by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


Warning: Do not follow the instructions that come with pressure cookers.  It will result in overcooking and ruining your food. 


Warning: Eat the preferred vegetables listed in the Food For Daily Use article.  Do not eat the others, except rarely, including other greens.  That was an older recommendation that has changed.  Most greens do not contain enough of the right minerals for fast development.


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Three Groups Of Foods

Problems With Our Food







Fats and Oils







White Sugar

White  Flour











1. Eat well-cooked vegetables with breakfast, lunch and supper. This means eat three meals a day.  It also means do not eat just grains and meats, mainly chemicalized food such as fast food, or much raw vegetables (salads).

Ideally, adults should at least 2 cups of well-cooked vegetables with each meal.  It is best if they are fresh and not canned or frozen, although canned is actually better than frozen.  Organically grown is usually superior, as well.

Vegetables need to be pressure-cooked for no more than 2 minutes and 40 seconds or steamed, boiled or slow-cooked for no more than about 35-40 minutes.


2. Eat animal protein twice every day.   This means that for rapid development, do not eat a vegetarian diet.  Animal protein includes red meat such as lamb, goat, some organic beef, poultry, sardines, eggs and a little goat yogurt. 

However, limit the portion size for adults to 4-5 ounces or 110-140 grams of animal protein per serving, and no more.


3. Do not eat sweets.  This means do not eat sugar, honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, coconut products such as coconut water, coconut cream or coconut milk, soda pop, fruit juice or much fruit or milk.  It also means do not eat sweetened foods such as cookies, cakes, ice cream, pastries, all desserts, and many breads.


4. Do not drink any liquids with meals.  This means have drinking water before your meal, then wait five minutes or longer before you eat your meal.  It also means take your supplements before your meal if you need to have some water to swallow them.  Then wait five minutes and then eat your meal.

It also means do not have smoothies, protein drinks, superfood drinks, frappes or any other drinks that combine water or other liquids with food.  If you have carrot juice, have it alone.  Then wait at least half an hour before eating a meal.


5. Use sea salt with all meals, preferably Hain or Hawaiian Bamboo Jade brands.  This means do not avoid sea salt and do not use salt substitutes such as potassium chloride.  Sea salt in moderation does not raise blood pressure or cause other problems.    It also means do not use any standard table salt, which is a processed and toxic product.




Development is fulfilling the full genetic potential of a human being.  This is the primary goal of this program.  It is quite different from other healing programs and requires a different diet. 

Foods are grouped into three categories:

1. Food For Daily Use.

2. Food For Occasional Use.

3. Forbidden foods.  This is the subject of this article.


Problems with our food today.  These are basically of four types:

1. Low in nutrients.  All the food is produced today using superphosphate fertilizers or N-P-K agriculture.  This has resulted in food that is much lower in mineral content and the content of other nutrients compared to food grown 100 years ago.

In addition, food processing such as refining whole wheat into white flour, refining of cane or sugar beets into white sugar, and refining of whole grain rice into white rice decreases the nutrient content significantly.  Most of the world’s people live on these depleted food products.

2. Contains the wrong proportions of minerals.  This is the case with some leafy greens (high in iron and low in selenium compounds needed for development) and fruit (too yin and low in development compounds).

3. Toxic.  This can be due to toxins naturally found in the food.  It can also be due to toxic chemicals or metals sprayed on our food, or added to it after it is harvested.  For details about these toxins, read Toxic Metals and Toxic Chemicals.

4. Yin.  This is a type of toxicity and it is closely tied to nutritional depletion.  We mention it separately because it is subtle and not recognized by most doctors and nutrition authorities.  However, it is extremely important to avoid for rapid development and to regain and maintain one’s health.  For example, yin foods include all fruit, all sweets, all raw vegetables, and all vegetarian diets.  For more details, read Yin Disease and Food And Development.


Fast and slow oxidizers.  The foods listed below are forbidden to both those with a fast or a slow oxidation rate.


Fast food.  Food from fast food restaurants is of much poorer quality and not recommended at all.


White foods.  Avoid all food products made with white flour or white sugar.     These foods have little nutritional value, as well as other problems.  Also, avoid all table salt in favor of natural sea salt.






Avoid yucca, taro root, breadfruit, burdock root, cassava, anise, fennel, radicchio, rapini, kohlrabi, asparagus, artichoke, sunburst squash, zucchini, and parsley root. 

Also avoid the nightshade vegetables: all potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant and all peppers – both sweet peppers (red and green) and hot peppers.

These vegetables are all either too yin or a little toxic.

Sprouts.  Avoid all sprouts.  The reason is that sprouts contain a toxin to keep animals from eating the young plants. 

Note: Brussels sprouts are not sprouts.  They are fully grown vegetables.




Avoid ALL larger fish (including salmon) and ALL shellfish.  The reason is that most fish contain too much mercury, even salmon.  Shellfish are caught near shore and are contaminated with mercury and other toxic metals such as cadmium.


Avoid all hard-cooked eggs.  These are found in hard-boiled eggs, omelets, hard scrambled eggs, and eggs cooked into breads and other baked goods.  Hard-cooked eggs are difficult to digest and the cooking damages the excellent fat in the egg yolks.  Instead, poach, soft boil for 3 minutes, or lightly fry eggs.

Also, men need to avoid having more than 8 eggs per week.  Women need to avoid having more than 6 eggs per week.  More than this are toxic for the liver.

Avoid all pig products such as pork, ham, and bacon.  These often contain parasite eggs, even if they are well-cooked.  Pig products also slow development.

Avoid bison and buffalo.  We don’t know why, but these meats are less compatible with our physiology.

Avoid organ meats.  They are somewhat toxic.  Glandular supplements such as adrenal, thyoid and kidney glandular are fine, however.  They contain very small amounts of organ meat.

Avoid refined soy products such as soy protein powder, textured vegetable protein and others.

Avoid all protein powders and meal replacements.  These are very yin because they are broken apart and usually refined, as well.

Avoid eating nuts and seeds except as occasional foods.  Nuts and seeds are nutritious, but not needed for early development, difficult to digest, and too yin to be eaten regularly.  We do like almond butter and sesame tahini, however.  These are daily foods.

Avoid lentils at this time.  Unfortunately, there is a problem with lentils and our clients do not feel well eating them right now.  We hope this will be resolved soon.




Avoid all wheat and spelt products.  Wheat has been altered and has become a very irritating food too high in glutamic acid. 

Avoid buckwheat.  It is slightly toxic.  Avoid all raw grain products such as granola, muesli and trail mix.

Avoid rice cakes.  They are a refined and nutritionally depleted product.

Avoid rice at this time.  We hope this situation will improve, but for now there is a problem with rice, especially in America and Europe.




Avoid all fruit, except for 2-3 dried black botija olives per week.  This includes avocado, coconut products and all other fruits and fruit juices.

We know this may seem like an unusual recommendation.  However, fruit is too yin, too sugary, and does not contain the correct balance of nutrients for development.




Avoid all hydrogenated oils.  These are found in all margarine, shortening, most peanut butter and many baked goods.

Avoid lard and all products made with it.




Avoid most pasteurized milk.  Avoid “cheese food”, such as Velveeta and Kraft Singles. 

Avoid cooked cheese such as that found in quiche, pizza, lasagna, cheese burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, and some other dishes.




Avoid all refined or table salt. Sea salt, however, is an excellent product.




Avoid all alcohol, all soda pop, all fruit juices and most vegetable juice except 10-12 ounces of carrot juice daily, but no more.  Also acceptable is one or two ounces of wheat grass juice up to three times per week.

We do not recommend drinking much milk except for breast milk for babies up to around the age of 3.  Adults and children should not consume more than 4 ounces daily of all dairy products combined (milk, cheese, yogurt and kefir).




Avoid most fermented food, except for occasional use of miso, sauerkraut, yogurt or kefir.  Most fermented foods contain aldehydes and are very yin because they are raw foods.  This includes kimchi, kombucha tea, pickles and many other fermented products.

Avoid mushrooms.  Although some are tasty and some have medicinal properties, they are quite yin and not that nutritious.

Avoid all fast food.  It is inferior quality food in almost all cases.

Avoid all highly chemicalized foods.  These include such items as non-dairy creamer, meat tenderizer, glued chicken such as chicken nuggets, all soda pop, and many fast food items that are mainly chemicals.  Instead, eat whole, natural foods that are cooked properly.

Avoid hydroponically grown food.  It is usually nutritionally inferior, in our experience.

Avoid refined soy products.

Avoid all food powders, including “green superfoods”.  These are usually refined, very yin, and eaten in poor food combinations that usually irritate the intestinal tract.

Avoid all food bars.  These usually contain too much sweetener, nuts, chocolate and other ingredients that are harmful.

Avoid chocolate.  Some doctors recommend chocolate because it contains anti-oxidants.  However, it is somewhat toxic and best avoided for rapid development.






Fruit is a very yin food and very low in etheric energy.  For these reasons, fruit is an anti-development food, no matter how tasty or nutritious it may be.

Fruit also upsets blood sugar, is often unclean unless washed well, and contains a toxic form of potassium.  For more on this topic, read Fruit-Eating on this site.




              These are found in all margarine (including soy and other “health food” margarine), all vegetable shortening, most commercial peanut butter except Laura Scudders, and it is added to many candies, cookies, pastries and other prepared foods.

The food industry likes hardened or hydrogenated vegetable oil because it gives foods a creamy texture.  It is made by bubbling hydrogen at high temperature through refined vegetable oils.  This damages the oil.  Also, nickel or cadmium, both very toxic metals, are added to the mixture as catalysts.

The end product has no cholesterol, but is nutritionally depleted and contains toxic metals and toxic type of fat.  It will damage your cell membranes and cause multiple health problems.  Please avoid all of it, no matter what your cholesterol level is. 

Most cholesterol is made within the body, and one’s cholesterol level will normalize with a nutritional balancing program without having to eat margarine and shortening.  For more on this topic, please read Butter Versus Margarine and Cholesterol-Phobia on this site.




White foods are refined wheat flour, refined sugar cane or beet sugar, and refined white rice.

These food items are white because some of the darker colored components have been removed, but also because they are usually bleached with a chlorine bleach similar to that used on clothing.  It is a poison added to these foods.  Let us examine each of these in more detail.




This toxic and depleted product is made by removing the germ, and the bran or fiber from a grain of wheat.  The germ, in particular, is the most nourishing part of the wheat grain.  Then what is left is ground into flour.

White flour is used everywhere in breads, pastry, pasta, cookies, muffins, biscuits, tortillas, pancake mix, waffles, pie crusts, pizza crusts, cakes, and as a thickener.

At one time, the United States Food And Drug Administration banned bleached white flour.  However, certain special interests got together and managed to overturn the ban.


Labeling.  This is extremely confusing.  Refined, bleached white wheat flour is allowed to be labeled as “wheat flour”.  It may also be labeled as “enriched wheat flour”.

This is also a lie, in the sense that most of its nutrition has been removed, and then. by law, it is “enriched” with three B-complex vitamins and iron.  This is nothing compared to the amount of nutrition that is removed from the product.  Enrichment was necessary because this flour was found to be highly toxic in animal experiments. 

Real wheat flour is labeled as “whole wheat flour”.  It is a better product.  However, it is very hybridized today, and has become a rather irritating product for everyone.  Therefore, I do not recommend eating any wheat products today – either whole wheat or white flour.  For more on this subject, please read Complex Carbohydrates on this website.

NOTE: All wheat, even organic whole wheat, is also a forbidden food at this time.  This is because wheat has been hybridized to such as degree that it is now an irritating food for most people.  Please avoid all wheat and wheat products such as wheat pasta, wheat breads, wheat pastries, and others such as cookies, cakes, and foods thickened with wheat flour.




This is the name given to refined cane or refined beet sugar.  It has had most of its vitamins and minerals stripped away, and is one of the most unhealthy products on the market.  It use should be banned entirely, as it is an adulterated food.

White sugar is found in hundreds of prepared food products such as breads, pastries, cookies, cakes, candies, ice cream, flavored yogurt, pies, some ketchup, many canned foods, and hundreds of others.

Chemically, white sugar is often dextrose.  However, other refined sugar products are glucose and fructose.  It may also be labeled as corn syrup, corn sugar, rice syrup, agave syrup, maple syrup or other names. 

Sugars are all very yin in macrobiotic terminology, and this is always harmful.  This problem also applies to all natural sugars and natural sweeteners, which  also suggest avoiding.  These include real maple syrup, honey, (even raw and uncooked), date sugar, piloncillo, and others.

White sugar begins as the juice of the cane plant or ground up sugar beets.  Then, by boiling it, the sugar is extracted.  The remaining product is called molasses, which is quite a mineral-rich product.  This is fed to cows and pigs, making them healthier. 

Human beings get the sugar, which upsets calcium metabolism and has many other negative effects on the body.  For more on this, please read Sugar Basic, Sugar Addiction, Sweet And Dangerous and Sugar on this site.




At this time, we suggest avoiding all rice, as explained above.  However, thje worst kind is usually white rice.  This rice has been stripped of its outer layer, sometimes called the bran or germ.  It results in a nutritionally depleted grain.

White rice is now eaten around the world, often as a staple food.  Eating a lot of it, without balancing its terrible nutritional quality with other foods, causes a B-vitamin deficiency disease called berberi in Japanese.  The disease first showed up in Japan, where rice is eaten as the staple food of the diet.  Some rice is now “enriched” to prevent this disease.




This is another “white” product that is a very poor quality food.  Please do not eat it!  It should be banned entirely.

Refined salt begins as unrefined sea salt – an excellent food.  The natural salt is heated, and most of its minerals are stripped away except for the sodium chloride molecules.  The minerals are sold off, and human beings eat the refined salt that is devoid of most minerals, irritates the body, and contains very little nutrition.

In addition, many brands of table salt contain aluminum, which is added as an anti-caking agent.  It is a toxic and disgusting product.

Natural salt comes either from salt mines, which are dried up oceans, or it is extracted from today’s oceans.  Both types of natural sea salt are excellent products that do not raise blood pressure.  They also provide dozens of important minerals for our bodies.  For more on this topic, please read Salt on this website.




In most nations on earth, the government allows hundreds of chemicals to be added to the food.  While some may be benign, some are definitely harmful.  Many are also irritating to the intestines and too yin in macrobiotic terminology.

The most common food chemicals are flavorings, colorings, preservatives, dough conditioners, thickeners, and emulsifiers.  None of these are needed with modern refrigeration methods and they all result in ruined digestion and toxic livers.   Among the worst chemicalized foods are:




This is a common food item served in restaurants, in particular.  They are often called chicken nuggets, turkey nuggets, and turkey roll.  If you order a chicken or turkey sandwich or a “chicken patty” in many restaurants, this is what you will receive.

To make this item, they begin with chicken or turkey bones after the meat has been stripped from the bones.  Machines scrape off every bit of meat scraps that was left on the bones.  The scrapings are put into piles, and mixed with a whitish glue, and then allowed to set in molds in various shapes.

This is an inferior product.  Please avoid all chicken nuggets, turkey roll and unfortunately many chicken dishes and sandwiches sold in restaurants unless you know they serve real, fresh chicken.




This is another heavily chemicalized food, in most cases.  The worst is often diet soda, which can contain up to 70 chemicals, of which the label usually mentions only three or four.  Please avoid ALL soda pop, even natural sodas.






We do not recommend hydroponically grown food, which is often nutritionally inferior and often contains chemicals, no matter what the label states. (see




Soybeans are used in agriculture and industry for a variety of purposes.  Often, the most important product is the soy oil.  This is usually chemically extracted, leaving some chemicals in the solid residue (and the oil).

This cheap, protein-rich residue is sold as human food.  It is often called soy protein or soy protein isolate.  Some used in protein drinks is called hydrolyzed vegetable protein.  It is found in hundreds of products, especially vegetarian meat substitutes such as Hamburger Helper and many others.

In restaurants, soy protein is often mixed in with hamburger or other ground meat because it is cheaper.




These include protein powders, meal replacements, green super foods, and others.  All suffer from the following problems:

1. ALL of these are very yin because they are broken apart and made into powders.

2. Often they are quite processed and it is hard to know what chemicals or other processes were used.

3. Most are oxidized because they are broken apart and the powder is exposed to the air.  When foods oxidize, the fatty acids become rancid and useless.  Other negative effects also occur.

4. Also, many are food extracts and some nutrients have been removed. 

For all these reason, powders tend to be much less nutritious than the original food from which they came.




Some of these suffer from the same problems as the powders due to processing.  Another problem is that most of them are much too sweet.  This makes them very yin and toxic. 




            These are not “processed”, but they have been altered genetically, and usually not in ways to enhance their nutrition.  Genetic modification is usually done to resist pests, increase yields, make handling easier, and allow some foods to grow on depleted soils.

            Nutrition usually suffers in the process.  Some know that there is fierce fight going on because the public has a right to know on the food label which foods have been genetically modified. 

However, the companies that make them do not want labeling because they know that some will reject the foods.  Please let your representatives know that we must at least label genetically modified foods, and they must be tested better than they are at present.




Artificial sweeteners.  So-called diet products often contain sugar substitutes.   These are artificial sweeteners that are toxic such as aspartame or Equal, Splenda or others.  Please stay away from all artificial sweeteners.

Excitotoxins.  Certain food chemicals stimulate the nervous system and are quite harmful.  They should not be allowed to be sold.  They include:

1. Monosodium glutamate or MSG.  It is found in:

Natural flavor(s)


Hydrolyzed vegetable protein

Autolyzed protein

Plant Protein

Textured Protein

Yeast extract


Anything with glutamate


2. Aspartame, also called Equal.  It is an artificial sweetener used in diet soda and many other prepared foods.

3. Other foods high in glutamine or glutamic acid are wheat and casein.


Diet soda.  Among the worst diet products are diet sodas.  In addition to containing artificial sweeteners, diet soda can contain up to 70 chemicals.

These products actually seem to cause weight gain, not weight loss.  Instead, eat plenty of cooked vegetables and follow a nutritional balancing program, and weight loss is easy and automatic.


Body building products may also contain chemicals, and usually contain a lot of powders discussed in the section above.




Please do not eat at these restaurants.  The quality of the food at fast food and many chain restaurants is not nearly as good as buying and cooking your own food.

The reasons for this include:

1. Some of this food has a lot of chemicals added.

2. Some is partially cooked at a remote location, and then frozen before shipment to the local restaurant. 

3. Some has a lot of soy protein and other cheap ingredients added to it.

4. The overall quality of the original food items such as meat or milk may be poorer.




Fortunately, most people do not eat spoiled food.  However, occasionally it is eaten.  Food spoils either by fermenting, rotting, or oxidizing.  Fermenting is probably the least harmful.  Here is how to tell if food is spoiled and should be thrown away at once.

1. Fermenting food may smell alcoholic or taste funny.  Many fermenting organisms produce alcohol from sugars and starches.

2. Moldy food often has white or blue spots on it.  Do not eat this food.  This occurs a lot with grains and beans that are left too long in the refrigerator, for example, or not refrigerated.

3. Rotting food often smells bad.  This happens to meat and eggs, primarily.  Putrefaction is a type of rotting.  Do not eat meats or eggs that even begin to smell badly.

4. Oxidized oils go rancid.  This is a different chemical process.  The food, such as almond butter, other nut butters, and vegetable oils, in particular, will take on a bitter taste or a bitter aftertaste.  Do not consume these, as they are very hard on the liver.


References: Organically Grown Food, Flawed Studies Of Organic Food, Genetically Modified Food, Food Faddism, Food Basics, Smoothies, Soups, Purees And Juices, Yin And Yang Of Foods.



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