by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is solely the opinion of the author and is for educational purposes only. It is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, treatment or cure for any health conditions.


This article is a brief look at the author’s healing journey over the past 40 years. Its intent is to clarify some of the origins of the current development program. This article can also help one understand healing reactions, especially those that go on for more than a few days.


The first 21 years I was on Dr. Paul Eck’s mineral balancing program. However, the entire time I did the pulling down exercise for two hours each day, I did usually one coffee enema daily for at least one-half hour, I did the spinal twists daily, and I received goo chiropractic care and some Rolfing, which is deep body work. I also learned the neck pull, a powerful procedure.

After that, I was able to tune into souls, who have guided the other 19 years on the program. They started with Dr. Eck’s program and improved it significantly. Many conditions did not improve with Dr. Eck’s program.

The souls added red lamp sauna therapy, changed the diet and supplementation, and added other procedures such as the bidet, penis and vaginal coffee, and recently the penis and vaginal peroxide procedures.


Night sweats. About 15 years ago I began having night sweats. These are associated with tuberculosis, a very chronic disease that 100 years ago was like cancer is today. They called the disease ‘consumption’ because it consumed the body. The night sweats came and went for several years and then went away when the healing of that illness was done.

One hundred years ago, in the area where I live, people used to come to “take the cure” for tuberculosis at places called sanitariums. There they ate fresh food, drank good water, and sat in the sun in bathing suits for 10 years. These places closed up when antibiotics came along about 80 or 90 years ago. However, mild tuberculosis is actually somewhat common, but rarely diagnosed.

During rapes and beatings, tuberculosis and dozens of other diseases are very easily spread just by breathing or touching the person. Some women report that during rapes they were forced to drink a vial containing bacteria that might have contained tuberculosis bacteria.

Lung symptoms. About 5 years ago, I began having to spit up greenish mucus all day long. This went on for about a year. Then it went away, but in a few months it returned for another month and has not returned. I had lung problems as a child, and most people have some.

These days, if you have lung symptoms you are told it is covid-19. Whenever one of our clients tests positive, so far, it is a co-infection, but not the basic problem. The more basic situation is retracing old lung infections, which can be viral, bacterial, fungal or parasitic and are very common.

Back problems. About eight years into the development program I turned my back one day. This began a 15-year-long period of on and off sciatic pain, something I had never experienced before.

I visited lots of chiropractors, Rolfers, Feldenkreis practitioners, massage therapists, yoga classes, tai chi classes, and more. I joked that it was my social life. They helped somewhat, and I learned a lot about the Spinal Twists and more. However, correction was very slow.

I have learned that in most people, the spine is contracted and often twisted or torqued to one side. Many people have some scoliosis, kyphosis (hunch), flattening of the lumbar and neck curves or exaggeration of the spinal curves.

The hips on most people are either too closed, too open, twisted, and tilted either too far forward or too far back. The knees and ankles are not right, and the necks are often injured. All the bodies also nutritional problems and toxicity, and most have Adhesions. These prevent the structure from changing and healing.

Structural imbalances are due to birth trauma, accidents and injuries, beatings and rapes, badly designed automobile or other seats, nutritional deficiencies and just bad habits of sitting or standing. In my case, I copied my mother’s posture, which was the hunched over “cringing posture”. I also played some sports as a child and teen, and was in a few car accidents.

The development program slowly undoes all structural imbalances. However, they heal one at a time, unevenly. This throws the back out of alignment. Help is needed and we love quality chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation, but it can be difficult to find good practitioners. Also, loosening and aligning the spine and hips daily is needed and helpful with the spinal twist procedures.

Ear aches. Ear problems are very common and occur in early childhood. The cause is almost always nutritional. Taking antibiotics for ear infections as a baby and child, as I did, seems to make them worse later in life.

On the development program, I went through at least 20 years of on and off ear pain, some ringing in the ears, and two month-long periods of dizziness. Several of our clients have had even more difficult problems with ears. We wrote about it in Ear Problems and Head Congestion Syndrome. Once again, the program will heal the ears, but the infections are very deep and chronic, and it can take some time.

Intestinal infections. I went through dozens of these on the program over many years. I probably had more than most people because I lived in Mexico for five years as a student and was not too careful about what and where I ate.

Liver and gall bladder pain. This was fairly intense for at least 10 years and has slowly subsided to the point that it is rarely noticeable. I am told it has to do with the liver meridian, rapid liver detoxification on the program, chronic anger and maybe other things.

Quite a few clients report it to some degree. Liver problems are among the most common imbalances due to nutritional deficiencies, toxic metals, toxic chemicals and emotional imbalances in many people.

Many of our clients think it is just gall stones, and one or two have their gall bladder removed. However, this rarely solves the problem. The development program slowly heals the liver. Coffee Enemas are often absolutely needed. Forgiveness and Letting Go are also important.

Chest wall pain. I developed chest wall pain before I learned about the development program. I mistook it for heart problems and had x-rays and other tests. It has slowly gone away on the program, but it took at least 20 years. For details, read Chest Wall Pain.

Third center pain. This arose during the development program and slowly diminished over 15 years. It has to do with healing of the third energy center. For details, read The Four Pains and The Energy Centers and Raising Girls.

Urinary tract and reproductive symptoms. I also had what we call pelvic syndrome before beginning the development program. It includes twists of the pelvis, infections and toxicity in this area of the body. This has slowly improved. For details, read Pelvic Syndrome.


I am pleased to report all the above have gone away. I am told this is a stage of development that is open to anyone who just does the program. It is also important to do your best to avoid medical drugs, most herbs, homeopathy, most supplements, x-rays, accidents, and other damaging influences.

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