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A fairly uncommon pattern on a hair mineral analysis occurs in people who eat a lot of fruit each day.  It is a newer pattern, and was not part of Dr. Eck’s original work.


Why the strange name?  “Beam me up, Scottie” is a phrase that was used a lot in the early Star Trek television series during the 1970s and 1980s.  In our work it signifies a person who wants to escape from life on earth.   Eating a lot of fruit makes one spacy and detached, in part because one becomes more yin and in part, the fruit sugars ferment and this produces some alcohol in the body.  As a result, the person is somewhat drunk and not as aware.




The hair analysis criteria for the pattern are:

1. A fast oxidation rate.

2. The sodium/potassium ratio is usually mildly low, between about 1.5 and 2.5, though not necessarily.

3. A three high or a four highs pattern may be present, but not in all cases.


Stress theory.  From the perspective of the stress theory of disease, it is a type of secondary alarm stage or second wind type of stress pattern.


Movement.  In terms of movement patterns, it is a desire to move out of life or away from this physical life.




Eating a lot of fruit these days seems to have the following effect upon the body:


1. Irritating.  This is probably due to a combination of factors including its sugar content that upsets the blood sugar, the presence of fruit acids, and perhaps the presence of salicylates that are found in many fruits. For more on this, read Salicylate Poisoning on this site.

The mineral balance in the fruit, including toxic potassium, may also cause irritation.

Fruit-eating today seems to irritate the kidneys and the adrenals, or perhaps the entire sympathetic nervous system, and this may be the cause of the fast oxidation with a low sodium/potassium ratio.

It is important to emphasize “today” because I do not think that eating fruit 100 years ago had quite the same effect, though I am not sure.  Fruit is one of the most hybridized and altered foods today.  Its sugar content is generally higher, it is often picked unripe and shipped hundreds or thousands of miles, and other factors may be affecting its quality today.


2. Yin, with yang rising.  These are terms from Chinese medicine.  Yin means expanded, cold, sugary, fragmented and weak in a certain way.  Yang rising is a secondary heating that occurs as a compensation, or perhaps as a reaction in some cases to some types of toxins in the body.  This is an excellent description of this pattern in a kind of metaphorical way.


3. Mild water retention.  There can be some water retention with the pattern.  This is often associated with fast oxidation and a high sodium level, because excess sodium can cause some water retention.


4. There is a quality of heat or inflammation in the body.  This corresponds to a faster oxidation rate, perhaps, and perhaps to a yang rising or toxic condition that might be called a toxic yang or toxic heat. 




Few symptoms of fast oxidation.  The person with Beam Me Up pattern usually does not have a lot of fast oxidizer symptoms, except perhaps some irritation and heat in the body.  In this sense, it is definitely not a “true fast oxidizer” pattern.  It is more likely just kidney or adrenal irritation of an unusual type.

Joint pain, heat or other irritation symptoms.  These are more common with this pattern.

Psychological symptoms.  The person can seem to be “flying high”, but not in a healthy way.  This may be an effect of the sugar in fruit, or some other constituent of fruits.  It is a type of ‘out of control’ pattern in this regard, also seen with other causes of fast oxidation.


What fruits cause the pattern?  It appears that any fruits or fruit juices can cause the pattern, including eating a lot of avocado, for example, which is a tropical fruit but not a particularly sweet fruit.


            Resolution.  The pattern disappears when a person ceases to eat as much fruit.



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