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This article will seem funny, outrageous or even offensive to some people.  It will seem like it is telling women they must be unattractive or even invisible, something most women hate more than anything in this world.  It may seem like it is Ňblaming the victimÓ, instead of liberating and empowering women.

However, that is not the intent.  This article is intended to wake up some attractive young women to the danger they face from male sexual predators, mainly.  It is also a dose of reality being passed on to you from a few who are older and wiser.  So if you find this article offensive or weird, it is probably because you are not aware of the dangers young women face.

You see, most rapes of young, attractive women are never reported, and those that are reported to the police are often kept very quiet by the family and/or close friends of the one who experienced the rape.

The reasons for this are shame, guilt, disbelief and threats from the rapist to kill the young lady if she tells anyone anything about what really happened.  Very sadly, this is the reality on earth at this time.

In addition, proving rape can be difficult, dangerous and horribly humiliating.  Even if proven, the jail sentence for it is so light it is ridiculous – a few years in prison, at the most.  Recently, the TV news reported that a rapist was sentenced to just one month in prison!  As a result, the hidden crime wave goes on.


Sending mixed signals.  Many attractive teens and young women do not realize that the way they dress, walk, and carry themselves always sends powerful signals to everyone around them.  This is biology, and nothing more.

While it is fun to turn the boysŐ heads and bodies, attracting male attention is dangerous for all attractive young women.  This is just fact.  Even if you are not showing off, ŇadvertisingÓ or turning heads, giving mixed signals is very easy to do, and some do not realize this until it is too late. 

So the purpose of this article is simply to save your dignity, your honor, and maybe your life.  That is its only intent. 

The only relevant question is how can a young woman feel safer if she wishes to walk the streets alone, attend college classes, go shopping, work in offices, and do everything else.  That is the subject of this unusual article.

The quick answer is that, while it is less fun,  if you are under age 40 or so, look like a plain Jane – and maybe look a little odd - if you want to stay safe.  Definitely do not emulate the TV or movie stars, or the ladies on Fox News or the other news channels, many of whom tell us they follow the exact advice on this article when they leave the TV studio.  Do not be deceived by the fashion world.  Instead, be safe.  Here are specifics:




1. Sew together two small rounded pillows and add a strap with a buckle that closes in front.  When you go out, put this on over your underpants and under a pair of pants so it looks like you have a big butt.  Rapists donŐt seem to like it.

2. Wear somewhat baggy and heavy dark-colored pants over the two pillows.   Light could shine through light-colored pants, revealing your thin legs. 

This outfit will be hot if you are in a warm climate, but it is worth it.

3. De-emphasize your breasts as much as you can.  Flat-chested is much better.

4. Put gray rouge on your face before going out.  If you have very fair skin, put some on the backs of your hands, as well.  Rapists donŐt seem to like the gray color.  Other colors donŐt work as well.

5. Keep your hair short.  This is much less sexy.  If you are very attractive, consider getting a cheap gray wig to wear around town.  You could Ňpowder your hairÓ with gray rouge, but this is very messy.




1. Clothing.

Shoes: No high heels, not even slightly high. Many attractive women that think they need to stick their butt in everyoneŐs face by wearing heels.  Simple running shoes are often best.  You never know when you will need to run.

Avoid flip-flops, which are bad for your feet and you cannot run away, in them, if you need to run fast.

Blouses and tops: Baggy and shapeless tend to be best.  No low-cut tops, and no sleeveless tops, even in the summer.  Also, skip all tight clothing, and skip anything even remotely see-through or mesh.

A bra is fine as long as it does not push up the breasts and make them look bigger.  The smaller they look, the better. Large-breasted women will have more problems, but still, look for a bra that makes the breasts look smaller.

Bottoms, slacks and dresses.  Skip all short skirts and ALL shorts.  Also, skip all tight bottoms and leggings, and skip blue jeans that emphasize your figure.

Colors: With all clothing, I would avoid hot pinks, reds and oranges.  Keep the colors and patterns more simple and sedate.

Materials: Stay away from anything sheer, sexy, see-through, mesh, or tight.  You need not look like you are Amish, but donŐt advertise.  I know this will seem boring, but you will be safer.  Try to have fun with it, recognizing that the male ego is completely and unconsciously drawn to attractive bodies and it has nothing to do with you.  But if you look the part, they will come around and it is a type of attention fraught with danger.

Bathing suits:  I would skip the beach if you are at all attractive.  It is a dangerous place where women are spotted for rape every day.

The same is true of lakes, rivers, and hot springs unless you go to a hotel that has a little private pool in your room.  This, of course, is fine.

Everyone should stay out of swimming pools and hot tubs for cleanliness reasons.  If you must go swimming, bring a man with you.

Eyeglasses:  If you are pretty, wear strange-looking glasses.  They can be either clear lenses or corrective glasses.  These are available online at Halloween stores and party outlets.  Thick, dark-colored plastic frames are often best.  Definitely avoid sexy or cutsey eyeglasses.

Also, do not wear sunglasses.  You can have a pair of sunglasses in the car for long-distance driving, but usually they are not needed.  They are more sexy and they block light from entering the eyes, which is not healthful for daily constant use.

Perfumes and cologne: Avoid strong-smelling lotions, deodorants, soaps and colognes that are designed to attract male attention.  Less smelly body products are usually much healthier, as well, and contain many fewer toxic ingredients.  They are also definitely safer.

If you want to be even more safe in close situations, especially if you feel threatened, try the following trick.  Find someone that has a dog and collect some dog urine.   Spray a little on yourself before going to that meeting or class. 

It is quite unattractive to men.  However, it will not help you while you are walking down the street, for example, so it is not enough by itself to keep you safe.




Travel. Many ladies report that hotels attract sexual predators.  It is much safer to stay at small Bed And Breakfast (B&B) locations than at regular hotels.  Most of the predators are lonely, horney businessmen who have nothing else to do with their evenings but to chase after single, and even married women whom they find attractive.  To find B&B locations everywhere in the world, visit www.airbnb.com, www.bedandbreakfast.com, and other similar websites.

Traveling on aircraft is not healthful for anyone, and not great for single ladies.  Auto travel tends to be safer than using public or mass transportation.


Posture:  Do not stick out your chest or your butt, which many women do unconsciously.  This is not a good idea.  Also, walk without swinging your hips.  This can be practiced if you notice you do this, or if friends tell you do this.  Also, when sitting, keep your legs closed or crossed.  Friends can often help with this makeover, by the way, if they are true friends and can have fun with it.  See who can look more homely among your pretty friends.


Your overall image: Look and feel rather comfortable, plain, old fashioned, maybe retro, unconcerned with fashion, and not advertising.  Dressing sloppily is not good, and neither is dirty clothing.  These make you look like a tramp, which is not the proper image. 

Makeup is not too critical, but less tends to be better.  Some people suggest disguises based on wearing odd or ugly makeup, but others say this does not work well, and can cause problems if you look like a witch or other ogre.

With all this, try to avoid the need to upset the boys and get them to turn their heads.  Decide you are done with that game.  Sadly, too many women lose at that game and you donŐt want to be one of the losers.




Wearing these disguises will not tend to attract a husband for yourself, although you might be surprised who pays attention to you when you are not Ňdressed to killÓ.  Of course, you can leave the disguises at home when you go to mixers or certain social events.  Be careful, however, as the predators may be in attendance, as well.

You want a man who is not after you for sex reasons.  So at times ŇtestingÓ them by looking non-sexy is by far the best approach.  Instead, impress them with your brain, a part of you that is far more important than any other body part.

To conclude, enjoy your disguises.  Know that you are GodŐs child, no matter what you wear, say or do.  You are brilliant and donŐt need the trappings that some think are so-o-o-o important.  Safety is much better than popularity.  DonŐt take chances - one incident can ruin a life.  Have fun as you dress for safety.



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