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            A popular type of sauna is called the far infrared sauna.  It is powered by a group of heaters or emitters that are scattered throughout the sauna cabinet or room.  The emitters put out a very high frequency energy in the range of 3-10 microns, which is a microwave range.

The far infrared type of sauna differs from the traditional sauna room found at most health clubs and in some homes in which the heat source is a regular electric or gas or even wood-fired heater. 

There is also a third type of sauna that is promoted on this website called the near infrared lamp sauna.  This type is much newer, so it is much less well known.  It is powered by three or four reddish 250-watt ‘heat lamps’.  The bulbs are commonly sold at hardware stores and used to heat bathrooms, and also used in restaurants to keep food hot, in chicken coops, and in many other applications where gentle, solid heat is required.




            Far infrared saunas are promoted as being more energy efficient, and able to operate at a lower temperature than a traditional sauna because they heat the body from the inside as well as on the surface.  In addition, claims are made that the far infrared rays are very healthful.

            I researched the far infrared type of sauna and found numerous questionable studies about their benefits.  In addition, in our clinical experience, ALL far infrared saunas emit very harmful electromagnetic waves.  This is true of the metallic, ceramic and the black carbon emitters that are used in these saunas.

            In fact, the energy from the far infrared saunas seems to reverse the normal polarity of the body and this is very bad.  So my advice is to stay away from ALL far infrared saunas, and ignore their advertising claims.  Also, stay away from any sauna that claims to offer far and near infrared energy.




            In many cases, you can convert the far infrared sauna to a near infrared lamp sauna.  Click here to read about how to do this.



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