by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Definition.  The agony rashes are four periods of time when a person who is developing eliminates toxic metals and chemicals through the skin of the face.  At this time, the person experiences itching, burning, some temporary disfigurement of the skin of the face, and possibly other symptoms.

It occurs after one has been on a nutritional balancing program for about 20 -30 years.  Rashes that occur sooner are not the agony, so do not become confused about this.




The compounds eliminated are oxides, carbonates or oxalates.  Most are highly alkaline.  As one’s body becomes more alkaline due to the nutritional balancing program and development, these toxic compounds that are there to keep alive an acidic body, are no longer needed and are eliminated.

The agony is a special intervention with help from advanced beings who supervise the process.

The compounds are difficult and unsafe to remove through the standard channels of elimination such as the liver, kidney or bowel.

Instead, the skin of the face is used for this elimination.  The facial skin is the most active skin of the body because it is exposed to the elements.  Also, the elimination is through the kidneys and liver, and the face, for some reason, is part of the reflex system involved in this elimination.




Each is a deeper stage of development with deeper elimination of the alkaline toxic compounds that were acting as compensations for an acidic body.  The body eliminates some at several stages of its regeneration process.




They begin usually after one has followed a complete development program for at least 10-20 years or at stage 200 or above. 




The first is the most difficult.  It usually covers most of the face, and can last a few months to a year.  The face becomes a little disfigured.  The skin becomes roughened, itchy and burning.

The second, third and fourth rashes are milder, and often last a much shorter time – one to two months.

The second rash usually covers most of the face.  The third and fourth agony rashes cover somewhat less of the face.  The third is usually mainly around the area of the nose.  The fourth is mainly around the eyes and the forehead.

The second, third and fourth rashes occur about one to two years apart, and usually about two years after the first rash.




Yes.  Most people feel more tired, and many feel as though they have a cold or flu.  Sleep may be disturbed due to the itchy rash.  Digestion may be impacted, as well.  Less commonly, one may experience back pain or other mild symptoms, as well.

Near the end of the agony rashes a person may see a sparkle of light through the eyes.  Also, near the very end of the fourth rash one becomes quite tired.


The liver during the agony rashes.  During the agony rashes, the liver is quite burdened with toxins on their way to being eliminated.  Symptoms that may occur as a result include:

1.Liver discomfort (upper right quadrant tenderness or pain).

2. A few people develop a temporary hemorrhoid due to liver congestion and stagnation.  It goes away by itself after the first or second rashes have passed.

3. Pellet stools due to liver congestion.

4. A yellowish tinge to the skin and whites of the eyes.

5. Edema or swelling of the ankles, or swelling of other parts of the body.




1. Very hot water applied to the face with a shower massager in the pulse position only.  This:

1. Melts and removes some toxins from the skin

2. Improves circulation that can help heal the skin.

3. Drives blood out of the head, which can help sleep.

Together, this can stop or reduce the itching for up to 8 hours.  We suggest using the pulse position of the shower only.  Not all massagers offer this, so check before you buy a shower massager.

One must usually begin with warm water and slowly increase the temperature until it is close to scalding for it to work.  Then one must continue the hot water for at least 5 minutes.  At some point stop and apply soap to the face.  Then wait about one minute for the soap to soften the oils even more.

When you do this you will often feel crystals or particles of toxin loosen up and then wash away.  When they do, the itching and burning stops in that area.

The hot water probably removes oils on the skin that contain the toxins.  The pulse position seems to enhance the effect.

The applications of scalding water can be done up to four times daily, although in some cases one may need only one or two applications daily.


2. Wo oil.  This is an ancient Tibetan formula with eucalyptus.  It temporarily stops the itching to allow one to sleep better.  The only trouble is that it burns terribly when first applied!  In a few minutes, however, the burning subsides and the rash calms down for at least 3 to 4 hours.




The agony rash will test your commitment to your development, as it can be quite unpleasant, at times.  It comes on suddenly, and there is no way to stop it completely.  One must just bear with the discomfort and disfigurement, and eventually it passes.  Going off your clean diet usually just makes it much worse.

The reward.  The reward for having passed through even the first agony rash is that in almost all cases, one experiences many fewer healing reactions.  This can be quite a blessing. 

One’s health becomes much more steady than it was before.  This is the reward or benefit of passing through this rather short, but important phase of development.



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