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A type of air purifier called an ozonator/ionizer air purifier can be used to add extra oxygen to your body.  It is a simple way to enhance your health.  Most everyone can use more oxygen.

We highly recommend this as part of every development program.  Most people tolerate a small amount of ozone very well.  A few have lung irritation from it, but in almost all instances, they solve this by just turning the ozone level down on the machine.




The air ozonator/ionizer is a small machine that converts some of the oxygen in the room (O2) to ozone or O3.  This is a less stable form of oxygen, but one that our bodies can utilize. 

As the machine converts some of the oxygen in the room to ozone, more oxygen from other rooms or from outside the home is drawn into the house to maintain the normal oxygen content of the air.  This means that the total oxygen content of the room increases to a significant degree as a combination of 02 and 03.

By breathing this all night every night, and during the day when you are at home, you can significantly increase the amount of oxygen getting into your body.

You can also leave the machine on all day, and it will clean and help oxygenate the air in your bedroom and entire home all day, as well.




              The manufacturer of the ozone air purifier may suggest placing the machine in the middle of the home.  This will work to help the entire home.  However, another way to use it is to do the following:


1. Place the air machine in your bedroom.  This way, during the night while asleep, you will breathe a significant amount of extra oxygen.  Most people breathe the deepest while they sleep.  This is one reason why people snore, as they are breathing heavily. 


2. Place the air machine high up, such as on a shelf or bookcase high off the ground.  This helps circulate the ozone better.


3. Turn the ozone control of the machine up as high as possible.  If it causes lung irritation, turn it down a little.   You will get used to the smell.


4. Turn the fan control to about half way up if the noise bothers you.  This way it wonÕt make too much noise that might interfere with sleep.  A higher fan speed is fine, however.


            5. Have a little ventilation in the room such as leaving the bedroom door open a little, or open a window a little.


6. The machine can stay on all day and all night.


7. Do this forever to increase your intake of oxygen.


 NOTE: This is different from the instructions that come with most ozonator/ionizer air machines.  They usually do not recommend placing the unit in the bedroom.  However, their instructions are designed for the purpose of using the machine mainly to reduce odors in the home.




The only problems we have encountered are:


1. Smell.  Ozone has a slightly acrid, fresh smell.  Most people hardly notice it.  Some people, however, do not like the smell.  Turn the machine down a little if it really bothers you.  However, extra oxygen it is very helpful for most people, as explained above, so, if possible, put up with the odor.


2. Dangers of ozone.  The state of California does not permit the sale of ozonators in California because they claim they are dangerous for the lung.

We believe there is confusion about ozone.  It is considered an air pollutant because it rises when the particulates in the air increase.  However, the rise in the ozone is actually a reaction of the air to the particulate pollution.  Ozone is not a poison! 

Every thunderstorm produces a lot of it and it freshens the air and kills lots of germs.  If you have chronic lung or bronchial infections, the ozone could start a healing process that may cause irritation.  That is the extent of its problems.




Negative ions are negatively charged particles.  The ozonator/ionizer machine also produces them.  When they combine with dust and dirt in the home, the negative charge of the ions causes the dirt and other particles to fall to the floor so they do not float in the air.

This is another excellent benefit of this machine.  It is another way to purify the air in home without needing a filter.  The negative ions and the ozone make an excellent combination to clean up the air in the home.

Extra negative ions are helpful for all indoor environments.  The reason is that while they are produced naturally out of doors, they are destroyed rather quickly indoors due to contact with metallic air ducts, electrical devices and more.  For this reason, most indoor air is low in negative ions.  It does not matter if one lives in the city or in the rural areas.


The healing properties of negative ions.  Many studies show that negative ions have subtle positive effects upon our bodies that are not well understood.  They appear to help relax the nervous system, improve mood, and have other benefits as well.




An ozonator/ionizer machine has many other uses that can make owning one very worthwhile.  Among the most important are:


1. Fumigating and disinfecting your entire house, or a room, an automobile, or perhaps air ducts.  For example, if one has had a flood or mold problem, leaving the unit closed up in the room or area for a day or more will kill mold without the need for chemicals that are often as toxic as the mold itself.  Just know that turning the unit up to full strength in a room can damage rubber parts in machines.  It tends to dry out rubber.

In a sickroom or hospital, running the machine will help disinfect everything in the room, including equipment, to reduce the possibility of spreading germs from one person to another.  Ozone will gently penetrate into all cracks and crevices in the room, even under sheets and blankets, to help kill germs of all kinds. 

One can literally fumigate the room in a totally harmless way by locking the machine in a room and turning it up to full strength and leaving it there for a few days, if needed.  People and animals should stay out of the room during this time, as the ozone level will be too high for comfort. 

Similarly, one can fumigate an automobile or any other similar space by simply setting up the machine and letting it run in the area for a day or more.

We have used this machine to get rid of new car odors, pet odors, formaldehyde odor in new furniture, new carpeting odor and other types of chemical smells. The ozone is excellent because it gently penetrates deeply into synthetic fabrics and other odor-causing materials.

This is much better than covering up odors with chemical scents.  The ozone actually breaks down the chemicals and when the job is done, no chemical residue from the ozone remains.


2. In theory, the machine could be used to generate ozone that could be added to a sauna, to drinking water, to a bath, or for other purposes.  Ozone is a fascinating substance to oxygenate the body, deodorize and kill all manner of germs, and for other purposes.

The machine we recommend is not designed for these extra purposes, but it could be adapted, if needed, by simply placing a large funnel over the front of the machine.  Connect the narrow end of the funnel to a rubber or plastic tube that runs into the bath water or drinking water.




Two brands that we believe are good are Ivation and New Comfort. and other web sites sell them.  Unfortunately, some brands have disappeared. 

Ideally, what to look for:

1. Two ozone plates (not just one).

2. An air filter on the back.  This is not essential, but it keeps the unit cleaner.

You may not be able to find these features.  In this case, buy whatever you can find, but look for those features.  Having two ozone plates is most important.

Brands that work well are:


Ivation. Here is a link to buy this on,aps,1161&sr=8-3

Atlas.  Click here to view it.

Breathe Fresh.  We have not seen this one recently, however. 




1. Ozone plates.  Ozone is produced in these machines with one or two ceramic plates with a wire screen attached to them.  When they get too dirty, they stop working.  You can tell because if you put your nose up to the front of the unit, you wonÕt smell the ozone and that tells you the machine is not producing much of it.

You can remove the plates and wash them with water and soap about every 3- 6 months depending on how dirty is your air.  They must be dry for the unit to work correctly.

An alternative is just to replace them.  They are quite standard and not costly and sold on many websites.

To remove them, first remove the air filter.  Then gently pull out the plates to clean them.  Be sure to return them to the unit in exactly the same way they were removed.

2. General dusting.  Because the machines produce a lot of negative ions, they attract dust and dirt.  Periodically check and dust off the machine or wash the case with a little water and soap, as needed.

3. Air filter. Some units have an air filter on the outside of the back of the unit.  It is usually white in color.  If your unit has this, wash it by running water on it every few months to keep it functioning properly.  It is easy to remove by loosening two screws on top.  DonÕt wash the filter with soap, as it might clog it.  Just use plain water.  Eventually, replace it.


Other maintenance.  The fan motors need oil, at times.  Otherwise they may stop working.  Parts are available for these machines via the internet.  On one machine, the author replaced a broken fan with a little square computer fan that he just attached to the front of the unit.

For details about oxygenation of the body, read Oxygen on this website.



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