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Bart, a 4-year-old male schnauzer, was terribly plagued by fleas almost since birth.  Flea powders, medicated soaps and other remedies were of little help.

Bart began a nutritional balancing program based on a hair mineral analysis.  For the best accuracy, we cut the fur sample from near the head. 

Based upon the test, the healing program consisted of a diet of 50% cooked boneless, skinless chicken thighs or cooked boneless, skinless chicken legs and 50% well-cooked vegetables.  Bart needed some cooked carrots every day.

Once a week Bart needed a portion of cooked meat from another bird such as turkey, duck or pheasant.  Some dogs cannot handle the different meat, however.

In addition, Bart was given a choice of two kinds of drinking water – tap water and spring water.  Bart also got three, and only three nutritional supplements based on his hair test and his weight.  He was also given ½ of a blue corn chip daily, crushed up and put in his food.

Within a month, BartÕs owner noticed fewer fleas on Bart.  We repeated the hair test after three months and after another 4 months.  Based upon the tests, we modified the program.  Bart continued to make progress and the owner said after a year Bart no longer had a flea problem. - 2017





            Mrs. Perkins called to say that her horse, a 15-year-old mare, had a serious sinus infection and the veterinarians gave her little hope of recovery.  Antibiotics had not helped.

There was no time to do a hair mineral analysis because the owner expected the horse to die any day.  We guessed what was going on based on the following:

- Most sinus infections are fungal in origin.

- Vitamins given to the horse such as vitamins B and C were not helping.

- Many horses are fast oxidizers.

We advised to stop all vitamins at once.  Instead, we suggested only giving copper to the horse, 70 mg daily.  Fast oxidizers need copper to slow the oxidation rate and to normalize the sodium/potassium ratio, a key to healing infections.  Vitamin C removes copper from the body and a lot is harmful for fast oxidizers.  Fungal infections do not respond to antibiotics and have to do with a copper imbalance.

Mrs. Perkins called back several days later.  The horse made a full recovery. – 2010.




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