and steady because they are also rooted in the heavens above.

            Sadly, there are not enough of these kind of men around.  However, the number is growing and following a properly designed nutritional balancing program practically guarantees that a man will become more like this.

            At the same time, a man’s 2nd, 4th and 6th energy centers spin inward somewhat.  As a result, men tend to be a little weaker in these areas of life, which are explained below. 


            Women’s energy centers that spin outward.  In healthy, mature women over the age of about 30, the 2nd, 4th, and 6th energy centers spin outward. (Form and sexual contact = 2, will to love and connect = 4, and wisdom = 6).       

The second energy center has to do with sexual, one-on-one relationships.  So women are often more concerned about their sexual relationships with their husbands and sadly, with boyfriends in some cases.  I strongly urge all women to avoid sexual involvement with boyfriends, no matter how long you have known them.  This has to do with the energy centers. 

            Sex tends to attach a woman to a man, and while it is excellent to attach to a good husband, it is not healthy to attach to someone you are not married to and have no commitment with.  This always hurts women, much more than it harms the man.  So if a man does not want to marry you, and just wants sex, tell him to find himself a whore.  You find a better man, and they are out there.

            While the second energy center has to do with one-on-one sexual or intimate relationships, the 4th has to do with friends, colleagues, work relationships and other social relationships.  As a result, this is another area of great interest to many women, though not all.  One might call it the social energy center.

            The 6th has to do with wisdom and knowledge.  Many mature women want to understand things and are very capable in this area.  This is one reason women are excelling in school, these days, and actually their rate of college graduation is exceeding that of men.  So these are the traits at which women excel or are very interested in.

            At the same time, women lack the outward-moving 1st and 7th energy center that men have, so women, especially today, tend to be less grounded, less centered and less easily connected to the Creator.  This is not a judgment, but just an energetic truth.  She is also generally weaker in the 3rd center, which has to do with power and control, and in the 5th center, which has to do with expression in the world.




A mature man can be helped by a woman in his weaker areas such as intimacy, social life and sometimes knowledge.  Meanwhile, the woman can “use” her husband or any man to help her in her weak areas, which include grounding and centering (1st), a sense of power (3rd), expression in the world (5th) and a close connection with the Creator (7th).  Because of a man’s steadfastness and strength, it is said that men are more like poles and women are climbers, meaning that smart women latch on to a man and obtain his qualities, and thereby progress very quickly.

This is a level of relating to the opposite sex that is grounded in energetics and often works well.  There is more to this energetic interaction, however, that involves another set of energy centers.




            These are much less well understood.  The energy centers numbers 8 through 14 are not on the physical body.  Instead, they are located above the head on what is called the etheric body, which is an energy field around a person.  It is shaped somewhat like a person, however, and has energy centers like a physical body. 

Children, as a rule, do not have much of an etheric body.  It develops around age 18 or so.  So this section does not apply to children or even to teenagers at all.


            Location of the upper seven centers.  In most people over the age of about 20, the etheric energy field or body is about the same size as the physical body.  When this is the case, the 8th through 14th energy centers lie along a vertical line above the head, extending about 6 to 8 feet above the head.  The upper ones are further away from the body, proportionately.

              In rare cases, and more often if one follows a nutritional balancing program, a process occurs called mental development or spiritual development.  When this occurs, and it can happen after only a few years on a nutritional balancing program, the etheric energy field or body begins to grow larger.  Eventually it reaches a maximum size of about 1020 miles in height and about 250 feet in diameter.  When this happens, the 8th through 14th energy centers spread out upwards, roughly as follows:


The 8th is located about one inch above the top of the head (not the crown, but the very top of the head when standing erect).

The 9th is located about 1.5 inches above the 8th.

The 10th is located about 1 foot or 12 inches above the 9th.

The 11th is located about 4000 feet above the 10th.

The 12th is located about 12 miles above the 11th.

The 13th is located about 110 miles above the 12th.

The 14th is located about 1010 miles above the 13th. 


Now let us discuss how these upper energy centers differ in men and women, giving them each specific traits or tendencies.


Men’s upper seven centers (logic and wisdom dominate).  Men’s etheric energy centers 9, 11, and 13 spin outwards.  This gives men a slight edge in certain areas, and makes them weak in the areas controlled by energy centers 8, 10, 12 and 14.

Strengths. Energy center 9, or the 9th, has to do with relating to ideas and logic.  This is, indeed, a strong point for mature men.  They tend to be very logical, which is an advantage, at times.

The 11th has also to do with logic as well, on an expanded level.  So men have this advantage as well.

The 13th is another wisdom center, and has again to do with logic and following a logical train of thought.  So, for mature, good men, logic is always one of their most wonderful traits.

Weaknesses.  At the same time, they are weak in the areas associated with the centers # 8, 10, 12 and 14, which are discussed below.


            Women’s upper seven centers (magic and vision dominate).  Women, particularly mature women who have not experienced rape, are better at certain traits because their 8th, 10th 12th and 14th energy centers normally spin outward.

The 8th has to do with connecting to the physical world.   Women are often better at this than men.  They feel things more, they empathize more with others, and in general they connect more with humanity than men.

The 10th has to do with mental power and control.  It also has to do with witchcraft, magic and earth religions, including Judaism and Christianity.  These religions involve magical things like the miracles of Jesus.  This is the sense in which I mean magical.  Witchcraft is an aberration of this energy center in which a person believes in powers found in stones, staves, potions, and remedies.

The 12th has to do with expression.  It is the octave of the 5th center.  However, it has to do with conceptions.  Conceptions are very large expressions or very profound ones.  Having a child is an example, or birthing a large project.  Women often have a good vision of how a grand idea can work, for example.  This trait might be called visionary.  Men are more practical and grounded, often, while some masterful women are quite visionary.

The 14th has to do with connecting with the whole world.  It is not an upward-pointing center like its octave, the 7th.  Instead, it connects all around.  Women often start world relief organizations, for example, to connect with people all over the world.  This is just one example of how the 14th works.




Women tend to shine in this realm of the upper or etheric energy centers.  However, they do it best when they are with a good man.  This is important to recall.  The man provides a type of grounding and centering that allows the woman to really shine.  Keep this in mind, ladies, when choosing a man or when deciding whether or not to pursue a relationship.  Even if the man who is interested in you is not perfect, if he is mature and stable he will allow you automatically, as it were, to mature and really come into your own.  This is the meaning of the phrase, “men are like poles, and women are climbers of the poles”.




The following is a mental practice called “learning to climb”.  Here is the procedure:

1. You will mentally pretend that you are climbing onto a man’s penis.  This is done mentally only, so it is totally clean and safe. 

2. Close your eyes and get a mental picture of any man in your life. You don’t have to know what the man’s penis looks like.  Just follow the instructions.  For young women, using your father’s penis is easiest.  For married women, use your husband only.  For others, use a friend, brother, cousin, parent or others. 

3. Pretend the man is lying on his back, with his penis sticking upward.  It does not need to be erect, though it may be easier to imagine it this way.

4. Pretend that you straddle the man, facing him front to front.

5. Pretend that your vagina has teeth or fingers like a hand.  The vagina opens a little and the lips of it grasp the sides of the penis.  It is as though you are grasping it in your fingers, or clenching it in your teeth.

At first, this will be difficult.  After enough practice, it becomes easy and simple.  You will just “take a bite” and his penis will be there. 

6. Now make your grip tighter and deeper.

7. Now move energy from the man’s penis into your body, and up your backnever up the front of your body.  Move it all the way from the butt up to the head. Then move the energy down the front of your body and out again to the man.

8. Practice this every day for one hour, for at least one month.  This may seem like a lot, but it goes quickly.  You may lie down when practicing, such as when you wake up in the morning or before bedtime.  This much practice is necessary for at least one month to perfect the exercise.

9. This is all there is to the exercise.  Do not add anything to it, or it may ruin it.


Effects of this exercise. The many beneficial effects of this rather unique exercise are:


1. You will often feel and look better from this exercise.  You are, in fact, gaining a certain energy from your mental contact with a man in this way, although there is no physical contact.

2. If you are in a committed relationship, this exercise will enhance your love-making. It can assist you to blend with a man properly and lovingly.  It can also help you handle a rough man, as you will not orgasm as easily, and it can help you stay in control of your body in the love-making situation.

3. If you are raped, knowing this exercise can help reduce orgasms somewhat, to help you stay in control.

4. You are learning basic body control, which is excellent.

5. This exercise will feel quite loving if you do not have a relationship. It is an active, mental method of relating sexually to a man that is totally safe, without fear of pregnancy, disease, humiliation, or other problems.  Also, you can do the exercise any time and any place, no matter how far away your man is.  For example, if you are very careful and the road is not crowded, you can do the exercise even while driving.

6. If you desire to meet a man for a relationship, this exercise, done properly, will make you more attractive and sexy.  Be careful with this, but know that connecting this way to a man you are interested in, and then sending energy outward from your chest using this technique, will feel very pleasant to the man.  However, this could be used as a form of manipulation that could backfire if you are not sincere or if the man is not best for you.  For this reason, in most situations, it is best to connect to a man you know well, such as a husband, brother, father or friend.


              Cautions and notes regarding the exercise.


1. As stated earlier, never move energy from the penis up the front of the body.  Always move it up the back of your body, along the spine.  Moving it up the front of your body is dangerous for you, and the man may even feel it as unpleasant.

2. The exercise can feel quite sexy for some men, so be careful with it and never abuse it.

3. You may be forced to face your fears or anger about men.  The exercise is healing, and makes you more yang in Chinese medical terminology.  This means, however, that you will be forced to face some issues, perhaps.  Do not avoid this, please.  For example, if you hate your father, then if you do the exercise with your father, your irrational feelings will surface.  I suggest a) face the feelings and do not run away from them, b) overcome the feelings by letting them come forth, and c) most important, learn to forgive your father in all cases, no matter what he did or did not do to you.

4. Holding all the energy inside will stop the exercise. This exercise demonstrates a deep principle of men and women.  Men must give their essence to women, and women must then return it with love.  This is what you are learning with this exercise.  In this exercise, you are “borrowing” a little energy from a man, which you take inside of you and then “radiate” outward from your body.  Please understand this well.

5. Most men will like that you are doing this exercise with them mentally.  Don’t tell your man if you are not sure.  However, most men will like the feeling because most men want a woman to take from them and then give back with love.  This is an essence of a happy relationship between a man and a woman.  It has nothing to do with sex, by the way, and it is just fine to do this with a brother, a cousin, a friend or anyone at all.



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