by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Definition. The hand trance is an extra development procedure that assists healing and development. It is done with a helper.

The one receiving the session lies down comfortably. The helper then places his or her hands about one foot above the receiver's body in the energy field or aura of the receiver's body. The helper then moves his or her hands in only one direction - from the head to the feet. There is no touching the body.

The procedure smoothes out the energy field of the receiver's body in unusual ways that tend to bring up experiences from the past for the receiver. These can provide many insights and deep healing for the receiver.

NOTE: Odd feelings or sensations are possible during the trance state. Just ignore them.



Set an intention for the session. This is necessary.

Location: It can be done anywhere, but should a place that is comfortable and safe such as on a couch, massage table or bed.

Positions: The person who will enter the trance lies down on a massage table or therapy table, on their back, fully clothed.  The person can ask to be covered with a blanket to stay warm, if needed.

The helper stands or sits on one side of the person receiving the session.


The helper slowly moves his or her hands over the midline of the other person’s body.  The hands move only in one direction – from the head and moving toward the feet, and a little beyond the feet.

When the helper’s hands reach just below the feet, the helper brings his or her hands in toward himself or herself, away from the other person’s body, and moves them back up to the head of the person receiving the session.

Then the helper begins another cycle of moving the hands over the body of the other person from the head to the feet.

It usually works best if the helper’s hands are about 8 inches or 4-5 centimeters above the person’s body.  However, another method is to vary the distance the hands are over the person’s body. (see below)

Moving the hands through the different layers of the aura.  It may work better if the helper moves the hands over the other person at different distances from the body.  Most people suggest beginning with the hands close to the body – about 2 inches above the body.

Then move the hands up a little and continue at this level for a few minutes. Then move up a little more until your hands are about 2 feet over the body.


After about 5 to 10 minutes of this activity, the person lying on the table may go into a very light trance state. He or she can still talk to the helper. The person on the table will stay in this state for as long as the helper moves the hands down the body.

It is not a deep trance.  The person on the table can hear things spoken to him or her, and may be able to speak answers. The receiver may get images that will help fulfill the intention of the session.

Do not touch the body because this will bring the person out of the trance.



I am told that in the trance state, some of the souls in the person’s body move out of the way and special souls enter the body. These souls are “specialists” who do healing and development work on the body.


 Sessions can be as long as one wishes.  A session of at least an hour is usually needed. A problem is that the helper may become tire.

One solution to this problem is to have two helpers who alternate helping.  Another idea is that the two people could change places every half an hour or so.

To end the session, the helper just stops moving the hands over the body.  In a few minutes, the person on the table will return to full consciousness.


So far, no problems have been reported with this procedure. However, what comes up for the person may be quite surprising.

We will report any cautions or problems that arise in updates to this article.


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