By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            Definition.  Paralleling is when two people, or a person and an animal, perhaps, align their hair mineral readings to be the same or very similar.  This is a very effective way to enhance healing and speed up development.

            One might think that paralleling cannot be done consciously.  However, holding the intent to parallel can help to make it occur.

            Who does this?  A common instance of paralleling seen on hair mineral tests occurs when a baby or young child, in most cases, holds the same hair analysis pattern as one of its parents.  I believe this is done to assist healing in the parent.

            However, we are noticing it more often with siblings.  It also works excellently for couples who are married or at least living together.  The better their relationship, the more effective the technique. 

Age.  Paralleling works best when the two are about the same age.  However, it can be done with someone of any age.

Location.  Paralleling works best when two live together in the same home.

Animals.  Some animals use paralleling with other animals or with human beings to facilitate healing.  For example, dogs are very skilled at paralleling and use this method to help their owners.




            When two share the same hair analysis values, they share certain frequencies of energy.  This sets up a rapport or resonance between the two.  When this occurs, and if the two are in close contact such as living in the same dwelling, they can balance one another in unusual ways.

            For example, if one of the participants has weak kidneys, he or she can utilize the stronger kidneys of the other person to faciliate healing.  In this way, the two help each other, and this enhances healing and speeds up development.

            Happier.  Also, people report being happier when they are paralleling with another person.  Perhaps this occurs because one has made a friend, energetically or vibrationally speaking.

              Wires. I am told that, at times, two who are paralleling have a very fine wire running from the entity soul or main soul of one to the main soul of the other.




            Several possible mechanisms are used to adjust the mineral levels:

1. There exist switches or shutoffs inside the body, operated by the souls, that control, to some degree, the oxidation rate, the sodium/potassium ratio and the levels of some of the minerals in the tissues.

             2. One’s thinking also can change mineral levels.  For example, negative thoughts or negative emotions often cause a slowing of the oxidation rate with a rise in the levels of calcium and magnesium in the hair tissue.

            3. Diet, rest, exercise or activity also affect the hair mineral levels.

4. Other.  For example, it is possible for one person to tune into another and entrain, which means to align and follow the vibration of the other person.




 We see it most often when reviewing the hair mineral charts for several members of the same family together.  One notices that on two of the family members’ charts, the levels of some of the minerals, including usually the first four macrominerals, are very similar or perhaps identical.

Paralleling need not involve more than about 2 or 3 of the mineral levels.  However, the more levels that are the same or similar, the more powerful the technique.




   Methods that share some of the same qualities as paralleling include the healing that occurs between twin souls.  These two have an easy time coming into close rapport or resonance with each other, after which they can share nutrients and more to facilitate each others’ healing and development.  For details about twins, read Twins.

Down sex also takes advantage of the phenomenon of resonance and entrainment to greatly enhance healing and speed up development.  However, in this case the physical proximity of the participants is most important, rather than the matching of the hair mineral values.  For details, read Down Sex.



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