by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

î June 2020, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


Update June 2020. We now have worked with about a dozen people diagnosed with MorgellonŐs disease.  All of them have had dramatic recoveries and we can conclude that this is a disease of very poor health that goes away on its own when one follows a development program for a few months, in most cases.  A few cases may take longer, but not many.


Update April 2019.  It appears that everyone with MorgellonŐs disease has a history of taking a lot of antibiotics.  They may have taken them for Lyme disease or for some other reason.

            It appears that this damages the body in some way that allows MorgollonŐs disease to flourish in the body.

            Unfortunately, the medical and even the common naturopathic therapy for MorgollonŐs disease is to give more antibiotics!  Needless to say, this does not work too well.

            In contrast, the approach of a development program for MorgollonŐs disease is to remove all antibiotics from the body.  This is working very well to get rid of this condition!



            MorgellonŐs disease is an infection that involves the skin and perhaps the internal organs, as well.  It has increased in incidence, especially in the past 20 years.  It may be spread by contact or by tick bites.

Most doctors are not familiar with it and may label it psychological.  However, it is not psychological.  We know this because it responds to physical corrective measures.

We have worked with about a dozen people with MorgollonŐs disease.  They have all healed their condition using a development program.

Name of the condition.  This is an older name for the condition that dates back to the 17th century.

Some doctors call the condition delusional parasitosis.  This means a psychological condition in which one thinks one has parasites.  This name appears to be incorrect and inappropriate.




There remains controversy as to the cause of MorgellonŐs disease.  It appears to be an infection, perhaps with a fungal or bacterial organism.  It is not often possible to isolate a particular microorganism, so far, however.

Vegetarians.  Many with the condition appear to follow vegetarian-oriented and vegan-oriented diets.  This may be a clue to its cause. 

Copper imbalance.  Copper imbalance seems to play a role in this condition.  Copper imbalance is associated with many skin conditions, including those of fungal origin.

Some believe that the condition is psychological in origin, but this does not seem to be true because the condition responds, at least at times, to anti-fungal and perhaps other anti-infective agents such as colloidal silver and other products.

Other toxic metals.  We have observed toxicity with mercury, lead and cadmium in some of our clients with Morgellons.  We do not use or recommend chelation therapy to remove the metals.  A development program removes them very well.  For details, read Chelation.

Slow oxidation.  So far, all of our clients with MorgollonŐs disease have had a slow oxidation rate.  This is associated with sluggish thyroid and sluggish adrenal gland activity.  Some other authors also report an association with low thyroid activity.

History of a tick bite.  Some clients report having had a tick bite before the onset of the condition.




These include skin lesions that are disfiguring, may be itchy, and which may exude odd-looking colored fibers.  Many report that the skin feels like it is crawling and that there is something under the skin. 

            In addition to the skin symptoms, many with the condition experience brain fog, memory problems, depression, insomnia, weakness, muscle aches or other pain syndromes such as fibromyalgia.




            MorgellonŐs may be spread by tick bites or perhaps by direct contact between people and by scratching the skin and then touching objects, which other people then touch.  However, in families, it one person has MorgellonŐs disease, other family members do not often contract the disease.




So far, the development program has helped all of those who have consulted us with MorgellonŐs disease.  The program consists of a fairly strict diet high in particular cooked vegetables, about 8 nutritional individualized supplements, and five detoxification and healing procedures.  For details, read Introduction To Development Programs.


Time required.  Correction usually requires several months for the skin lesions to fade away.  Correction of brain fog, weakness and other symptoms may take a year or more on a development program.


Combining programs.  We strongly advise clients not to combine a development program with other therapies for MorgellonŐs disease.  The reasons are:

1. Other therapies are not needed.

2. Combining programs usually ruins the development program.



1. Avoid drug therapy.  Several people have committed suicide due to the side effects of amphotericin-B, powerful and prolonged antibiotic therapy, and other drugs used by mainstream, holistic and naturopathic doctors for this condition.

2. Be careful with ŇnaturalÓ substances.  For example, Mel at recommends molecular silver and MMS (miracle mineral supplement) for MorgellonŐs disease.  MMS is definitely toxic and should not be used for any extended period of time, and preferably avoided.

Molecular silver is also somewhat toxic, in our view.  Side effects of these products might take years to show up.



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