by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            Some doctors and patients follow a diet based upon one’s blood type.  This concept was proposed by Dr. Peter D’Adamo, and his father, Dr. James D’Adamo.  Some people definitely feel better following his suggestions.  In particular, we find that people with blood type O must eat meat, and often feel horrible on a vegetarian regimen.

We used the blood type diet system for a few years.  However, we found that if one follows a development program that is designed correctly, the blood type diets are not needed, and may actually be harmful.  The reasons are:


1. The diets may include foods that are too yin, such as fruit, nuts, seeds, or too many juices.

2. The recommended foods may be slightly toxic, and this slows or stops progress, even if they correct other problems in the body.

3. Some of the recommended foods are difficult to digest, such as nuts, seeds and others.  Eating some together, they may also form difficult food combinations that slow down one’s progress on a nutritional balancing program.

4. One’s genetically determined blood type is somewhat important.  However, we find that our exposure to environmental toxins, including the metals and chemicals, and the resulting damage to the body, is often far more important to work with and correct.  Nutritional deficiencies are also often much more important and need to be corrected properly.

5. Proper supplementation and the detoxification procedures are also often needed to restore health, and these are not part of the blood type diet system.


For all of these reasons, we do not recommend the blood type diets.



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