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I. Introduction

II. The Procedure

III. Why It Works

IV. Cautions

V. Other Topics





The salt rub or salt glow is a superb procedure to speed up development and healing.  It is a very ancient therapy and an effective one.

The salt glow helps to nourish, detoxify, and protect the body.  It also has an alkalinizing effect and is very calming and grounding.

In addition, it is a very inexpensive, simple, cleansing procedure that many people enjoy immensely.

Salt.  Salt is a fascinating substance.  It is so important for health that in the past it was used as money.  The English word, salary, comes from the word salt.  In Spanish, the word for salt is sal.

A phrase from The Bible is ŇYou are the salt of the earthÓ (Matthew 5:13).  This phrase is used to describe good, solid, worthy people.






Either make your own salt paste or buy a salt bar.

Making your own salt paste.  For one application, you will need about ¼ pound or 125 grams of unrefined sea salt. 

Any brand of sea salt can be used although some brands will work better than others.  We suggest experimenting with different brands of sea salt to see which one you like best.

In a bowl, mix the salt with a little water to make a paste.  The type of water is not too important.

Flour.  Add a little whole wheat flour to the paste to make it more sticky.  Mix it together until you have a sticky paste.

Buying a salt bar.  These are sold at health food stores or on the internet.  Here are some cautions:

- A very good one is One With Nature brand Dead Sea Spa - Dead Sea Salt Bar.  The bar from the Dead Sea Warehouse is also okay.  We will test a few others.

- We donŐt recommend salt bars made of Himalayan pink salt.  We believe this salt is less pure.




Here are several ways to do a salt rub:

Wet methods:

1. During a shower, wet the body completely.  Then turn off the shower and rub salt or a salt bar all over the body, using it like soap. 

Sit quietly and leave the salt on the body for at least 10 minutes.  Then rinse it off.

The dry methods.  At any time during the day, especially if you are feeling anxious or depressed for any reason, take off your clothes and rub salt paste or a wet salt bar all over the body.  Let it dry or pat dry the body so it stays on.  Get dressed and continue your day.

One of our clients does this half an hour before taking a shower and then washes the salt off in the shower.

Another method is to rub salt on the body during a massage.  This is very calming.  Take a shower afterwards to wash it off.



            Anyone over the age of about three can do a salt glow.  We have not researched this procedure on babies younger than three years old.

            Because salt contains some toxic metals, we suggest doing this procedure only three times a week at this time.  We also suggest washing it off after half an hour.




            The salt rub works by a combination of mechanisms:


1. Mineral nutrition.  Sea salt provides many trace minerals that can be absorbed through the skin. 

In our experience, everyone is somewhat malnourished today (read Everyone Depleted And Toxic).  Also, even the best food is not nutritionally excellent today.  In addition, most people have weak digestion that impairs the absorption of nutrients.

Therefore, other methods to nourish the body besides eating can be very helpful and sometimes essential.  The salt glow is a method to improve nutrition rapidly.

A related method is the Kelp wrap.  Especially when starting the development program, these can be helpful to renourish the body.  The salt glow is easier and less messy than the kelp  wrap. 

2. Detoxification.  Salt will remove certain toxins from and through the skin.  It has a drawing action.

3. Alkalinizing.  Sea salt is alkaline and helps alkalinize the entire body.

4. Yang.  Salt is fairly yang in macrobiotic terms and can help make the body more yang.  This is a great benefit.

5. Protective.  Rubbing a salt bar all over the body before going out, or even before sexual activity, can help protect one from infections and from other problems associated with being out of the house. 

For example, rubbing salt on the body before going outside may help women avoid getting prongs.  These are souls that lodge in the vagina and cause women to feel unclean in this area.  For details, read Prongs.

6. Healing.  The minerals in the salt and its other qualities will assist general healing of the body.

7. Development.  The salt rub can provide nutrients that speed up development.

8. Diagnostic.  This will sound unusual, but the souls in a good quality salt bar will help assess problems in the body and help direct other souls to correct them.

9. Plasma nutrition.  Salt, with its cubical structure, seems to retain subtle energy, which is released into the body when the salt is applied to the skin.  This is an unusual type of nutrition that is also calming and grounding.

10. Transmutation.  This is also unusual.  Sodium is involved in a number of biological transmutations.  The salt rub may provide sodium to be transmuted into other elements the body needs.  For details, read Biological Transmutation Of The Elements.

11. Improved circulation.  The salt seems to have this effect.

12. Exfoliates and moisturizes.  Salt can help remove rough skin and seems to moisturize the skin.

13. Other massage effects.  Rubbing salt on the body has a massaging effect on the body.  Massage can improve circulation, relaxes the body, feels good, and often has other benefits such as relieving muscle tension, and more.  For details, read Massage.

14. An electrical therapy.  The salt glow has an electrically balancing effect upon the body.

15. Soul effects.  Some of the souls contained in a high quality salt or salt soap bar will leave the bar and enter the person.  This can help the person feel better and have other positive effects.

16. A connector.  On an energetic level, salt connects one to the earth and to the higher realms.  It is a very unusual substance in this regard.  This has a balancing and healing effect upon the person.




In our experience, the salt glow is very safe.

Healing reactions. Occasionally, a salt rub can cause a healing reaction or retracing.  One client, who used Celtic Sea Salt for her salt rubs, reported feeling anxious, a headache, restlessness, trouble sleeping and a burning sensation in the body for a few days.

However, afterwards she felt better than she had felt in years.  She felt more grounded, more centered and more connected to life.

For details about healing or purification reactions, read Retracing and The Sting Or Fire Reaction.

Burning sensation.  Rarely, a client reports that a store-bought salt bar causes some burning of the legs if left on for a long time.  This is probably also a healing reaction.

Dryness of the skin.  In most people, a salt glow does not cause dryness of the skin.  Let us know if you find that doing the salt glow causes dryness of the skin.

As mentioned above, salt is a little toxic so we would use it only about three times a week for half an hour.  Until we have more research, we will not recommend leaving it on all day or all night.






What is salt?  Salt is mostly a combination of two somewhat toxic elements – sodium and chlorine.  However, they are not toxic when combined as salt.

Natural sea salt also contains many trace minerals, especially magnesium, that are essential for health. 

Salt can also contain toxic metals and other chemicals, so we donŐt recommend all brands of salt. 

Benefits.  Good quality natural sea salt is an excellent food and does not cause high blood pressure, in our experience.  In fact, high quality natural sea salt is a special food for development and we recommend using a lot of it on most foods.  This includes on meats, yogurt, cheese, and cooked vegetables.

Standard table salt.    Refined table salt is a horrible junk food!  Its trace minerals have been stripped away and often aluminum, a toxic metal, is added to it as a flowing agent.  It may also contain other toxic metals such as arsenic.

Salt substitutes.  We do not recommend substituting potassium salts or others in place of high quality natural sea salt.  For more details, read Salt.



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