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The will is one of the fundamental qualities that makes us human, compared to the animal or plant kingdom.  Here is a brief summary of what is meant by the will on this website.


1. It is a soul quality.  This means that it is a core quality of a human being.  Animals do not have much development of will, though they can have some.  This would mean, for example, that an animal keeps going through the snow to find its master even though it is cold and hungry.  This is a simple example of the will in an animal.  Human beings have more soul development, so they have more will, basically.


2. It is really the essence of mental or spiritual development, as this term is used on this website only.  The meaning of this is that will is the essence of a human developed soul.  An undeveloped soul is like a blank slate or bland piece of paper that has nothing yet written upon it. 

Once one develops the will, it is like an imprint on the paper or the slate.  In this sense, the development of the will is the essence of the development of a human soul.


3. It must be developed. This just means that one is not born with this quality.  One must learn it.  This means one must experiment with it, practice it, recall it, use trial and error with it, and perfect it so that it becomes your servant and not your master.




To understand how this works, I will explain it in energetic terms.  There is an energy that flows from space toward us.  Some call it ether.  It can be called love, as well.  It nourishes and supports us.

What is called the will in this article is the human response to this energy.  That is all it is, as well.  It may seem like it is the force of the mind and other things.  But in fact, it is just a response to the flow of energy from the central sun, and nothing more.




The will is quite unique, in that its main quality is force.  Force means the movement of matter in a particular direction with pressure behind it to make it move fast.  This is the main quality of the will.  The amount of force or pressure behind it is the key to its success.  However, one must also learn to direct the force or pressure so that the will is used wisely.  Otherwise, the will becomes the most destructive force in the universe.

Another quality of the will is that it is non-denominational and non-discriminatory.  This just means it can do anything one wishes, with anyone.   It is not limited in any way.  One can use one’s will anytime and anywhere.

Another quality of will is that it is pure force, with no love in it at all.  This is very important.  That is, it just drives on through, with no regard for anyone, for life, for death, etc.  Sometimes this is called the warrior quality of will.  As such, it is highly dangerous, but also wonderful to save lives, etc. when it is qualified or used correctly.

Will has a distinctly male or yang quality to it.  Male or yang in Chinese terminology is hot or fiery in nature, directed, inwardly-moving or contracting, and rather emotionally cool or detached.  This means it is not sticky and clingy and holding on to the past.




Will is like a vector or an arrow.  You can point it where you wish, and you can use it in many ways.  You can pull the bow back and shoot it with great force, or you can shoot it gently and lightly.  This is the basic nature of the will and the ways it can be used.

Some uses of the will, of course are extremely harmful, such as the will to destroy others.  In contrast, you can use it to love others even when this is difficult.  You can use it to help others, and to overcome problems of all kinds. 


The will to survive.  You can use it to help you survive, for example. Cultivating the will to survive is an essential use of your will if you want to overcome any illness, traumas or disabilities of any kind.  This topic is discussed in another article on this site entitled The Will To Survive.




The Pushing Down Exercise done every day for at least one hour is excellent for developing the will.  This is one of the main methods to develop the will.  We don’t know of any substitute for doing this exercise.  Please do it daily, as it is one of the few that work powerfully and safely to condition the mind and develop the will in a healthy way.




Some patterns on a hair mineral analysis are related to will or willfulness.  Some “willful patterns” are considered quite positive, such as a step down pattern.  Other patterns are more dangerous for one’s health, such as a step up pattern or a low sodium/potassium ratio.




            The will tends to activate the sympathetic nervous system in most people.  This means that it is a negative for health in almost all cases.  This should be balanced by the benefits of the will, but this is not always the case.  If the will is in a direction that is not healthful, for example to experiment with drugs or sex, perhaps, then the total effect is doubly harmful.  If, on the other hand, the will leads one to eat better and rest more, then the effect, overall, is a positive one in almost all cases, though not always.  In some cases, a person needs to relax in every sphere of life, even the will aspect, and just go with the flow a little more.  However, this is rare on planet earth. 

            In most cases, the problem is the will is undeveloped or the will is impulsive and non-thinking or distractible so that it takes a person further and further from their ideal lifestyle and even realistic goals and ambitions.  This is the most common situation.  This requires retraining of the will, in the main, not letting go of the will, as some teachers suggest, especially in “new age” circles.  This, indeed, is a dangerous trend today that you should just become more “laid back” and all will be well.  This is not the case in most people at all.




In many, or perhaps most people, the will is poorly developed.  This is a problem that most people need to overcome.  This article discusses various aspects of this problem.

In a few cases, the will is too rigid.  This means that the person is quite dominated by their will and their lives do not flow well because the will gets in the way all or most of the time, reducing enjoyment and relaxation.



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