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            This is one of the most unusual articles on this website about a disgusting practice.  We have become aware of an unusual use of rape on planet earth.  It is to liberate a particular form of energy that is used to control people and events on earth.  This use of rape involves many thousands of women on earth, and is making life on earth miserable and quite dangerous for many girls and adult women.




            Definition.  Yin energy is a sacred, creative, balancing, subtle energy.  It is found in all living beings, but especially in younger women, and in babies and very young children.  Starting around four years of age, the amount in children declines.

Yin energy helps babies and young children grow up strong and healthy.  It also does much more.  It can power vehicles and run machines, for example.




The two major forms of subtle energy are often called yang energy and yin energy.  Yang energy is similar to Ether and is actually a form of light.  Yang energy is excellent to be around.  It tends to raise the hair tissue sodium/potassium ratio.

Yin energy is more hidden, should be contained, and is mainly found in young women, babies and young children.  When yin energy is extracted or released from adults by force, it tends to lower the hair tissue sodium/potassium ratio and weaken people.

This favors control by a group of beings that are not from planet earth because they are not affected by it, and in fact seem to need some of it in order to function.  We call them the Rogues.




There are several ways to release yin energy.  A good way is with the mind.  One can think the thought that one wants to liberate some yin energy, and it will occur.  A bad way to do it that releases a lot of it occurs when a man rapes a woman.

The way to release yin energy is similar to the way electricity is generated in a dynamo, generator or alternator.  There is an arrangement of parts that cuts or interrupts an etheric energy field.  In a dynamo or alternator, we call the liberated energy electricity.

Human beings also have an energy field around them.  If one thinks properly about releasing yin energy, there is an interruption of the etheric field and the energy is released.  In the case of rape to liberate yin energy, a manÕs penis cuts the energy field of a woman as it moves in and out.  This action causes the release of yin energy.

During ordinary sex, a very small amount of the same energy is liberated.  However, most of the time, ordinary sex does not go on very long, and it is often very gentle, so it is not effective to liberate a lot of yin energy.  However, even ordinary sex is not helpful for women and men, in part for this reason.  Down Sex is much better because there is very little in and out movement of the penis. 

Rape is needed because very few, if any, women would agree to the hard sex, often for an hour or more, that is required to liberate or release a lot of yin energy.  Their bodies could not tolerate the activity.

Beating a person will also liberate some yin energy, again because it involves cutting through the etheric field of a human being. 




The rogue professionals who are doing the yin energy rapes are trained from childhood in rape techniques.  All are quite sick and deranged.  They may look healthy, however, and may look like high school boys, young men, or older men.

Most are not from this planet, though they look just like us.  A few are men who are from this planet who were captured, beaten and forced to become rapists.  For much more about professional rape, read Rape.


On life support.  The reason the rapists look healthy is they are all on artificial life support.  The raped women are also on life support, since none could handle repeated long, hard sex without it.

Life support is an advanced electronic technology in which implants are placed in particular areas of the brain.  They are able to force open energy channels in the body that allow life to continue and to thrive, even though the person is quite ill and perhaps severely nutritionally depleted.

Life support performs several functions in regard to the rapes:

1. They allow the males and the women to endure repeated long, hard sex.

2. They make a person easy to control because artificial life support makes the body too yin.  This serves the rogues or invaders because the rapists and the women go along with the scheme and rarely fight back.

Also, the women usually go along with the invaderÕs demand to keep the entire horror a secret from family, friends, the police and others.

  For details about artificial life support, read The Walking Dead and Artificial Life support.




The process of preparing a woman to liberate yin energy often begins when she is about 2 years old.  She is often beamed out of her bedroom at night and taken to a location underground where she experiences an assault called a virgin rape. 

This means that the hymen is left intact and a small inflatable plunger is inserted in the vagina and used for the rape, rather than a penis.

The rapes are gentle at first, and then harder and harder.  This is done to toughen the vaginal tissues so she can withstand repeated long-hard rapes later on.

These repeated sexual assaults deplete the girlsÕ sexual fluid, deplete her nutrition, and drive away a number of advanced souls.  They also cause multiple orgasms that damage the brain and the body.  In order to survive, she is given the artificial life support implant, often by age 3 or 4.

The girl is also given frequent nightmares about rape to make her afraid.  It is possible to influence a personÕs dreams with electronic devices.

She is also often given sexually-transmitted diseases as a young girl that cause itching and burning in the vagina.  This makes her more interested in sex.

Also, during the assaults in early childhood, cuts are made in specific areas of the vagina and clitoris.  These cause itching and a desire for sex, and they reduce the womanÕs ability to have orgasms. 

Orgasms are not helpful for yin energy liberation.  They just exhaust the woman and would make long rapes impossible.

Rapes using men instead of mechanical plungers usually begin when a girl is about 12-16 years old.  She may be grabbed and raped, or she may be seduced by a ÒboyfriendÓ who is really one of the rapists.

At first, the rapes are once a week or so, because the vagina is still too delicate for more frequent hard rapes that are needed to liberate a lot of yin energy.  After a few weeks to a few months, however, the tissues of the vagina become sufficiently scarred and hardened.  Then she is ready for many more rapes – possibly even daily – to generate a lot of yin energy.

Some of the women are kept single, while others are Òmarried offÓ to male rapists, mainly for convenience.  This is called a rape marriage and is much more common than one might imagine.  More about rape marriage is found in the Rape article.




No.  The rapists attack girls who have the most advanced souls.  This gets rid of a potential problem for the rapists, since advanced souls tend not to go along with the invasion of earth by predators.

The rapists also prefer attractive girls and younger women, in general, although not always.  They do not like evangelical Christians because these women are more likely to report rapes to their pastor or to the police.  The rapists also prefer women who have lower standards regarding sex, and those who have no religious background or training.




There are ways to identify if a woman or man are involved in yin energy liberation.  However, most are beyond the reach of most people.  They are:

1. The womanÕs vagina will be scarred and toughened if she has been raped more than a few dozen times.

2. A womenÕs energy field or aura will show multiple rape marks, although this can be disguised.

3. At times, a trained person can locate the electronic life support implants in the brain, although this can be difficult.

4. There exist yin energy detectors.  Some of the energy tends to hang around the womanÕs and the rapistÕs home, car, and even personal items such as wallets, purses, shoes or other items.

5. Many of the women are told to dress in a sexy manner, and this is another tipoff.

6. The women are sullen and rarely smile unless a man looks at them.

7. The rapists and the women are usually infected with many sexually-transmitted diseases.

8. The rapists and sometimes the women often have nose rings, strange earrings, and/or tattoos on the body.




There are efforts to stop the problem by arresting the rapists and by stopping the beaming of the girls out of their homes when they are young.  However, it remains a serious problem around the world.

To prevent rapes in teenagers, the best defenses are:

1. Parents must know where their daughters are at all times.  Ideally, never leave your daughter alone with anyone.  This means no public or private schooling unless a parent will accompany the girl, no clubs or after-school activities unless you know the supervisors well, and restrictions on all outings, friendships, and other activities of all kinds.

In other words, parents must not only be parents, but must also be their daughterÕs constant companion unless a girl has an older brother or other trusted friend who can accompany her everywhere.

2. Young women must eat a very nutritious diet and follow a development program.  This is not easy, but renourishing the body helps greatly to break the programming and conditioning better than just about anything else.  Also, a full development program, including the procedures described on this website, will slowly heal sexually-transmitted diseases, which will greatly improve a womanÕs health.

3. Girls and young women must understand the problem and the danger.  They must go along with the extra supervision and the restrictions on their life if they wish to remain safe.

4. School authorities, police, medical personnel and others must also understand the problem and the danger to girls and women.




Yin energy rapes are part of a larger plan to control the people of the earth.  The yin energy rapes actually perform a number of functions within this larger plan:

1. The rapes generate large amounts of yin energy.  This helps the rogues function and it is used for other purposes such as powering certain weapons, wrecking the energy centers of the earth, and poisoning the entire planet in very unusual ways that are difficult to detect.

2. The rapes infect the girls and women with many sexually-transmitted diseases.  They pass these on to their partners and husbands.  This weakens most people on earth, especially the brains of the people.  They also pass the diseases on to their future children, which weakens the children born to these women. 

The women are also terrified and nutritionally depleted.  This is also passed on to their children who are born depleted and frightened.  All this makes their control of the earth much easier.

3. By attacking the most advanced souls, the rapists reduce the problems of non-cooperation and the number of breaches of secrecy concerning their schemes.

4. The raped women can be used as rewards, as prostitutes, as sex slaves, and for a dozen other purposes besides generating yin energy.




The laws against rape and beating (also called battery) need to be very strict.  In large part, this is to help prevent the release of yin energy.  Most nations, including the United States, have very lax laws against rape.  In some Arab and other nations, rape is permitted and not punished at all.  Israel is one of the few nations in which rape is punishable by death.



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