by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            A popular beverage today is called Kombucha tea.  It is a type of fermented tea.   You can buy it pre-made in the store, or you can make it yourself.  Both are no good!  The reasons to avoid kombucha tea are:


1. Aldehyde toxicity.  Fermentation of sugars can produce highly toxic chemicals called aldehydes.  In our experience, this occurs with all kombucha tea.  For details, read Aldehyde Toxicity.


2. Very yin.  Fermented foods and beverages, including kombucha tea, are quite yin in macrobiotic terminology. All foods and beverages that are very yin are harmful for one’s health because all the bodies are already too yin.  For details, read Yin Disease.


3. Stimulant.  Kombucha tea has a stimulating effect on the body.  Many people like this, and it keeps them using the product.  However, it is not healthful.  In fact, kombucha contains an amphetamine-like substance and it is definitely addictive.


4. Kombucha tea tends to move people into a four lows hair analysis pattern.  This has to do with its toxicity and its stimulating quality.  Four lows is a very unhealthful metabolic pattern.  For details, read Four Lows.


5. Recently, we came across a criminal group that is spiking kombucha tea with other drugs.   





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