By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Tarragon is an herb in the sunflower family that grows throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas.  Several varieties are grown for use as an aromatic spice and for medicinal purposes.  Tarragon used in cooking is commonly sold at supermarkets and health food stores around the earth.

Recently (2015) we found that tarragon will powerfully help correct a four lows pattern on a hair mineral analysis.




The best way to eat tarragon is to cook either the dried leaves sold in the spice section of the supermarket or cook fresh tarragon that you grow in your garden.

You can eat it raw as a spice, but it does not taste very good, so some people wonÕt eat it that way.  To make it taste better and to make it more yang, which is also very good, cook it:



1. POWDER IT.  Make the desired amount of tarragon leaves into a powder by just squeezing the dried leaves between your fingers.  The powder need not be fine.

2. MAKE A PASTE.  Put the powdered leaves in a little bowl or glass and add a little water to make it into a paste.  You can just mix it together with your finger or a spoon.

3. ADD TO YOUR COOKING.  Then add some paste to your cooking of meat or vegetables.  The tarragon can cook for 5 to 15 minutes.  The amount of time does not appear to be important.




            When a four lows pattern is present (and only then) most adults need to eat about 1 teaspoon of dried tarragon leaves per day sprinkled on food. A children need less, depending on their age and weight.

Regular tarragon from the supermarket is fine.  It is a little better to eat the tarragon away from the meal.  However, for convenience it appears okay to just put it on your food.




            1. While eating tarragon is apparently safe, do not eat more than the amount recommended in this article. 


2. Do not eat much tarragon if you are not in four lows pattern.  If, when tarragon has been recommended, you begin to feel ill, most likely you are now out of four lows and cannot take as much tarragon.  Please stop the tarragon and ask your practitioner to check with me as to whether you are out of the four lows pattern.




At least one company sells Tarragon in a capsule form.  I have not experimented with this product.  It might be easier to eat for some people, although the dried herb has a fairly decent taste.  Some people do not like the taste of tarragon, but in this case, please disguise it by mixing it with other foods or sauce, and take it.




Research indicates tarragon contains a form of rubidium.  Rubidium is an interesting mineral that, in the form found in tarragon, helps the body emerge from the four lows pattern.

Rubidium may have a somewhat stimulating effect.  Perhaps for this reason, when taking tarragon, one may emerge from four lows pattern as a fast oxidizer.  This is called coming out of four lows backwards.  However, this is not a problem.


I cannot emphasize how helpful tarragon is for some people.  Otherwise, they require months or years to emerge from a four lows pattern.  So do not overlook tarragon if you have a four lows pattern on your hair mineral analysis.



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