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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


In the system of thinking that is called yang and yin, disease states in the body can be of two types.  Yin disease is discussed in a separate article: Yin Disease.  This article discusses qualities, examples and understanding of yang disease.




General words to describe many yang diseases include warm or hot, inflamed, contracted, in spasm, “full”, fast, violent, acute, hard (as in tumors), adhesions, scars.  These words will give an excellent indication of which diseases and health conditions fall in the category of yang conditions.




This is a complication in the yin/yang system of thinking.  The reason for it is that the bodies are all very yin today thanks to high levels of toxic metals and toxic chemicals in the environment, mineral-depleted foods, higher levels of ionizing radiation today, and the proliferation of electronic devices that radiate small but significant electrical and magnetic fields such as cell phones, portable phones, cell phone towers, televisions, wifi, and many others.

When the bodies become too yin, they may compensate by developing yang conditions.  These are not exactly diseases.  They are ways the body tries to balance itself in the face of too much yin.  It is important to realize the difference.  These compensations account for a significant portion of all the yang conditions today, especially in adults.




Yang is not one type of energy.  Here is a sampling of yang energies, according to some Chinese medicine textbooks.


1. Good quality yang.  This is found in cooked vegetables, cooked grains, coffee and a few other herbs that we like such as ginger, mustard, garlic.  Some meats such as lamb also have this quality, provided it is eaten only two or three times weekly.  Babies and children are often fast oxidizers due to high levels of etheric energy.  This is a good yang condition of the body.

2. Weak yang.  This is found in some meats, eggs and other foods such as glandular products.  A fast oxidizer with a low sodium/potassium ratio is a weak yang condition.  The lower the sodium/potassium ratio, the weaker the yang.

3. Toxic yang.  Red meat has some of this, as does many other foods that are somewhat toxic.  Fast oxidation in an adult is usually a toxic yang condition.  A calcium shell in a slow oxidizer is also a type of weak, toxic yang condition associated with calcification or hardening of the body – a yang condition.

4. False yang.  Some drugs give a sense of yang, but it is fake or false.

5. Rising yang.  This is associated with a four highs pattern on a hair mineral chart.  It is not a healthy yang condition.

6. Damp yang.  This is associated with copper toxicity on a hair mineral chart.  Dr. Paul Eck used to tell me that people with high copper acted somewhat like fast oxidizers.  In acupuncture, this is called a damp yang condition.  It is due to liver toxicity with copper.

7. Hot yang.  In acupuncture, this is associated with an elevated sodium/potassium ratio – greater than about 4.5.  It is a mild type of yang condition.

8. More mild yang.  Examples are a calcium/magnesium ratio greater than about 13.5 and a zinc/copper ratio greater than about 10.  Others are a hair iron level greater than about 3 to 4 mg%, or a high iron/copper ratio.

9. Blocked energy anywhere in the body for any reason may be a type of toxic yang condition such as adhesions, tumors, blocked arteries, locked joints or other problems.




It is better to express this idea the way I said it above, instead of calling some disease states “yang”.  The reason is that many of these conditions are simply compensations for yin conditions of the body, as explained in a section above.  These conditions involve heat, hardness, violence, arrogance, toxicity, blockage, and excessive speed or activity.

Examples are hard tumor cancers, kidney and gall stones, calcification such as arthritis and back pain, inflammation such as bursitis, tendonitis, gastritis, hepatitis and many other inflammatory conditions.

They also include anger, rage, arrogance, violent tendencies, suicidal thoughts (more violence), and conditions in which a person cannot sleep, or is ‘hyped up’ such as hyperactivity, some autism, irritability and belligerence.




Nutritional balancing works excellently on conditions that involve excess yang energy.  Principles of correction include:

1. If the person is a fast oxidizer, one must slow the oxidation rate using the diet, supplements, and the procedures and a healthful lifestyle.

2. If the person has an elevated sodium/potassium ratio, or other high ratios, then these must be reduced using diet and supplements, and perhaps the procedures.

3. When the yang condition is a compensation, in part, for an underlying yin condition, it is critical to support the body with the correct diet, supplements and the procedures.  Otherwise, the yang aspect usually will not go away. 

This is one reason for failure with medical and holistic and naturopathic therapies.  These either do not support the body enough to get rid of the underlying yin condition, or the therapies themselves are too yin, which makes things worse or prevents full correction.  Examples of yin natural therapies are herbs, homeopathy, chelation, vitamin C, MMS, MSM, intravenous vitamins, smoothies, raw food, vegetarian diets, too many supplements of any kind, too many baths, too much sex, bad attitudes, tapping therapies, and electrical machines and energy medicine of all kinds.




Nutritional balancing also strictly avoids toxic yang therapies, as much as possible.  These include many mineral supplements, too many glandular products, medical drugs, hormone replacement therapy, and a few herbs such as ginseng and other slightly toxic products.




Good yang emotions are joyful, happy, fulfilled and content.  More toxic yang emotions are anger, rage, violence, stubbornness, arrogance, inflamed emotions, thoughts of killing and harming oneself or others.



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