by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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College can be a good experience, but more and more young people report that it is not.  Too many leave school with huge debts and a damaged mind and body.  There are more and more alternatives to college that any young person should seriously consider.

Many young people want to go to college for various reasons.  Some want to be prepared for good jobs or careers.  Others want to meet people for marriage or friendships, and still others want to be exposed to new ideas.  Other young people just want something to do for a few years after high school, or maybe later on.

However, college today is not what it may appear to be.  This article discusses why we feel that college is extremely unsafe for women, and often a waste of money for both women and men.




Many parents believe that college is necessary to get a good job, so they will support their children if they stay in college.  This is somewhat of a dilemma.  However, here are some guidelines:

- It depends what you wish to study.  Some occupations may require that you attend a regular college campus.  If this is the case, then be very careful, especially women.

- If you are not sure what you want to study, or can study a trade online, we definitely recommend going to college online rather than at a school with a campus.  It is a lot safer.

Now here are some problems with college today.




Many women are raped in college.  This is the truth.  It is not publicized because it would ruin the reputation of our most cherished institutions of higher learning.

Some rapes are planned and executed professionally.  The goal is to turn the young women into disease-ridden whores, who in turn infect the boys with the diseases.  This is the goal.  Disbelieve it if you like, but it is an effort to sicken the population, and it works very well.

After a rape, many women like and need sex once or twice a week, so they are “available”.  How and why this occurs is explained in the Rape article.  Do not think this is paranoia.  It is not.  This is the main reason I would avoid college if I were a woman.

There are excellent options for women besides attending a sleep-away college in their twenties.  These include distance learning, online learning, or just waiting until you are older before running off to a campus.  If you are older than 30, your chances of rape are less.  If you are married at that time, your chances of rape are even lower.




Besides the very unsafe conditions of college for women, college has other problems:


1.  College is usually horrible for your health.  This is unfortunate, but very true.  The reasons include:

Drugs and alcohol.  Drugs and alcohol are all over the place, even in Christian schools.  This is somewhat by design, today, sadly.  The idea is to hook young people on marijuana, Ecstacy and other drugs, hoping they will continue for life.

Not enough sleep.  Also, almost everyone stays up too late, lives on coffee, and many people “pull all-nighters” before exams or to study.  In part, this is for “fun”, and in part it occurs because professors compete to see who can give out the most reading assignments.  If the books were all high quality, it would be one thing, but most are not.

Bad diets.  Most college students eat poorly.  They have little time to cook, they eat in school cafeterias that are loaded with junk food, and a lot skip meals.  Some take amphetamines instead of eating three meals daily. 

As far as your health is concerned, college is very rarely a positive experience!  Usually, it is the opposite, and many go into burnout from the college experience.


2. Secular and leftist values.  Most college professors are atheists, leftists, liberals and secular humanists.  This means they do not believe in God, they don’t believe in liberty, in justice for all, and often they don’t like places like America that give them their living.  They often knowingly or inadvertently teach young people to doubt their belief in the Creator and in the Bible.

This is a very serious problem that few talk about.  The secular emphasis of most colleges, even some religious ones, also sets up the students for rape, drugs, alcohol, and other damaging values and behaviors.

The secular nature of most colleges also leads to the next problem, which is that the very values colleges are supposed to teach have been completely undermined, and replaced by a set of false values.

Colleges are supposed to be places where the truth lives, and where open discussion exists and is fostered.  Neither of these is the case today on most campuses.

Truth has been replaced by politically correct ideology, and openness is almost totally gone and replaced by “no hate speech” and “no offending anyone”, especially minorities who are carefully defined so as to exclude Christians, white people and some others whose values are to be shunned today.  Let us discuss politically correct education, which is just another term for lying.


3. A lack of real education, and the substitute – politically correct college.  It may sound strange, but the goal of most college administrators is not the same today as it was fifty or more years ago.  Back then, the goal was to forge a critical thinker.  Courses were set up to make one think, and the classrooms and forums were places of open debate between all points of view to encourage students to think.

Not any more!  In most colleges, speech is restricted, print is restricted, and anyone who disobeys is thrown out unceremoniously.  The “correct” speech, print and writing in journals and elsewhere that is allowed must be the liberal party line.

One must endorse moral relativism, homosexual rights, lesbian rights, abortion on demand, more government intervention, climate change, lowering your carbon footprint and other nonsense, government health care, and the entire leftist agenda.  It is truly sad and pathetic, but it is the truth of most college experiences today.


4. Corruption of colleges by government.  Fifty years ago, there was much less government intervention in higher education, so the schools really had to compete for students to pay the bills.  It was up to the colleges to prove their worth.

Today, government grants pay for many colleges to exist that don’t deserve to exist.  They help pay the outrageous tuition for many poor students, as well.  But with government support has come the requirement to teach a politically correct curriculum, and not to teach critical thinking.

Too often a hidden goal today is to get more government grants.  The college experience has been diminished by the availability of government grant money, which makes it too easy for mediocre professors to keep their jobs, as long as they can land more government grants to pay their salaries.

This is the main way the politically correct agenda is perpetrated and enforced in colleges today.


5. Debt.  College costs too much.  The price is artificially inflated by government support.  The cost of college has far outpaced inflation.  This leaves most students in deep debt upon graduation, putting a lot pressure on them to look for jobs that pay a lot, rather than fulfilling and worthwhile jobs.  This is also a plan, and it is working well to saddle bright students with mountains of debt.

A private college education tuition was about $4000.00 a year about 40 years ago.  Now, the tuition for the same school costs about $50,000. 

One reason for the cost inflation is that the government offers student loans.  The result has been that the colleges have been able to raise their prices.  The problem is that many young people leave college with enormous debts. 

This is not a good way to start out your working life.  I suggest staying out of all debt.  If college will cause a lot of debt, study cheaply online or at a Community College, perhaps, or don’t bother with it. 

The exception may be if you want to enter a field such as engineering or medicine in which you will may need an old fashioned college education.  However, even this is changing today, with more and more online opportunities to study.

Also, one must realize that college today is simply not worth the money, in most cases.  This should make anyone pause about going to college.




College education is largely a waste today, particularly a “liberal arts education”.  It teaches incorrect values, often it teaches incorrect information, and too often today it does not require or teach much at all.

College for young women in particularly dangerous due to the chance of rape.  This is the reality, ladies.  I cannot recommend college at all for women.   Go to college online instead, if you like.  Alternatively, find meaningful work, and meet better quality men at work, at church, or at community events.  This is a much better method than looking among the college boys, in my experience.

College has deteriorated for a number of reasons pointed out in this article.  Among them is corruption by government involvement, and a determined effort to ruin the young people of America.  I hope this changes, but for now, I cannot recommend wasting your time and money on a college education, no matter what the statistics supposedly say about earning more money or having a better life as a result of a college education.  It just is not so, in my  experience as a doctor.

Guard your mind and body as they are precious possessions.  College often ruins them today with easy availability of drugs and alcohol, rapes, stupid and politically-correct regulations and courses, and more.



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