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A remedy that is very helpful for some cases of cancer and some infections is Cantron.  A very similar, if not identical product, is called Protocel.  The product is not too costly, and it can work well in selected cases.




Development science is a fantastic method for rebuilding the body at the deepest level.  It is not a specific therapy for any disease or condition, however.  Development programs work extremely well for most health conditions, and we do not like to use “remedies” of any kind.

However, cancer is an exception.  Development programs do not work well enough by themselves in cases of cancer.  This is very important to know.

So when cancer is present, I always suggest adding a remedy that is specific for cancer.  Reasons why a remedy seems to be necessary in this case are:

1. Cancer is often a stealth disease.  One never knows how extensive it is.  Medical scans and other tests often miss a little of it, and this can be enough to kill a person.  A remedy that kills it quickly everywhere in the body is thus very helpful.

2. Cancer can be a fast-moving illness.  Development may be too slow to offset the rapid progress of some cancers.  So a remedy to slow or halt the progress of the cancer can give a development program time to work.


The main remedies we suggest for cancer at this time are 1) Protocel or Cantron, 2) the Budwig protocol or 2) the Kelley Metabolic Cancer Therapy.  Other good ones are Essiac tea, apricot pits and vitamin A.

Cantron is helpful for many people with cancer.  The Budwig flaxseed oil and cottage cheese protocol (not her diet or other things) is also helpful for some cases. 

For the Kelley metabolic cancer therapy, we direct people to Mrs. Pamela McDougle, as she is the best with this therapy.  The only problem is it is much more costly than the others.




What it is.  It is a proprietary formula.  I do not know how it is made.  It is manmade, however, and not primarily an herbal formula.  Apparently, its preparation is special and kept quite secret.


History.  Cantron originated with James Sheridan around 1955.  He said he received the formula and how to make it in a dream when he was a teenager.  It took him another 40 years to perfect it before he released it to the public as a cancer remedy.


How to take it. Protocel only comes as a liquid.  Cantron comes in a liquid or in capsules. The standard adult dosage is to mix ¼ teaspoon of the liquid with about 5 ounces of distilled water and drink it 5 times daily.

Taking it 5 times daily involves getting up in the middle of the night, which some people do not like.  However, I would not skip the middle-of-the-night dose.

Some people do not like the taste of the liquid.  Tablets of Cantron are also available.  This gets rid of the taste problem.  However, the tablets are about twice the price of the liquid.


            Cost. Cantron costs about $55.00 per month for the liquid and about $100 per month for the tablets.  Protocel costs about $100.00 per month.


Where to obtain it.  The best sources are:


- To buy Cantron:

1. Medical Research Products, (Florida, USA), Phone: (800) 443-3030 Toll Free US or Canada, or (954) 641-0981 or online: OR Email:


2. Longevity Research Products, (Florida, USA). 1-800-746-1993 or


2. Positive Works, (Utah, USA) 1 (866) 628-8667  or online at:


- To buy Protocel:

The Vitamin Depot, (Ohio, USA) 1 (330) 634-0008 or online at:

              Http:// (888) 581-4442.





              1. Although the remedy is sold as a stand-alone product, I always suggest a complete development program along with Cantron or Protocel.  I consider this a must, and anything else is foolish! 

Those who sell the products may tell you otherwise.  However, my experience is that the results will be much better when Protocel or Cantron is combined with a complete development program AND with the specific modifications to the development program described below.  To begin a development program, please contact one of the Approved Practitioners listed at the this link



2. The standard development program must be modified for those with cancer in the following ways:

A. Avoid all red meat and eggs for a year, in most cases, due to their high iron content and perhaps for other reasons.

B. Eat about 80% cooked vegetables in the diet.  This means fill over ¾ of your plate each meal with cooked, and not raw vegetables.  This also reduces the vitamin C content of your diet, which is important for the remedy to work correctly.

C. Follow your development diet strictly.  Eat very simple meals of one or two foods at a meal only.  Meals should consist of about 3 cups of cooked vegetables and either one protein such as chicken, or one starch such as quinoa.  This is much easier on the digestion, which is always weak with cancer patients.  Mono meals (one food per meal) are also excellent, and in fact even better than two foods per meal.

D. Coffee enemas.  Do two to four coffee enemas every day.  For more about enemas, read Coffee Enemas on this site.

E. Near infrared lamp sauna sessions.  Have at least 90 minutes of lamp sauna sessions daily.  To do this, one must have either two 45-minute sauna sessions daily or three 30-minute sauna sessions daily.  The coffee enemas and the sauna sessions are necessary, not optional.

Do not use traditional saunas or far infrared saunas, but only lamp saunas.  For more on this topic, read Sauna Therapy on this website.

F. Do not take thyroid glandular or adrenal glandular products if one has cancer.  This is a precaution because some cancers are fed by hormones, which may be present in the glandular tissues in tiny amounts.

G. Remove ALL root canal-filled teeth at once.  This is important!  Most of these teeth are somewhat infected, and this makes cancer much, much worse.

H. Do not have mercury amalgam dental fillings replaced when you have active cancer.  Wait until the cancer is in remission before replacing mercury amalgam dental fillings.  We have heard of cases where a person died from mercury amalgam removal because the small amount of amalgam released into the body during the removal process was enough to activate the cancer with fatal results.

I. Other warnings.  I would avoid all mushrooms, and all spirulina, chlorella and blue-green algae products.  I would also avoid germanium, cesium and most all other cancer remedies on the market.  This is important!  I would also avoid all medical drugs, as much as possible.


When one buys Cantron or Protocel, one may also receive warnings about combining it with certain foods, procedures and supplements.  While well-meaning, my experience suggests that it is not all correct.

For example, it is not necessary to do a “cleanse” first if one follows the dietary protocol above.  Also, you may eat any cooked vegetables you like with Cantron or Protocel, including broccoli.

Also, you may receive warnings about combining the remedy with nutritional supplements.  I find that the nutritional supplements recommended with a complete development program as I set them up do not interfere with the action of Cantron or Protocel.  Perhaps a development program based on a tissue mineral test is able to balance the body so that the lower-dose food supplements recommended do not interfere with the product.


Yes.  You can combine Cantron and a development program with chemotherapy, surgery or radiation therapy.  The conventional therapies are toxic, and may not be necessary, but that is your choice.


Usually, one must stay on it at for least 6 months after all signs and symptoms of cancer have gone away.  Your development consultant can also advise about this.


Definitely.  I know of a number of people who were worried about cancer, and used this remedy for several months purely for prevention.  The remedy is quite non-toxic, so it is very safe for prevention.

I do not think it is enough for total prevention, however.  I believe one must also follow a development program to rid the body of most cancer slowly over a period of years.


Yes.  It can work well on animals.  The dosage must be adjusted for the weight of the animal.


Rectal implants.  One client of ours, on her own, used Cantron or Protocel rectally for colon cancer, and claims it got rid of the cancer faster this way.  She followed a complete development program, and also took Cantron by mouth.

However, after doing a coffee enema twice each day, she placed two capfuls of Cantron and about 1 cup of distilled water in her enema bucket and implanted it in the colon.  Then she either waited for it to be completely absorbed, or she just went to bed.

This is anecdotal, and I do not have other cases of this nature to report.  I welcome feedback on this method. 


We find two problems with Cantron or Protocel:

1. Gas, bloating and indigestion in a few people.  This may be related to a hidden high tissue iron level.  On a hair mineral test, this may be indicated by an iron level less than 1.2 mg%.  This problem may prevent a few people from using this remedy.  In this case, they will need to use a different remedy.

2. Lack of effectiveness, in some cases.  It works better in some cases than in others. I do not know why this is so.  

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