by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            A very useful device to assist with the pushing down exercise is a sensitive milliameter.  This is a device that measures milliamps.  The reason it is helpful is that it can measure how hard a person is pushing down. 




            One can measure:

1. The sprint.  This is the maximum amount of force or electrical energy generated by a person for a short period of time such as for a second.

2. The marathon.  This is the maximum amount of energy generated over a longer period of time such as 5 minutes or even one hour.

3. Pumping iron.  This is the maximum amount of energy generated in pulses.

 4. The effect of procedures on pushing down.  These might include a coffee enema, the neck pull, the jolt, twisting the spine, rubbing the feet, popping the toes, putting a bottle of open water at your feet, or others.

5. The effects of different visualizations that people use to help with the pushing down exercise.  These might include the rack, the donut, the waterfall, or others.




            No.  It is not sensitive enough.  One needs a more sensitive device.  An oscilloscope will work, but is not so easy to read and most people donŐt have them.  We hope that more sensitive meters will soon be more widely available.  We do not know of a particular meter to recommend at this time.




            Connect the negative wire to the top of the head and the positive wire to the large toe.  If one has two meters, one could connect the wires of one of them to the head and the left big toe, and the wires of the other to the top of the head and the right big toe.  This would give readings for each side of the body.  One could even use four meters and connect one meter to each arm and one to each leg, with the head being the common for all of them.

            Be sure the connections to the body are good.  This requires using some conducive gel on the spot and then either sticking or tying the probe or wire to the area.



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