by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I wish that a complete nutritional balancing programs could be done without supervision.  It would be simpler and less costly.  However, so far I do not find this is possible.

It is true that one can begin with the free program listed on the home page.  However, this is just a starter program or general program, and is not a complete program.  While a person can definitely benefit from the free program, the benefits will not be nearly as great as if one were on a complete program.

For example, the free program may cause significant improvement in one’s symptoms, but it will not cause nearly as much tissue regeneration and de-aging as will a complete program. 


A ship analogy. A fairly good analogy for this situation is that if one is ill, it is similar to having a faulty autopilot on a ship or aircraft.  Normally, the autopilot, which involves your judgment and your instincts about how to stay healthy, keeps the craft on course.  Being ill is similar to being off course and out of touch in some way so that your body becomes ill. 

As a result of this situation, it is necessary to steer the ship or aircraft manually for a while, until the autopilot mechanisms can be restored sufficiently that the ship or your body will stay on a healthy course.  In other words, it is necessary to put aside your own feelings and judgments, and realize that your judgment is skewed as a result of illness, and that help is needed.

I realize that taking help is difficult for some people, often because they have trusted doctors and nutritionists in the past, with disappointing results.


Let us discuss the reasons for supervision in more detail.




            Here are just some of the main reasons why it is necessary to work with one of the Approved Practitioners if you wish to follow a complete nutritional balancing program:


1. To make sure you are doing the diet, the drinking water, the supplement program and the procedures correctly.

Even though these are explained as well as possible, it is most helpful to have someone to review them with to make sure they are done correctly.


2. To figure out the correct supplement program.  Guessing about which supplements to take, and how much, is never a good idea.  In almost all cases, it is incorrect and it often makes people worse.


3. To adjust the program, at least every few months.  This can only be done with a repeat hair mineral test and a new program.  Guessing as to how to do it is extremely unreliable, and can make a person worse instead of better.


4. To correctly discern what to do during healing reactions. Most people go through healing reactions during their nutritional balancing program.  These are confusing, at the very least.  Symptoms may become aggravated and one can easily believe that the program is not working.  While almost all the reactions are benign, such reactions scare most people, and some will quit the program unless they have someone to discuss the matter with who knows you and who understands healing reactions well.

To make matters worse, I find that most people’s judgment is altered during some of these reactions.  This can increase fear and complicate matters, making it even more difficult to know how to proceed at these times.  It is helpful or even necessary to have someone to check with as to what is going on, at these times.


5. To retrace difficult traumas.  Every now and then a person retraces a mental or emotional trauma.  Here again, having someone to discuss the reaction with is most helpful or some people will quit the program, thinking that something is wrong.


6. Other reasons.  For example, at times, the program must be altered quickly to keep it appropriate or to counter a symptom or condition that arises.  Also, updates and improvements to the programs occur periodically.  I am also available to handle difficult situations when the nutritional consultants and doctors are not sure what to do.


For all these reasons, we find that working with an experienced nutritional balancing consultant is necessary for success with your program.




I recall thinking I could get well on my own.  However, much as a I tried, I could not.  I realized later there are specific benefits to working with and following the advice of a good leader.  Here are some of the lessons:


1. Humility.  This is more important than you may think.  Most of us are simply not that smart when it comes to designing and following a complex healing program.  I certainly was not smart enough to do it myself over 30 years ago, when my health was poor.


2. Realizing and understanding that judgment is impaired when one is ill.  This is always the truth, whether or not you believe it.  It is just another reasons to follow the advice of another trusted person when ill.


3. Letting go.  This means that the ego mind must be put aside to get well, in some cases.  It was critical for me, and I think it is important for others, as well.


4. Learning to trust.  One reason for illness in the first place is a lack of trust in the body, in God, or in others.  Placing yourself in the hands of another trusted person is a lesson in trust, more than anything else.  It is an important step in healing and mental development. 

Trusting another does not necessarily mean to carry out all orders without questioning them, but it means doing most things by faith, and not striving to understand everything logically.  Trust and faith are advanced human qualities that may be needed in order to get well.

Of course, one must be careful whom and what one trusts and has faith in.  Please do not have faith, for example, in vegetarian diets, raw foods, juices, baths or some other modality of healing.  A complete program must be set up right for you, balanced and monitored frequently, especially at times, to make sure it stays correct.


5. Learning.  If you knew enough, you would probably be healthy.  Therefore, if you are not well, you probably need to learn more, even if you think you know everything about your condition, or about healing.  Really putting yourself under another’s guidance is often the only way to teach yourself various concepts, doctrines and methods.  Otherwise, learning is often superficial.


6. Forgiveness and love.  Letting go of your ego needs and your pet ideas, and instead allowing another to assist you deeply is another spiritual lesson that some people must learn in order to get well.

A related lesson is that we are here to help each other.  If you refuse that help, you are out of divine order, so to speak.  If you are too critical of your leader or guide or doctor, if you are not willing to receive help deeply, or if you fight your leader or teacher in life, you may not get well ever.  These are important life and love lessons we all require, at times.


7. Relaxation.  This may sound odd, but for many people, running your own life and healing program is quite stressful.  Putting yourself under the care of another can be extremely relaxing, even if the person does not do everything properly.  This can be another necessary lesson for some people if they wish to get well.


8. Other reasons.  These can be varied.  For example, it may be necessary for some people to interact with a particular doctor or consultant, or to be placed in an inferior or “client” position with a certain person for a time.  This can be a way to make amends to that person, for example, or otherwise subordinate oneself in some way.  It may be necessary to pay a doctor a fee to balance an old debt.  A consultant or doctor may need to take care of a person at no charge, or a reduced fee for some reason.

Doctors and consultants learn plenty of lessons from caring for you, so it is always a dynamic and interesting relationship between a client and a healer or doctor.




Clearly, you must be careful whom you trust to set up and direct your healing program.  Unfortunately, most of us have placed our trust in medical doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors and others who have disappointed us.  So another lesson involved in placing your trust in another is persistence – do not give up either on yourself or on doctors and healers.  I certainly had to learn this lesson, as do many others.

Remember, the Creator works through others.  You just need to keep asking for guidance and truth, and you will be led to better people if you are alert and open to receiving love, truth and healing.




Especially in the case of nutritional balancing programs, reactions to the program will occur.  If they occur early on, this is the most difficult because one wonders if the program is any good at all.  Please persist!  The reactions are normal and good.  Read about them in the article entitled Retracing And Healing Reactions and Spiritual Retracing.




The need for supervision extends to everyone, no matter how much experience a person has with nutritional balancing science.  This is very important for practitioners to recall as they become more knowledgeable in nutritional balancing.  The reason is that during healing reactions, everyone’s judgment becomes compromised.  However, everyone also needs other support, at times, I have found.


Much more can be said about the unique relationship between a healer and a client or patient, but the above are the basic dynamics to be aware of.  It is unique and it is a wonderful relationship when both parties are dedicated to the truth and to getting well at full speed.



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