By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

December 2016, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.



A very beneficial procedure.  This procedure moves energy downward very forcefully from your head to your feet.  This is always beneficial.

Spontaneous.  Some people experience jolts spontaneously, especially if their back is very tight.  These can be quite vigorous.

This article is about how to produce mild jolts by yourself in a natural, not a forced way.  The natural method works the best.




Lie down flat on your back on a bed or on the floor.  Do not have a pillow under your head.  You must have a little room to move around on the bed.

Close your eyes.  Now, visualize two points of light, one in the left eye and one in the right eye.  Imagine these points near the inside edge of your field of vision.  Now quickly move the points in a large circle, moving them upward and outward along the edge of your field of vision.

If you do this correctly, soon your whole body will jolt to one side and then the other, in a snake-like movement downward from the head to the feet.

The whole body wiggles to one side first, and then to other.  It is somewhat funny-looking.  It is done through muscle contractions, but there should be no muscle pain or strain if it is done right.  In fact, it feel very good when done correctly.  It loosens the muscles, and should not tighten them up.

You can do up to 10 or more jolts daily, and it will help move more etheric energy downward from your head to your feet.




The jolt procedure is helpful to forcefully move a lot of etheric energy down the body from the head to the feet.  This is always helpful for health.  You can use it clear blockages, to promote and speed up your development, and just for fun.  It is relaxing and purely healthful with no risks of which I am aware.

A down orgasm.  Some call the jolt a down orgasm.  The reason is that it feels a little like an orgasm.  However, it is usually milder, and the pulsing is not of the sexual organs.  There is also no ejaculation or fluid release, as with a regular orgasm.  For this reason, a jolt or down orgasm is much healthier for you than a standard orgasm. 

In addition, a jolt does not require a partner or any sexual stimulation.  In fact, it has little to do with sexuality. 

Both, however, occur due to bringing together subtle human bodies.  Regular orgasms bring together the two etheric energy fields or bodies, while the jolt brings together the two oval energy fields or oval bodies.


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