by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            The Old and New Testaments of the Bible offers many health lessons.  This article discusses just a few of them that are particularly valuable today.


1. The Kosher laws. These have to do with diet, food preparation and slaughtering animals.  They are extensive, and all are not needed today, in my view.  For example, some are designed for a time when cleanliness was rare in the world.

Most important are to avoid all pig products, not to mix milk and meat at the same meal (2 protein foods), don’t refreeze meat, avoid all shellfish, avoid eating algae, and wash food and your hands thoroughly before eating.  For more, please read the Kosher Laws on this site.

2. Homosexuality. This is not recommended.

3. Abortion. This is not recommended.

4. Marriage. This is helpful for health for many people.  It is generally much better than living with someone out of wedlock.

5. Reality of the soul. Understanding the reality of souls can be very important for health.  For details, read Soul Science, Soul Upgrades and the other articles about souls on this site.

6. Dependence on God. Realizing that one is totally dependent upon the Father for life is required for deep healing.  For more details, read Thy Will Be Done and Turning Your Life Over To God.

7. The merkaba. This is mentioned in the Book of Ezekiel in the Old Testament of the Bible.  Developing the merkabah, which occurs with a development program, powerfully heals and protects the body.  For details, read The Merkaba.

8. Morality. The Bible urges people to live in a very moral fashion.  This is most helpful for one’s health.

9. Bring Heaven to earth. This is a vital concept or admonition in the Bible.  We believe the best way to do this is with the Pulling Down Exercise.  It is amazingly powerful for healing if one continues it for a number of years, especially when combined with a complete development program.

10. Care for the body. The body is the temple of the living God, and we are admonished to take care of this great gift.

11. Truth. The Bible urges us to “know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”  This is definitely the case in the realm of health care.  There is much to learn.  This website is a good start for this learning.

12. Forgiveness. The Bible emphasizes the great need we all have for forgiveness, and to forgive others.  This is one of the most important acts to improve one’s health and required for development.



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